Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Destroy the World? Save the World!

For the first time, Shaya Longnis exposed a vulnerable side of her mind after descending into the Water God's world.

She cried and trembled like a fragile flower swaying in the midst of a raging storm.

It was incredible, but what was really happening.

As the strongest slime, Shaya Longnis was cruel, because she could keep calm even when she was swallowing millions of lives; Shaya Longnis was also naive, because she ate her lover simply because she had given up on herself.

Probably there was no other Sky Sword that would have such an extreme emotion like Shaya Longnis.

She was gentle, she was cruel, she was warm hearted, she was bloodthirsty. However, there were all a part of her, the Child of the Slime Race, the Sky Sword who had the potential to be the slime race's god.

If she was a mortal, it was too unwise to expose her feeble side in front of others. It was undoubtedly exposing her weakest point to her enemies.

However, it wouldn't have an impact on Shaya Longnis.

The more insane she became, the stronger the power she would obtain. Like an unknown chaos that could swallow all things in the universe, her body was emitting a creepy aura in the air.




More and more green meatballs exploded behind Shaya Longnis, then they slowly opened their eyes.




Their voices sounded like the whisper of evil itself. Shaya Longnis was the aggregation of the entire slime race's will. The sound formed by her will was the sound of the entire slime race.

For the first time, Casina's will seriously looked at Shaya through Yun Xi's eyes.



Yun Xi's feet stood on the ground firmly, even though the ground itself was going to collapse at any time.

His left hand pressed down, which looked as if he was going to touch his toe, and his right hand raised high in the air.

His one hand touched the heaven and the other hand touched the earth, this posture was called "Unity of Heaven and Man", it was a martial arts' starting position, which was so strong that even Casina wouldn't use it casually.

In the face of the countless "unknown twisted creatures" behind Shaya Longnis, even Casina, the Battle God had to get serious.

"Arrghhh!" Shaya Longnis held her shoulders, avoiding looking at anything in this world.

"The things I don't like!"

"The things that make me feel painful!"

"I don't care if it is human, the world, or something else!"

"Die! Die! Die! Annihilate them all!"

The unknown green twisted creatures loyally responded to Shayas' wish. They heard and would execute the order from the Child of the Slime Race, the tenth Sky Sword.

"Destroy this world!"

"Eliminate mankind!"

"Let everything in this world come to an end!"

"Ring out the Bell of Blessing for the great Shaya Longnis!"

Along with the weird whispers, the green meatballs exploded one after another. However, they were not detonating themselves this time, but blossoming beautiful, delicate flowers from their bodies.

The green flowers gestated one seed after another, blowing in the wind.

These seeds floated in the air like scattered dandelions. Shaya Longnis started to sow these seemingly delicate seeds to the sky.

When these seeds dropped on the ground, took root and sprouted, they would finally cover the entire world, transforming it into "something else".

It would be "Shaya's Garden". Apart from Shaya herself, no living being would be allowed to live in her garden.

If Shaya hated a world, or liked it very much, she would want to occupy it, turning everything into her own treasure.

This would also be the world's end. After being eroded by Shaya, all beings in this world would only become Shaya's food.

Hydra, the Water God had seen this end, so she wished that Yun Xi could do something to change this future.

Can Yun Xi change it?

With the power he has obtained, can Yun Xi reverse this coming misfortune?

Looking at this scene, both Yun Xi and Casina were shocked.

They weren't something as simple as the detonated meatballs before. It was a real power that was twisting, changing and swallowing the rules of this world!

This was Shaya Longnis' true nature!

As if "desperation" itself just slithered out of Pandora's box, there was no "hope" leaving the box of the deepest nightmare.

The countless blooming flowers were doomed to bring ruin upon this world.


I will change it!

Even if no one thought that this world could be saved, I will save it!

Yun Xi shouted out in his heart!

Yes, this is the will, this is the spirit.

In the name of Casina, the Battle God, I will help you create miracles!

Casina's will jumped with joy in his mind.

Again, the time stopped. Looking at the infinite petals flying to the sky, Yun Xi's left arm raised up and and his right arm drew a circle in the air.

Battle God Genre Anti-God Martial Arts: the Magnificence of Sky Dance!

A soft light appeared in Yun Xi's hand. It was the light of the heavens and the sky's will, it was the light that would gestate "hope".

The next moment, Yun Xi leapt into the air like a phoenix raised from the ashes of fire.

Nothing could be used to describe how nimble Yun Xi was. Like a bird flying in the air, Yun Xi leapt to Shaya Longnis from the sky.

Yun Xi's left arm caught Shaya Longnis' right arm. Without the slightest killing intention, he brought her to the peak point of the Water God's world's sky, then put his right hand on Shaya's chest.

"What?!" Shaya Longnis opened her eyes wide, looking at Yun Xi's right palm in surprise.

Unlike the violent attacks before, this time, Yun Xi's right palm gently put on her small breasts.

As if they were standing in the center of an invisible giant vortex, all the green flowers in the air were attracted, flying to Yun Xi and Shaya Longnis.

"Sorry, I will 'drain your body'." With a strange smile, Yun Xi put both of his hands onto Shaya's breasts.

Unity of Heaven and Man.


"Arrghhh!" Shaya Longnis breathed strange sounds from her mouth. She felt that all her strength was being drained out of her body and flowing into Yun Xi's palms.