Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: The Sky Sword's Footsteps

As Yun Xi and the Lamia Queen whispered sweet nothings of love in front of the Sea Demon's Mirror, in the dark abyss under the ground, countless green slimes were merging with each other and evolving.

The Dark Shadow Spider was gracefully sitting on her throne of spider threads, looking at the crowd who were kneeling to her.

"Hail to the queen!"

"Our queen will conquer the world!"

"We must help our queen defeat the evil Water God at all costs and declare the glory of the Sky Sword!"

The Dark Shadow Spider Queen lateraled her head and exposed her snow white neck, looking at these people with a scornful smile. Obviously, these people had all been conquered by her charm.

Simple. It's too simple! Compared to how hard she’d tried recruiting "that man", enchanting these men was as easy as breathing.

She just cast the simplest Charm Magic, then these humans, who were upset about the Water God from a long time ago, immediately surrendered and joined her camp.

They were the Water God's people at first, but they formed a dark cabal, trying to overturn the people's belief in the Water God.

Naturally, they failed, so they became a crowd of "mice" who never dared to expose themselves in front of the public.

The Dark Shadow Spider found one of them, then dragged out the entire organization. She had almost caught all the heretics in her first draft.

"Do you want power?" The Dark Shadow Queen asked and looked at these fanatics. Her fingertip crossed in the air, then a group of green slimes appeared in front of these people.

"Oh oh oh, they are the god's graces!"

"The legendary Sky Sword's will!"

"The Water God will die and we will rule the new era!"

In these people's hearts, Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's coming was the last hope to save this world from the evil Water God's hands!

They were revolutionists and rebels, they would overthrow the Water God and rebuild the world!

They could do everything in order to kill the god, because this will had been inherited from generation to generation and had become their obsession.

Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword was the key that had released the obsession in their hearts and the flame that had ignited the madness in their minds.

"Come on, praise and accept the coming new era!" The Dark Shadow Queen waved her hand, then, these green slimes jumped to these people's faces and wormed into their noses and mouths.

"Oh oh oh oh oh!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

"I felt it! I felt it! This is the god's power. This is the great Sky Sword's grace!"

These men shivered and twitched, emitting inhuman roars from their mouths. As the Dark Shadow Queen watched them with an enjoyable look, their bodies started to be transformed into monsters.

They were not humans any more.

This was the price of power. After abandoning their human bodies, they obtained high-speed recovery capability, strong flesh and bones and a Demon Bloodline. They wouldn't die even if their hearts had been pierced through.

"Hum, that's enough for them. After all, they can't bring me much more value." Looking at these men, no, green monsters now, the Dark Shadow Queen shook her head disappointedly.

It would be an idiotic nonsense to defeat the Water God with these human traitors, but, if she let them hide amongst ordinary people and sabotage at the right time, they could be of some use.

However, only Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword could lead them to win the coming war!

The Dark Shadow Queen could feel that as more and more special slime units appeared, the speed of the Sky Sword's coming had become faster and faster.

Once the Golden Slime King appeared, the slime network would be finally formed in this world, which also meant the start of the war between the Sky Sword's camp and the Water God's camp.

"Hm? Some people are coming?" The Dark Shadow Queen sensed that a team of humans were getting close to her location.

"Is it here?" A man asked with puzzlement. The next moment, a strange, snow white creature walked out of the darkness and looked at these green monsters with a leisurely look.

"Yes, this is the Sky Sword's base camp."

"We will cooperate with the Sky Sword."

"Is that fine? Yun He?" A man asked.

"Leave it to me. Believe in the god who led us out of the mist!" Another man promised. Soon after, a group of people walked to the Dark Shadow Spider Queen.

"Where are you from?" The Dark Shadow Spider Queen sniffed. Their odours... didn't belong to the Water God's world. They were outsiders just like her!

"We are this god's followers, and our god wants to cooperate with the great Sky Sword!" Their leader, Childe Yun He said. He measured the Dark Shadow Spider Queen with his questioning eyes.

She is beautiful! Childe Yun He swallowed as he looked at the Dark Shadow Spider Queen's white skin and deep black eyes. He had been spontaneously seduced by the spider queen's dangerous charm.

"Agree with them and let them become your subordinates." A voice suddenly appeared inside the Dark Shadow Spider Queen's mind. It was the direct indicator from Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword.

"Is it your god?" The Dark Shadow Spider Queen looked at the strange white creature with interest. She could feel a very special power from it.

"Yes, it's our god, the great Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli!" As an evil god's Apostle, Childe Yun He had actually become the leader of the Sword Palace disciples and started to preaching.

Unfortunately, there is no alpaca in this world, otherwise, I can sacrifice them to enhance myself to an incredible extent! Childe Yun He thought regretfully.

"Very well, finally, I have some good subordinates." The Dark Shadow Spider Queen nodded with satisfaction. This strange white creature could be a strong external assistance of the Sky Sword's camp.

Not only that, on a distant island, several strong hero ranked girls were on a special training mission. They would also join the Sky Sword's camp after making their choice.

Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's will was indeed invading and changing this world step by step!

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