Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Escape from the Mist Island


The giant dragon's roar echoed between the heavens and the earth. As the overlord of Mist Island, the white bone dragon was having a fierce battle with its invaders.

The bone dragon had died many, many years ago. Only the bones on its spine was still complete, and its wings, feet and tail were all mutilated. However, it still retained a third of its power from before its death.

It wasn’t a low-grade dragon like the male fiery dragon had been. It was a real, legendary dragon from the core area of the Dragon God's Domain.

It could even annihilate a team of hero rank adventurers if they dared to provoke it. This wasn't a hypothesis, because it had already happened several times. Many hero ranked adventure teams, who came to explore the Eye of the Storm, had been swallowed after waking it up.

Now, the people who were fighting against the bone dragon, were the strongest partners of the White Lotus Sword Palace, White Lotus and Red Lotus, and Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo!

After waking up, they found that they were trapped on the Mist Island. Finally, they encountered the bone dragon, then, the battle between them started and had lasted for half a month.

The battle was really tough, because this dead dragon was the strongest monster in the mist. If you only considered its power, it was even stronger than any of the three High Priestesses.

In the Water God's world, the bone dragon had almost become a symbol of disaster. Everytime it walked out of the mist, it would wreak havoc in this world.

The dragon had died many years ago, naturally, it was hostile to all living beings. When Hua Huo and the twin witches appeared on its territory, it immediately noticed them and launched a rabid attack.

Now, the battle had entered its final stage.

"Why is it chasing us?!" Tightly holding the Red Lotus Holy Sword in her hand, Red Lotus gasped with profuse sweating.

"Perhaps it's because it's too ugly!" White Lotus' face looked pale. She was already exhausted.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" Hua Huo shouted. It wasn't because of the bone dragon, but because of her instinct as Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart: her Jealousy Radar!

A strand of her hair was stretching and wiggling on her head. She instinctively sensed that something very bad was happening in this world, but she couldn't go to stop it!

My Little Xi must be in a big trouble! I should have found him and been beside him by now, but this blasted bone dragon has me trapped here!

"How dare you stop me on way to find my love? You will die horribly!" Hua Huo lifted her sword and adjusted her breath, then said decisively, "Shaya Longnis, I agree to your offer! I will join your camp and fight against this world's god! This world must hate us, then, such a world shouldn't exist!"

Obviously, the Sky Sword heard Hua Huo's words. Green dewdrops dripped down from the sky and permeated into Hua Huo's skin, restoring her physical strength and energy rapidly.

"It seems that the Sky Sword is satisfied with Hua Huo's decision Sister. We should also make our choice." White Lotus counted her fingers, trying to divine this world's secret.

After coming into this world, they were always surrounded by this world's hostility. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been thrown onto the Mist Island and hunted by one of the strongest monsters in this world.

The bone dragon had already firmly locked onto them. Once the bone dragon found them, it would rush them and attack them without any hesitation.

"To be honest, I don't want to make this decision, but... it seems that we have no choice." Red Lotus wiped away the sweat on her forehead.

In fact, when the twin witches and Hua Huo teamed up, they were not inferior to the bone dragon. However, the bone dragon had a very disturbing ability: no matter how many times it had been torn to rags, it could recover within a few seconds. With this ability, it was almost unbeatable!

They had a strange feeling that the world's determination was trying to trap them on Mist Island, so it sent out the bone dragon.

The only way to leave the island was the whispers they occasionally heard when they were fighting.

"I'm Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword. Join my camp and become my subordinates. I will confer you the power to kill this dragon!"

However, Hua Huo and the twin witches didn't accept the Sky Sword's invitation immediately. They beat down the bone dragon over and over again, displaying their strong, and horrible power.

Unfortunately, the bone dragon could also revive over and over again. Apart from this, the island was surrounded by a very strong Magical Ward, so they couldn’t leave the island easily. Now, they had really reached an impasse.

"I, White Lotus!"

"I, Red Lotus!"

"I, Hua Huo!"

After killing the bone dragon and witnessing it reviving again, the three girls finally made their choice.

"We choose to join the Sky Sword's camp!"

"Very good! You are making the right choice. This world is a mistake. It shouldn't exist. And I'm the person who will correct this mistake!" Shaya Longnis said. As her voice echoed in the clouds, countless green threads dropped from the sky, shredding open the mist and locked the bone dragon down on the ground.

"Leave! You will become the heroes to save this world. In the name of Shaya Longnis, I confer upon you the power to win against this world!"

Three green gems dropped from the sky and were embedded onto the twin witches and Hua Huo's foreheads. Instantly, they found that the strange feeling of being rejected by the world's determination disappeared.

"Is this the power of a Sky Sword?" Hua Huo felt the power on her forehead. Some flame like emotion was burning inside her eyes.

"Finally, that strange feeling disappeared." White Lotus let out a sigh of relief. Because the world was blocking her, for the first time, she couldn't predict the future with the Great Circulation.

Why? Why is this world so hostile to us? Are we really not allowed to come into this world?

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