Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Loving-Jealous Childhood Sweetheart

"Unfortunately, time is running out..." Looking at Hua Huo's freshly blossoming figure leave, Yun Xi laughed to himself.

Although their occupations were both at the 3rd Rank, a fighting occupation represented a whole new level.

As a 3rd-ranked Baker, he could make delicious bread. However, his best work was the butter bread, like the one he gave Hua Huo in the morning.

Adding extra strength was his handmade bread's special ability and he could only make 10 loaves of such bread a day.

Although Hua Huo was only at the 3rd Rank, with her Thousand Sword Technique that had a rare balance of attack and defense, she was publicly accepted as a true master.

Hua Huo and Yun Xi could easily understand each other with nothing more than a word or two, thus, Yun Xi had already begun to put the bread in the oven.

The 3rd-ranked Hua Huo was sure to enter the White Lotus Sword Domain's Sword Palace, she wouldn't even need to take the exam. As a 3rd-ranked swordsman, she would excel among her peers at the Sword Palace.

"Well, you might as well consider the rest of the candidates too." He was reluctant to part with his childhood sweetheart. Yun Xi began to seriously ponder about his future as well as the future of the other candidates.

Although he was not like Hua Huo, who possessed the talent to become a hero, he had the skills to make bread and has received the acknowledgment of the people. There were even several young bashful girls who wanted to convey their feelings to him.

But not knowing why, they often stayed away from Yun Xi after they had really conveyed their feelings to him, which made Yun Xi feel awfully confused.

"The young lady from the flower shop down the street, Milei, is 12-year-old this year. I can discuss marriage with her three years later."

"The neighboring village's gem store's eldest daughter El'phyllis recently turned 17. The last time I visited, the store manager wanted me to immediately marry her."

"The cake shop across the street has an awfully adorable daughter, Ye Li. Unfortunately, she is only 9-years-old this year."

Yun Xi counted his fingers, calculating the potential girlfriends he could pursue.

By the way, he was not being unfaithful!

Up until now, he was head-over-heels for Hua Huo. Those feelings were absolutely not fake.

But, Hua Huo was destined to become a dazzling heavenly star as a truly talented swordsman while he decided to stay in this small village that was rooted to the ground.

The two were fated to have different talents, destined to be apart.

They will be lovelorn and even though Yun Xi consciously knows that he will be dejected, he will not let Hua Huo stay. Rather, he chose to smile and let her go.

Such a genius like Hua Huo was not meant to stay in this small village.

"At that time, I must smile and send her off." Yun Xi patted his face, reminding himself of what to do when the time came.

That day was not far away as the Sword Palace exams were going to be held next week. For the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, it was a very crucial day.

Countless children on that day would be showcasing their talents and strength, proving that they were not worthless.

Countless poor children will also strive to do their best to catch a big break and become the carp that leaps over the dragon's gate.

The Sword Palace exams were only open to teenagers from 16-18 years old. After that time period, you could only try your luck at other sword schools.

In the White Lotus Sword Domain, the Sword Palace represented a supreme honor, along with the other schools and palaces.

In the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, none could compare to the Sword Palace. Looking over the numerous hills, one would see that the Sword Palace stood at the apex of them all, standing in supremacy.

The word "sword" in Sword Palace itself is a part of the Sky Sword God's Domain. Following the owner of the Sky Sword, it was founded as one of the most powerful sword schools and clans.

In the White Lotus Sword Domain, and even in the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, the main focus of the people living there was the "sword". Even the shape of every sword domain is in the form of a sword.

If the Sword Palace had to be located on a sword, then it would be at the tip.

Yun Xi along with every large clan, prestigious family, city, and town, had no choice but to live at the very bottom of the sword: the hilt. As for the blade itself, that would be the other schools and forces.

This was the way of the Sword Domains of God. The hilt for the people, the tip for the Sword Palace, and the blade for the rest of the other powers.

Between the sword domains was a star bridge that acted as a connector. The Sky Sword God's Domain is like one unique big sword that is made up of countless sword domains.

Located at the very top of the Sky Sword God's Domain was naturally the owner of the Sky Sword, the palace master of the Sky Palace.

One of the lowest of the countless sword domains in the Sky Sword God's Domain is the White Lotus Sword Domain, which was not a highly ranked sword domain.

However, the White Lotus Sword Domain possessed a special "secret treasure". Because of this, it caused the White Lotus Sword Domain's Sword Palace's name to be renowned throughout the vast sword domains of God.

Every time the White Lotus Sword Domain's Sword Palace held an exam, geniuses from the upper sword domains would also come rushing to participate.

Of course, everyone except Yun Xi.

The sword palace's exams were also to target those upper domain geniuses who had an eye out for their secret gem. However, to Yun Xi, that was just like floating clouds. (He had no interest).

He was going to continuously temper himself to make bread so that he would advance to a 4th-ranked Baker. Thus becoming the youngest in village to ever achieve a 4th Rank in a life occupation. (stuff like baker, seamstress, etc... anything not related to the sword or cultivating)

Many would get married when they turned 18 - the best time to be able to give birth to a boy and a girl. Yun Xi wanted to expand his store little by little, and pass it down from generation to generation. That was Yun Xi's life goal.

