Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: The Magnificence of Sky Dance

Can a human body fight against a godlike terrifying presence?

It wasn't possible even in theory.

A brief life can burn brightly, but even if a human burned his life out, his self-sacrifice wouldn't be sufficient to let him obtain an earth-shaking power, which was innate to dragons and elemental giants. After all, mankind was just a lower-middle level race throughout all god's domains.

Therefore, humans had to develop various martial arts, trying to find a way to fight against the incredible super beings in the universe.

However, most of their attempts were useless.

No matter how much effect they had made, even if they burned out their lives, it was still too difficult to cross the gap between mankind and other races.

Like what Shaya Longnis and most strong beings thought, martial arts was just a method used to offset humanities natural weakness. It couldn't let a human suddenly become as strong as a dragon.

However, even if the probability was negligible, it still existed. Countless humans lived in countless god's domains, there were always some people who could master the martial arts that could even threaten gods and demons!

They were the legends above legends.

Casina, the Battle God was one of them, she was the Sky Sword that had the power to challenge gods and demons!

As the Child of the Slime Race, even though Shaya Longnis was not mature yet, her power was still sufficient to destroy a small world if she willed.

If Yun Xi wanted to fight against Shaya Longnis, he must have power at the same rank with Shaya's power.

This moment, Casina's will was possessing Yun Xi's body, helping him expose this power!

Controlling Yun Xi's hands pressing on Shaya's breasts, Casina used her secret skill which could only take effect on strong beings, “The Magnificence of Sky Dance”.

Infinite energy flowed backwards to Shaya from all directions. They were the tokens of Shaya's will, the seeds that would destroy this world.

Too much! Too much! It can't go on! My body is going to explode! After obtaining Hydra's power of blood, this was the first time that Yun Xi felt his body was going to overload.

This was a martial arts Yun Xi couldn't understand. Casina subdued Shaya's body and extracted Shaya's energy, using Shaya's energy to suppress Shaya herself.

It's really a godlike martial arts! This was the only idea in Yun Xi's brains at this moment.

Humans couldn't fight against gods and demons with their fragile bodies.

If so, how about to suppress gods and demons by extracting their own energies?

Absorbing their infinite energies with both hands, then attack them using their own powers!

At this moment, both of Yun Xi's hands were the channels to absorb Shaya's energy.

He could feel what a great amount of energy Shaya had through her body.

How many slimes are living in all god's domains?

The Water God's world was just a small world, but after half a month, millions of slimes had reproduced in this world. Judging from this angle, how many slimes were living in the countless god's domains outside of here?

Including Shaya Longnis herself, no one could figure it out.

She didn't know how many slimes were living in the universe, but she knew that she was the strongest slime, she was the aggregation of the slime race's will, she had infinite potential!

"Ga!" Sweat streamed down Yun Xi's face.

This time, even Casina underestimated Shaya.

The energy in Shaya's body and the energy that was continually pouring into Shaya's body from nowhere, far exceeded Casina's imagination. Shaya's energy was far more than the energies from the god blood creatures and demigods Casina had defeated before.

The energy Casina had extracted even caused an "energy tide" phenomenon around Yun Xi's body. For the first time, Yun Xi understood the meaning of the idiom, "ride a tiger and find it hard to get off".

Countless green flowers dropped down from the sky. These green flowers, which would destroy the Water God's world, had all returned to Shaya's body.

During this process, the green slime gem bracelet on Yun Xi's arm blossomed, turning into a little green flower.


It was just a little and delicate green flower, but when it blossomed, Shaya cried and flew into a shameful rage, as if Yun Xi just saw her deepest secret.

"This is..." After blossoming, the green flower immediately broke away from Yun Xi's arm and flew to Shaya's body, becoming a part of her breasts, where was right now covered by Yun Xi's palms.

Hum? The bracelet was a part of Shaya's body?

Oh, I remember it. These slimes were a kind of medium Shaya used to descend into this world.

Compared to the spider queen's body that was possessed by Shaya now, Yun Xi was more familiar with this part of Shaya's body.

At first, he had almost lost control of "The Magnificence of Sky Dance", but the familiar handfeel made Yun Xi quickly refresh himself again. He could control the energy he extracted from Shaya's body quickly and effectively flowing back to Shaya's body now.

Synchronizing the energy circuit!

Absorb! Absorb! Absorb!

Once Yun Xi found the breakthrough point, the next would be easy. Using the green flower on Shaya's chest as the touch point, his energy mixed with Shaya's energy returned to the deepest side of Shaya's body.

The powers that could destroy a world were all being tamped into Yun Xi's body and Shaya's body.

"En... Arr..." Shaya Longnis was still being subdued by Casina's martial arts. Her mind had dropped into a total mess, but her body still struggled subconsciously.

Her face blushed and her skin was covered with a layer of pink. Her whole body was limp due to the touching that was too wonderful for words at this moment.

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