Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Desperate Fight

"I caught you!" Hua Huo opened her eyes, ground her teeth and said in a cold tone.

Yun Xi found that he had made a mistake.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance did break Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword, to be exact, he just took her by surprise by pressing his hands on her chest.

However, it didn't mean that he had won.

Although Hua Huo's broken sword had been lost in the disarray before, even though she wasn't holding a sword now, she was still Hua Huo!

The danger hasn't been disarmed!

"You... die!" Hua Huo's wrapped her legs around Yun Xi's waist tightly, blocking all his movements.

She wasn't just good at using a sword. Her close combat ability was also superb.

As the inheritor of Sky Flying Bloodline, she didn't have any weakness!

"Extracting!" Yun Xi was really freaked out. If he wasn't wearing the Sailing Jellyfish's Robe, his waist would have been broken under the strength of her legs!

The strength of her legs was much stronger than the Lamia's Death Coil!

So, Hua Huo's close combat ability is also great.

No wonder that she is my invincible childhood sweetheart!

"Boom!" Infinite lights exploded into the sky from the deep side of the sea, forming one light curtain after another in the sky. When the people in the Caelian City looked at the sea, they could see continuous water columns ejected up to the sky, forming a colourful, fantastic scene in the sky above the sea.

How can this be possible?! Yun Xi realized how strong the power in Hua Hu's body was again.

If he wasn't in the Water God's world, where the entire world was sharing the pressure with him, he would’ve been killed!

How many secrets are still hiding in your body, Hua Huo?

"Shuffle!" The nine ribbons on the crown stretched out and tied Hua Huo's arms tightly. This was the most Yun Xi could do now.

However, this fact proved that it was far from enough!

Hua Huo's hands were tied, but her legs were still free!

She never conceded and was still struggling!

Her legs just slightly loosened when Yun Xi started to extract her power again, but soon after, her legs wrapped around his waist again with a stronger strength.

If one took a glance at them from a distance, one would have thought that they were just a loving couple that was hugging each other.

Only they themselves knew that it was a battle that was betting everything.

"Extracting! Extracting! Extracting!" Yun Xi sadly found that without the help of Casina's will, his "Magnificence of Sky Sword" was awfully bad.

Casina could easily extract Shaya Longnis' energy and back feed it to the entire Water God's world, and now he was just facing his childhood sweetheart, but the effect of this godlike skill wasn’t good and he was so frantic.

"No... they are different..." Casina had sat on the cloud and watched their battle for a while. She shook her head.

Shaya Longnis' energy was different from Hua Huo's energy.

As the strongest slime, Shaya Longnis’ energy was from the endless slimes in the endless god's domains. Although the amount of her energy was incredible, the quality of her energy was bad.

The energy in Hua Huo's body was different. From the beginning, she was using her own energy.

Hua Huo's energy was like a piece if iron, and Shaya Longnis' energy was like a cloud. Obviously, it was easier to absorb a cloud than to absorb a piece of iron, even though the former was much larger than the latter.

Yun Xi's control of his "Magnificence of Sky Dance" wasn't as bad as he thought, it was just because Hua Huo's body constitution was too special. To a person at his rank, it wasn't a wise choice to absorb energy from her since she was an owner of the "Rigid Body".

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" Yun Xi extracted Hua Huo's energies and then immediately released them to the sky, then repeated this process over and over again. The energies turned into lights flying in the sky like beautiful fireworks and formed a few rainbows in the sky.

The ring of blessing echoed above the sky of the Caelian City again, as if it was for celebrating something.

For three days and three nights, Yun Xi and Hua Huo were still hugging together, continuing their dangerous seesaw battle in the sea.

Fortunately, the balance of victory gradually biased toward Yun Xi, because this was the Water God's world, the entire world was helping him!

At the last moment of the third day, Yun Xi's ribbons took over the control of Hua Huo's left hand.

On the fourth day, the ribbons took over the control of her right hand.

On the fifth day, the ribbons tied around her neck.

On the sixth day, her upper body was tied by the ribbons.

Finally, on the seventh day, the nine ribbons tied her legs. So far, Hua Huo's whole body was bound and sealed.

During the process, Yun Xi gathered and released over a hundred rounds of energy bursts.

Yun Xi turned his body into the bridge between the sky and earth, extracting her energy and releasing them to the air over and over again. People could even see the lights transformed from the energies from the Caelian City, and they called this scene "Rainbow Fountain".

"I... I won't let you go..." After struggling for seven days and seven nights, Hua Huo still didn't concede. She still stared at Yun Xi's silver mask with a determined look.

Why don't you concede Hua Huo? Yun Xi felt that he had reached the limit of his body and soul. If the entire world wasn’t still supporting him, he would have fainted.

Originally, he was the one who had the upper hand, but now, he was afraid that he would topple down first.

After having her energy being extracted for over a hundred rounds, Hua Huo was still spirited. What a monster she is!

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