"Yes, I like you.

"From the ocean of many, I fell in love with you at first sight.

"Beautiful, can you smile for me?"

Humming the song from the Western God's Domain, Yun Xi began to prepare the ingredients to make the afternoon bread; it was important to have everything you need.

Step. Step. Step. A familiar footstep sounded near the door as it powerfully kicked the door open.

"Little Xi, I forgot something!" The morning exercises caused Hua Huo's cheeks to turn bright red as she held onto her knees for support, gasping for air, as she looked at the confused Yun Xi.

"If you're talking about the bread, there is none left." If he knew, he would have given some more to Hua Huo. Unfortunately, that wasn't so.

"Not bread!" Hua Huo's eyes crossed, burning, as she stared firmly at Yun Xi.

"What happened?" Yun Xi tried to make out what was going on. Besides the white flour on him, nothing was amiss.

"It's your heart! Just a moment ago, you were being unfaithful! I heard your soliloquy! Milei from the flower shop down the street, El'phyllis from the gem store in the neighboring village, as well as the adorable Ye Li from the cake shop across the street. I'm saying you were not being faithful!"

Hua Huo's face seemed contorted as she was aware of the unfaithfulness, "Do not quibble!" Yun Xi was barely able to squeeze a sentence out:

"The truth is..."

"How did you know?" In regards to Hua Huo's jealousy radar, it was so incomparably sharp that it left Yun Xi stunned.

As a child to present day, so long as he showed even the littlest of affection for another girl, his heart rate would change. Just a little hazy amount of favoritism and Hua Huo would discover it and arrive immediately.

"Uncle and aunty repeatedly warned me to never let you get carried away!" One look at Hua Huo and Yun Xi could tell that she was panting with rage. He already had her as a childhood sweetheart, why couldn't he be satisfied!

As a child, one does not make an appointment to get married in the future.

Childhood sweethearts, was of course, naturally... ah... and for Yun Xi, the memories of the last ten years together was more precious than any treasure.

In order to beat back those girls who were attracted to Yun Xi and madly wanted to get close to him, she had no choice but to practice to the 3rd Rank, becoming the first true master of the village.

Yun Xi was a big idiot. After all, he wasn't aware of how attractive he was to other girls.

But to protect him and cover him from those who harbored errant thoughts and older sisters who wanted to "eat him up", she completely wiped them out, leaving nothing behind.

Ever since they were children, Yun Xi had yet to discover that he was very attractive to girls.

And even back then, in primary school, every Valentine's day, the number of girls who lined up to give him chocolate could easily form a squadron.

"Uh... I was found out?" Yun Xi remained silent after saying that, as he thought about Hua Huo's reaction.

She had to have some magical ability... clairvoyance?

"Stupid, stupid! Countlessly sayings that you will only marry me!" Hua Huo took out her long sword and directed it at Yun Xi's neck, "Don't marry me and I'll give you a bloody ending."

Well, the perfect Hua Huo, the genius Hua Huo, the village's pride Hua Huo had one small shortcoming.

She was incredibly jealous.

It truly caused her childhood sweetheart to have terrible headaches.


At the end of the business day, Yun Xi closed up and prepared for tomorrow's sales. After Yun Xi inspected the store, he headed up to the second floor to go to his room.

The small family store had already been passed down for four generations. The wooden staircase was somewhat old-fashioned because as one went up, it issued a "Creak! Creak!" sound. But for Yun Xi, it was something he was fond of.

"Hua Huo, you really need to go." In the mornings of the past, Hua Huo always played pranks on Yun Xi but he never paid any attention to it until she started to switch to her sword.

Her simple cyan long sword's hilt was engraved with a white lotus.

The White Lotus Sword Palace gave all its disciples a sword. And just like Yun Xi, Hua Huo decided to advance and obtain the Sword Palace's approval.

A 16-year-old 3rd-ranked combatant was far beyond the Sword Palace's entry requirement. Even her sword was one that only elite disciples could get, showing that Hua Huo's talent was genuine.

‘Sure enough, childhood sweethearts can't get married.’ Although he was only 16-years-old, he had already decided to inherit the family business and to become a bread store owner. Yun Xi sighed, abandoning an unrealistic fantasy.

He and Hua Huo were not fated to be together.

They met at the age of 6. It's already been 10 years of school, and having graduated not too long ago, they began to choose their future.

The 16-year-old Yun Xi and Hua Huo have already begun to embark on different paths.

"Really... is the cake shop's Ye Li better?" Yun Xi laid on his bed, looking out his window at the stars.

On the table near the window, was a very small cake with a candle on it. Of course, Yun Xi prepared his own birthday cake.

At 12 o'clock tonight, he would officially be 16.

Tonight, would he dream of the maiden guarding the gate?

For Yun Xi, turning 16 was nothing special.

Perhaps every day of his life would be like today, ordinarily passing by.

Closing his eyes, Yun Xi began to wish.

He had a dream... a dream relating to the stars.

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