Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: Revive

Overwhelming great waves swept towards Yun Xi's Water God's Opera House and wrapped it tightly inside the water, making it look like a transparent deep sea pearl.

Between the sky and the earth, the origin, past and present of this world started to be portrayed in the air.

"Long, long ago, I was not this world's god but just an outsider." Hydra started to tell her story.

In the starry sky, a huge creature appeared, who was even much bigger than Mumu Salabert, the White Holy Dragon.

It had nine heads, and its body was so long that could even wrap around the whole world, and it was indeed wrapping around the world with its body in the scene.

Vaguely, Yun Xi recognized that the world was the prototype of the Island of Mist, but the world was more shabby without any vitality.

"This world is dying. All gods had died, and only the last immortal dragon was still struggling and groaning."

In that scene, the nine headed snake hesitated for a brief moment, finally opened its mouth and swallowed the dying world.

"I ate this world to share my life with it. My blood turned into rivers, moistened the ground and flowed into the sea."

After eating that world, the nine headed snake, Hydra, passed through a lot of god's domains and finally landed onto the remote White Lotus Sword Domain. It curled up on its body and quietly slept in the center of the Storm Eye.

Yun Xi and the Starwing Knights girls landed on one of Hydra's heads. After thousands of years, the head had lithified and became an island.

"The world revived because of me, and I was watching this world, this small garden in my body."

"The beings living in this garden had pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy, parting and reunion that I didn't understand, due to some reason I'm curious about."

"I learned a lot of things from them, and gradually, I forgot why I ate this world."

"At the first, it was just a game, but when I realized it, I had become a real god."

"Am I dreaming to be the god? Or am I the result of this world's dream?"

"During that long, long time, I gradually lost myself and fell into a deep sleep, till someone came to this world, and come to me."

"It was you. You are the person who changed this world and awakened me step by step."

"I was looking at all your movements in this world."

"The Lamia Queen is my instinct. She stands for 'reproduction' and 'evolution'."

"The Mermaid Queen is my confusion. She stands for 'pursuit of tragedy and betrayal'."

"The Caelian Queen is my intellect and persistence. She stands for my will of 'catching the treasure I have lost'."

"The one million brides are my all. They stand for the whole world. When you proposed to them, it was equal to proposing to me."

"Everything had been determined when you made your decision."

Yun Xi finally understood why the process of the final quest kept going even though he didn't go to look for brides for the Water God.

After he finished all the side quests and went to the last step of the final quest, the truth of this world was finally exposed.

The god's dream... was him, who was guided by the stars and married the one million girls.

"The god is the symbol of this world."

"I am this world!"

Infinite waves swept through the whole world. One island after another turned into a transparent small water ball, held in the huge creature’s mouth.

The Water God, Hydra finally revealed its true body!

"You finally come out, Hydra!" Looking at the monstrous creature, Shaya Longnis licked her lips with undisguised killing intent in her eyes.

"Shaya, I won't give it to you. I caught it, so it's mine!" The Water God raised its head with pride, looking at its bride with its nine heads.

"You are just a nine headed snake robber! This time, I will mince you!"

Apparently, Shaya Longnis wouldn't give up on taking back the thing Hydra robbed from her before.

"If we want something, we need to obtain it with our hands. This is what we were taught, isn't it?" Hydra leisurely ate the islands one by one and shook its giant body.

"Humph. I know what you are. Don't pretend to be a god." Shaya Longnis sneered and thumbed down towards Hydra, then stored away the green shadows behind her.

At the same time, Hydra spat out a green gem from its mouth, which was several times bigger than Yun Xi. The green gem flew to Yun Xi, then shrank and was engraved on Yun Xi's forehead.

"Forever fourteen!"

Shaya Longnis' body suddenly become a little bigger. It didn’t look obvious, the change was just like what happened to a girl who just grew up from 13 to 14 years old.

"One of nine avatar!" Yun Xi's mask spread an aura again. The green gem had replaced the function of his heart, driving the blood and nervous system throughout his body.

They were the changes the two legend ranked beings conferred to the bodies they had chosen.

Neither the Sky Sword nor the Water God could battle in the Sky Sword God's Domain without any restriction, because it would cause an unpredictable result. Mumu Salabert, the White Holy Dragon was the best example. She paid a heavy price for her impetuous behavior.

Therefore, they granted their powers to the bodies they chose, let them break a lance with each other.

Shaya Longnis, chose her Apostle, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen.

Hydra, the Water God, chose its bride Yun Xi.

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