Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Heavenly Dream

The starlight filled the sky, from hundreds of millions of light-years away, through countless journeys, the gap between dream and reality, was shining on Yun Xi's body.

The beautiful nebula, the long river of stars, were revolving around Yun Xi - flowing around him.

The stars came together and issued a sound to Yun Xi.

In the distant sky, countless of stars radiated in joy, converging together over the small village, forming a beautiful and brilliant sea of the stars.

Infinite radiance fell from the sky as if they were bestowing upon this small village an unlimited amount of blessings from the stars.

At that moment, the motionless wheels of time revolved again.

Yun Xi heard the voices of the stars in the sky... a blessing, but also a warning.

"Be careful... almost there..."

"They... are searching this Star Domain..."

"Scheduled awakening at 18... moved up..."

"WARNING... hurry and complete the trial... otherwise you... will be consigned to eternal damnation!"

Who was that?

What's awakening at 18?

Hurry up and complete the trial? What trial?

Yun Xi opened his sleepy eyes, finding that he wasn't in his bed. He was floating amidst the starry sky.

The brilliant golden-red sun, the magnificent silver-white moon, bright shining stars, all surrounded him. Containing countless information, it almost caused Yun Xi's head to burst.

The sun, the moon, and the stars all revolved around him.

Among the stars was a silhouette similar to his figure. It was like looking at an image of himself on the water's surface...

Amongst the brilliant starry sky, a group of stars emitted a distant and ancient light that illuminated the deep dark void.

Inside the endless void... was a young boy adorned in white garments, embracing a golden puppy… the two have yet to come out from their cocoons. It was a sight to see as endless amounts of starlight encircled them.

"This time, it shall be done." A bright group of stars radiated once as Yun Xi felt that the youngster's heart was filled with worries.

It was as if something misfortunate was about to happen to him.

"Woo!" The youngster's dog restlessly whimpered. Afraid, it used its paws to blocks its eyes. Apparently, it could not bear to look at what was about to happen.

The stars continued to shine, Yun Xi did not know why, but he suddenly understood the stars' collective warning to him.

Every time the group of stars sparkled, the youngster in white began to slowly advance away from death.

Some near the end of their lifespan even took the initiative to detonate into countless pieces of meteors to cover-up his escape tracks.

However, it was no use, everything had already come to an end. It was the end of the line.

Why die? Who will kill him? Yun Xi from the water mirror looked at the youngster, full of questions.

"Ah, with the view of meteor shower... little guy, are you afraid?" The youngster in white raised the puppy in his arms. Up till now, the only one who accompanied this leftover was this little God.

"Ah... woo!" The golden puppy gleamed with tears as it cried, looking at its owner. It tried hard to bite down on its teeth to not make a sound. Clearly, it had already been extremely afraid earlier, however, it had to endure from not speaking out by nature.

"You're a good girl..." The young boy kissed the little god who was the last to have stayed by his side, then showed a determined expression.

Nowhere to go, in that case, they could only accept the fate of the trial!

Fortunately, because he had already anticipated this bitter-blood ending, he was ready in advance.

"Go, you will have good luck." Intentionally escaping to this small void was not without any reason. He had long left behind a legacy, it was now time to play his role.

As a golden light flashed, the golden puppy disappeared from the young man's hands, carrying the seeds of hope for the future.

Soon after, the other two in the cocoons that had yet to come out were also thrown into the vast starry sea, disappearing into the starry sky.

"I hope you can properly grow up. Although I don't know when I'll be able to meet you again, but so long as I'm alive, we will surely meet again." Letting go of the three little ones, the white youngster muttered to himself, exposing a gentle and soft eyes, "The stars will protect you until I return one day."

"Rumble!" From the midst of a group of stars, an immense silhouette appeared. It was big enough to cover an entire star domain.

It passed through the barriers between dimensions as it was certainly a powerful force. Above all, even the heavens would have to fear this mighty force.

In front of Yun Xi, the stars began to change and form characters, countless writings that displayed the broken groups of great lifeforms.

In the entire starry sky, those who possessed the highest existence of power were very few and could be counted on one's fingers, were overlords. She was one of those overlords.

Dragon God Yasha - ruler of the star dragons, Lord of the Dragon God's Domain.

She was the dragon of order, the mother of time and space, the godly creator. And at the same time, she was the symbol of birth, life, and death.

Yasha's true body was the dragon of the void, housed and immersed in the light of the stars. She had a pair of gem-like black wings, as there were endless amounts of stars shining on them.

They were real stars, encompassing the wings of the dragon of order as her children.

Her scales were pitch-black, like the color of the void between the stars. However, her skin shined bright, like stardust.

Her eyes shone with a gentle silver color like a beautiful gemstone. Her tail was made up of numerous scales, each scale was a young dragon waiting for her to awaken.

All miracles, all words of praise, could be imposed on her. She was the myth of the stars, an eternal legend.

"At last, I've found you. This time, you must pay the price." Arriving from across the stars, she eventually locked onto her goal. She said so slowly, but still, the world trembled under her voice.

"Yasha... sister..." The youngster was filled with helplessness.

Before the youngster could open his mouth to explain, three different forces crossed over the star river to arrive at the void.

From within the first ray of light, was an ancient floating city. The city of Sigil, which connected with many worlds, appeared, as a woman covered with a veil coldly looked over.

This was the ancient root of pain, the God of the unknown, the nameless lady, the owner of the city.

In the second ray of light, was an endless black ocean that was constantly churning. From time to time, there was a body with a huge tentacle that appeared, it was indescribable.

This was beyond the description of terror. The incarnation of disorder and primordial chaos - the Naiya God's Domain.

In the last ray of light were colors radiating the heavens and earth. There was a huge stone at the side, rapidly writing down rules and sealing off this void.

She was the stone slab of Ionia and had endless avatars. She was known as the god above gods, the master of endless domains and the organizer of the market of gods and demons.

"Come here!" Yasha shouted.

"Become mine!" The nameless lady didn't fall behind.

"And I am all for it." Naiya impolitely stated.

"Declare that you are my precious treasure, to be loved by the God of man." Declared the stone slate of Ionia, on behalf of fate.

Next, Yun Xi witnessed a very desperate, very cruel, and very gorgeous event. The star domain nearly collapsed from the aftereffects of the conflict.

The four overlords attacked each other violently for some reason that Yun Xi didn't know.

Then, the young boy who miserably met with this misfortune had an indescribable bad end.

He was killed by the four overlords together, torn into many pieces by some method Yun Xi couldn't understand.

The body of the youngster began to fall apart, turning into a pure white-transparent jade light. It emitted a flawless soul as if it was the world's most beautiful gemstone.

Thousands of lights flew apart in the sea of stars, running to the endless corner of the void. The four overlords began to snatch up the pure white-transparent jade lights. Only a few lights successfully escaped under the cover of the stars.

That night, the stars cried for him.

Yun Xi could feel from the rotating starlights, that all the starlights were trying to protect the young boy, but they finally retreated under the coordinated attack of the four overlords.

Today's dream was truly different, ah....

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