Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: A Bigger Miracle

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!" Strong heartbeats echoed between the sky and earth. It was the heartbeat of the young man who was wearing a silver mask that was engraved a green gem on it.

At the same time, it was the heartbeat of this world's.

I am the world!

At this moment, he was the Water God's avatar!

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!" It was the sound of the rapidly growing hair, it was the sound of some weird thing. It was a sound that gave Yun Xi chills.

It was the green field that was spreading behind the Dark Shadow Spider Queen, who had become the Sky Sword's avatar at this moment. Countless green traces weaved a big net, swallowing all things in this world with greed.

The countdown of this world's destruction had started.

"What a pity world! How unlucky it was to be eaten by a greedy snake like you." Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword attacked first. Her small, white hand brandished in the air as if it was a sword.

A strong blast wave shot out of the sky, slashing toward Yun Xi. Undoubtedly, it was the strongest attack Yun Xi had ever faced.

Even if it was a mountain chain in front of the blast wave, it would undoubtedly be crushed by it.

As an ordinary member of Sky Sword God's Domain, Yun Xi never imagined that he would be attacked by a Sky Sword someday.

"Do you really think so? I did eat this world, but to this world, it isn't an end. It's a brand new start!"

Countless blood colored ripples appeared on Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask, the world in his eyes was covered with a layer of blood color.

Hydra, the Water God fed this world with its flesh and blood, so that this world could survive after being absorbed by Hydra.

A drop of water, a piece of soil, a wisp of air... everything in this world was affected with Hydra's aura.

Its blood did stain the earth and flowed into the sea, finally eroding the whole world.

After losing its original gods, this world was doomed to come to its end. But thanks to Hydra, it was revived.

Whatever the reason, Hydra did replace the original gods of this world, becoming the supreme god of this born-again world.

It became the Water God!

This world recognized Hydra. At this moment, the blood colored ripples on Yun Xi's mask was the power from the power source of this world.

Yun Xi raised his head, looking at the prodigious blast wave.

He didn't draw back.

He stretched out his fist, punching at the blast wave!

At this moment, it wasn't his punch, it was the punch of the god, it was the punch of this world!

The Water God's world chose Hydra but not the intruder, Shaya Longnis.

Even though Hydra appeared also an outsider, it was already history. After feeding this world with its flesh and blood for thousands of years, the world had recognized it completely.

No matter that Hydra was thousands of years ago, at this time, it was undoubtedly the only supreme god of this world, the god of millions of beings, the Water God!

Only a very few humans surrendered to the outsider, Shaya Longnis. To the whole world, they were so negligible that they wouldn't even be counted as dust.

After Shaya Longnis descended into this world, this world immediately stood to Hydra's side and poured its power into Yun Xi's body.

The green gem on the mask was Hydra's Life Gem. With it, Yun Xi could use the power source of this world. Unlike the Dark Shadow Spider Queen, he still had 100% of his self-consciousness.


The blast wave and his fist collided in the air. A huge mushroom cloud, which was probably ten kilometers tall, rose to the sky from the ground.

The whole world trembled under the heavy blow. The batholith under the sea started to collapse, endless magma erupted from the ground, tidal waves, tornadoes and black typhoons appeared in groups. It seemed that no being could survive under these circumstances.

"Build for me, my one million brides. Build the towers to protect this world!" Yun Xi yelled.

This wasn't the end he wished for.

Even if no one thought that this world could survive, he still wanted to change the end result!

The power from the source of this world couldn't distinguish good or evil, right or wrong. It chose Yun Xi simply due to Hydra's will.

"Build the four World Towers!"

Information about the World Towers slowly flowed into Yun Xi's mind. It was the legacy of the stars, it was a Wonder of the Starchild.

The Eastward World Tower:

"Are you dreaming of it? The old paradise, the place you were longing for."

"Can your heart become pure in this place?"

"Time has stopped for you. Please keep your promise, by looking for the thing you left here."

"In the flowing of time and space, please stop and listen to the sounds from this place."

"Therefore, we will build this tower to stop time. This is the Eastward World Tower, where the sun rises day after day."

The Southern World Tower:

"The dream in the past, the sea in your memory, we will reproduce them here."

"Can this world make you happy?"

"If you need to rest, please go here."

"Time is flowing forward, and the world has changed, but there is still someone waiting for you."

"Therefore, we will build this tower to let you watch the sea. This is the Southern World Tower, the place of dream and promise."

The Western World Tower:

"The scene at sunset is the most beautiful scene. This is the place where you can see the sunset."

"We are waiting, and will wait till time has lost its meaning. Do you still remember the promise of that time?"

"New lives have been born in the sea of gems. They will become the new children of this world, and won't remember any sadness from the past."

"The sunset isn't the end, but the start of everything."

"Therefore, we will build this tower to let you watch the sunset. This is the Western World Tower, the place where the sun falls."

The Northern World Tower:

"The song of ice and fire is playing at this place. This is the end of the world, at the end of the sea."

"This is the darkness' home, and the place where the bright lights were born. Half of this place is fire and half of this place is water, the flow will never stop."

"If you can't see stars, we will create stars, giving birth to new lives on the earth."

"This this the source of life, the place where everything starts."

"Therefore, we will build the tower to create the future, waiting for your return. This is the Northern World Tower, where you can find lights from the darkness."

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