Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 270

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Chapter 270: How to Strike Up a Conversation with a Dragon (3)

No matter whether it was the dark elf who lived in the darkness or the forest elf who lived under the sun, elves wouldn't allow any stranger to touch their sharp pointed ears!

Because the ears were some of the elves' most sensitive parts. Even a light touch would let them feel a strong stimulation.

Although Yun Xi had touched Yun Que's ears and some much more private parts, it doesn't mean that Yun Que didn't mind it!

If there had been any other choice, she wouldn't let that shameless, salacious man, Yun Hai, put a finger on her ears or anywhere else for that matter.

In the same way, dragons were even more haughty. Touching their horns was a much more offensive move.

At least, the people who touched an elf's ear had a chance of surviving the elf's deadly chase, but it was even rarer that any being could survive an angry dragon's burning breath.

Not to mention that the White Holy Dragon was of legend rank. Yun Hai was really too foolhardy!


Incredibly, Yun Xi's touch didn't provoke the dragon. On the contrary, the dragon emitted a satisfied sound acting like a spoiled child.

Due to the muffled and pleasant dragon roar, circles of ripples were sent across the crystal-clear surface of the water.

Uhm? What happened?

Why haven't you been burned to death?

Yun Que looked at Yun Xi in silent amazement. He was still stroking the dragon's head skillfully and it seemed that the silver dragon was enjoying his strokes, which was really contrary to her common sense.

Isn't it common sense that dragons won't let any stranger touch their heads?

Isn't it strange that Yun Hai hasn't been burned to death by the dragon's roaring flame breath?

Well... this... who... who can fill me in on what is happening?!

"Puff!" Seeing that the sleeping dragon wasn't against his stroking, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

Why did I choose such a dangerous move?

Yun Xi himself also didn't understand it. He just watched the wounds on the sleeping dragon's body and then stroked its head subconsciously.

A person asked a mountain climber, “Why do you like climbing the mountain? Mountain climbing is dangerous and you may lose your life on the way.”

The mountain climber told the person, "Because it's there!"

Why did Yun Xi lend a hand to the wounded White Holy Dragon?

Yun Xi's answer was, "Because I wanted to!"

Although it was a legend ranked being who could even destroy the world, Yun Xi still did it by an irresistible impulse after seeing its wounds.

Even though the dragon was injured, it was still strong enough to squash Yun Xi and Yun Que simply by rolling its body.

"Hellow, good mourning!" (Hello, good morning!)

Yun Que shook with fear looking at Yun Xi's irreverent movements and kept awakening the White Holy Dragon with her "terrible" dragon language.

"It's time to wake up..." Yun Xi felt nervous too. However, as he stroked the dragon's head, he could gradually feel the dragon's emotion.

It seemed that it was very satisfied.

"Gawu!" After spitting several bubbles from its mouth, the White Holy Dragon opened its dreamy eyes again and looked around in confusion.

What happened?

The last scene in its memory was a cold figure.

In front of the giant door, she indifferently looked at it rushing to the door, then drew her frightening sword.

Three strands of ice blue hair fluttered with the wind on her forehead, her sword, which was engraved with an old compass, emitted a frightening aura that could even freeze time and space.

"Leave! You can't get in this world. I won't open the door for you!"

She was the guardian of the door, and a formidable foe who could slaughter a legend ranked dragon easily!

Even knowing that clearly, it didn't stop. Even it knew that it would face the frightening sword, it still wanted to get through the door.

The cold silver sword blade was brandished against the dragon without mercy.

I'm frightened. I'm frightened. For the first time in my life, I'm facing such a cold terror.

I will die. If the sword stabbed into my heart, I would be killed, not just bleeding some blood.

No, I can't die. I must get through the door, because there is a person behind the door who deserves me to risk my life.

For this goal, I won't hesitate to face this frightened guardian of the door!

The memories gradually became clear. The silver dragon shook its head.

Now, have I succeeded?

This place was indeed the place it was planning to go. It looked around and saw the huge tree, which had countless branches and roots, sweet scent and warm milky white tree saps. Everything was the same as it had heard.

It had arrived at its destination.

What a long dream it was.

In its dream, it dreamed that it became very small and got acquainted with many kind-hearted human friends.

Then, it fell into sleep unknowingly again.

In its dream, it was stroked by someone gently. It had never had such a warm experience, but it had waited for a very long time that had seemed endless.

"Pa pa?" The White Holy Dragon muttered looking at the strange man floating in front of it.

Yes, he is the man. I smell a familiar scent from his body.

He is the person I was looking for. He has the smell in my old vague memories.

"Hum? How to translate this word?" Yun Xi looked at the dragon in confusion. Dragon language was indeed very difficult, because he didn't even know whether the dragon was talking to him.

"Well, this... even across all god's domains in all languages, it has the same meaning..." Yun Que was sure that the two reduplicated words had the same meaning as what they were in human languages.

"It was calling you... father?"

Yun Que felt absurd, but it was indeed what the White Holy Dragon had said!

"What? No, I'm not!" The perspiration poured down Yun Xi's face.

How can it be possible that I have any relationship with the dragon?!

"Wa ta shi wa, su mi ma se n." The dragon apologized. It also realized that it made a mistake, but it still gazed at Yun Xi with a strange look.

"Well, this sentence means 'Sorry, I had just woken up and was still pretty much out of it'." Yun Que let out a sigh of relief. As expected, it was just a mistake! Fortunately, it seemed that the dragon was easy to speak with.

For the current results, Yun Hai's behavior had been right!

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