Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: The Excited Lamias

"Then, we need to take an oath." Feya stretched out her finger, seemingly she was going to draw a hook with Yun Xi.

"En... Ah?" Yun Xi stretched out his hand. Feya held his hand tightly and gently bit his ear with her small, white teeth.

Yun Xi felt a slight ache, then he touched the bite mark on his ear.

"Hmm, the oath has been signed, big brother." Feya looked at Yun Xi with a happy smile.

This ceremony of the Lamias was really strange.

To Lamias, this was a ceremony for love: exchanging the Lamia's venom in her teeth and her lover's blood in his body. It represented the oath of "Never to be Separated ".

Human moral principles meant nothing to Lamias. The exchange of bodily fluids was much more suitable than any oath in their hearts.

"Is it okay?" Yun Xi stroked his ear with curiosity. He only felt a slight ache with no side effects, as if he was just being gently licked.

"Yes. I’m satisfied." Feya smiled happily.

The bite was just a small incident to Yun Xi, but to her and even the whole Lamia Race, it was a giant leap.

"Sisters! Sisters!" Feya happily danced around Yun Xi. She called to the Lamias who were playing the water ball game in a pleasant tone.

The Lamias were resting at half time. Just in time, they noticed Feya's call.

"What happened, little Feya?"

"Hmm? What's this mist? Anything good inside it?"

"You look happy. It seems like good things are happening to you, Feya."

Feya's long tail coiled, moving around to show her nimble and charming body. It was a dance called "The Dance of Enchantment", an extempore dance the Lamias would dance when they were in an extremely good mood.

"Come on, come on!" Feya's screw like tail coiled around Yun Xi's waist again.

"Ok, don’t push me!" Yun Xi smiled bitterly. He thought that he should show himself now.

After having a really close encounter with a Lamia, he realized that there were many mistakes in the information Yun Que had offered him.

The information said that Lamias were all snake like demons, who were extremely dangerous and horrifying. They were strong, arrogant and unforgiving. Once they thought that you were an enemy, they wouldn't give up before you had been torn into pieces.

Humans and the Lamias were all the Water God's people, but humans refused to accept the Lamias and to live together with them.

For a longest time, it had become a normal prejudice amongst humans. However, the Lamias were all very strong, therefore, humans could do nothing to them and could only avoid staying together with them.

That being said, what Yun Xi had seen was a healthy, energetic race. Even the youngest liked to practice every day.

They were not demons who only liked moist and dark caves. They also liked to play under the sun and show their charms to the public.

Maybe their special greeting was frightening to humans, but they didn't mean to do any harm.

Coiling around their friend with their tails was just their way of saying hello.

"Dispel." Yun Xi dispelled all the mist around him and walked to the Lamias.

"Look, he is the Apostle! The Apostle our queen mentioned before!" Feya was still tightly coiled around Yun Xi's waist as she waved her hands to her sisters.

Then, the reaction of the Lamias' was really an eye opening experience for Yun Xi.

At first, they fell into a shocked silence. They looked astonished and amazed and was at a loss for what to do.

After a while, a Lamia exclaimed, "Oh, is he that... THAT... MAN?"

"I can't be mistaken. I can feel the great Water God's power from the mist and his silver mask!"

"Wait, wait, why didn't we receive a notice?"

It's strange. Why are they so panicked? Yun Xi felt puzzled. Do I look strange?

Soon afterwards, he knew the reason.

"No! This is too sudden... I... I haven't put on my most beautiful jewelry!"

"Whoa! Whoa! Don't look over here! My shell necklace, where is my shell necklace?"

"Go, go, go!"

Quickly, the Lamias swam away. They scrambled back into the cave, overturning their trunks and boxes.

"Don't take my jewelry, sister!"

"Don't be silly, we bought it together. First come first served."

"Where is my ivory comb?"

"Oh god, who stole my pearl powder?"

"Be quick, don't keep him waiting."

Yun Xi looked at the dark cave with a dumbfounded look. He couldn’t imagine what was happening inside it.

"Sisters are very happy. They have prepared for this moment for a long time." Feya covered her mouth and smiled.

Her sisters were dressing themselves up, and she had obtained the Apostle's pledge of love. She was really proud of herself because she got it first.

"Wait, I'm the first."

"No, it's me!"

"Stop quarrelling, let's battle it out!"

"Boom!" After several fearful explosive sounds, the Lamias finally came out of the cave.

However, there were several Lamias in the first line looking flustered. It seemed that they had a fierce battle before coming out, so that they could find their position in the first line.

"Hello, great Water God's Apostle. We are Lamias. We came to Caelian in response to your wish."

According to what Yun Xi had seen, the leader of the Lamias was the strongest in the water ball game.

Compared to Feya, who was still innocent and naive, apparently, the leader understood human etiquette. However, her tail was twirling behind her back, which had exposed the true titillation she was feeling.

Not only was it just her. All the Lamias were looking at Yun Xi with curiosity and excitement. They could clearly feel the Water God's power from his White Emperor Mask.

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