Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 269

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Chapter 269: How to Strike Up a Conversation with a Dragon (2)

The huge White Holy Dragon's body was surrounded by an aura that was simply breathtaking.

The legend ranked creature, whose sighting had already shaken the sky and earth. It appeared that it hadn't known what was happening. Unconsciously, it slightly shook its slender tail.

To the dragon, it was a natural movement, just like humans would curl up when they woke up on a cold winter morning.

However, the White Holy Dragon's body was over one hundred thousand metres long! It just simply shook its tail, then caused an earthquake on the island.

The seismic origin was the dragon's tail. With ear piercing whistles, hundreds of metres tall waves were rolled up and pounded heavily on the Mist Demon tree's roots.

"Shuffle!" The Mist Demon tree quickly proliferated several branches of ten kilometers long, tying the dragon's tail in case that it caused much larger earthquakes and surges.

Such a negligible movement had caused such a huge disaster, that it could even kill all the residents of a city of a hundred thousand people. This was how terrible a legend ranked being could be.

It wasn't even on purpose or for killing, it was simply because such a legend ranked being’s existence itself was just so overwhelmingly powerful.

Just like a meteorite falling into a pond, the aftermath of that would be enough to kill all the fish and prawns.

Unfortunately, most ordinary beings, in all but a few god's domains were like the unlucky fish and prawns in the pond. Only hero ranked beings, such as Yun Xi and Yun Que, could survive such a disaster, and only just survive.

The White Holy Dragon didn't realize what a disaster it had caused. After shaking its tail, it murmured something and closed its eyes again.

"O ya su mi? What does this mean?" as Yun Xi wiped his forehead.

When your conversation partner was a dragon of one hundred thousand metres long, nothing you could do could be described as "excessive caution". When the dragon shook had its tail, his heart had almost jumped out of his throat.

Will I die here? Looking at the White Holy Dragon's huge tail, Yun Xi felt as if he had seen the end of the world.

"I think it means 'good night'..." Yun Que was even more nervous than Yun Xi, because she knew how terrible a legend rank being could be better than him.

If it was her, she wouldn't talk to the dragon at all. After all, if an ant tried to stop a human, would the human even realize it?

Compared to the dragon's long life, humans, even hero ranked humans, were like mayflies who are born in the morning and died at night.

Not to mention that it was a legend ranked White Holy Dragon, the rarest divine dragon who was blessed by the Dragon God.

What was Yun Hai thinking? How dare him talk to the dragon and even touch its head!

Yun Que thought that she may be unable to understand his way of thinking for the rest of her life. Maybe she could call it one of the most incredible mysteries in the universe.

"Good night…?", Yun Xi looked at the dragon oddly.

The silver dragon could even destroy a world, and now, it is sleeping in?

Ok, Yun Xi knew it was being irreverent to the dragon, because, why would such a holy, strong dragon sleep in like a spoiled little girl?

But his instinct told him that it was the truth.

"Yun Hai, I know you are blessed by the Water God, so probably this silver dragon won't attack you. But... it's time to give up." Yun Que rarely gave Yun Xi suggestions, but... it was really too dangerous to stand here and talk to the silver dragon!

An ant couldn't have any relationship with a human, it was natural that they couldn't talk with the silver dragon. When the gap between their life levels was too wide, they should learn to give up.

We are not even as large as one of the dragon’s scales. What gives Yun Hai the guts to face the dragon and even touch its head?

Even if he didn't have a fear of dying, there should be a limit to his courage!

"Sorry, I won't give up, because I have to do this." Yun Xi smiled bitterly. If he had any other choice, he wouldn't do this from the start.

Apparently, the stars were exposing his past life to him bit by bit in this manner.

Now, he was wearing the White Emperor Mask so he wasn’t afraid of his true identity being exposed. There wouldn't be a better chance than this to get in touch with his ex-girlfriends' Apostles.

Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without defeat!

If he wanted to survive his four ex girlfriends' hunting him, he must collect the information from their Apostles!

This is a dream world, and my identity is the Water God's Apostle, Yun Hai, but not that of the wanted Starchild! Yun Xi kept repeating that to himself over and over. Finally, he pulled up his socks and touched the dragon's head with the mist palm again.

Because he often rubbed the green slime gem, he became pretty skillful at this. His strength and stroke technique were all fine tuned.

Apparently, Yun Xi wasn't just ploughing the air. The White Holy Dragon showed a satisfied look while sleeping and subconsciously swung his long tail on the ground.

The earth and the water were roaring. Due to its huge body, the dragon's petty movements caused one earthquake after another.




Yun Que thought that she must be crazy. She was actually offending a sleeping dragon together with Yun Hai.

Even if the dragon wasn't bloodthirsty and it just rolled over in his sleep, she and Yun Xi would be crushed to death.

Why is Yun Hai so brave? He had stroked the White Holy Dragon's head so many times!

She just watched Yun Xi's behavior, then she imagined his very own 108 methods of death.

Oh, he is still stroking the dragon! He is touching the dragon's horns! Doesn't he know that no dragon would allow any stranger to touch their horns?

To dragons, their horns were like the elves' sharp pointed ears, containing a very special meaning!

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