Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: A Small Promise

"Big brother, you are... that... that..." Maybe the young Lamia was too excited, the squeezing of her tail had almost become two times stronger.

Fortunately, Yun Xi's body had been enhanced by the power from his 108 brides and was being protected by the Water Mist Field, so he didn't get hurt.

"Yes, I am... Can you let go of me..." Yun Xi literally understood why humans couldn't fall in love with the Lamias.

No human whose rank was below the hero rank could withstand the Lamia's strong tail. If an ordinary person fell in love with a girl of the Lamia Race, the only end for that person was being squeezed to death!

Besides, the Lamia Race had the Snake Demon Bloodline, which meant that their copulation time was extremely long.

It was said that snakes could take 12 hours to accomplish a mating without sleep or rest during the period. Obviously, it was impossible to any normal human.

"Oh, you really are the Apostle!" The young girl didn't release him but coiled around his waist with a much stronger force.

Humans often hold their lovers tightly to show their love. When it came to the Lamias, when they got excited, they would coil around their lovers tightly with their tails.

At this moment, Yun Xi was really feeling the young girl’s enthusiasm.

"Well, hello, my name is Feya, Lamia Gorgon Feya. I'm a hundred years old this year, the youngest child of the Lamia Race. My height is six metres, and my breast size is... well, my breasts are not big but are still developing! I like to play water ball and hunt squid. I don't know if I can make you feel satisfied, but... I want to be your bride!" The young Lamia said with a red face.

"I want to have twenty children, so that they can form two teams to play the water ball game. Don't underestimate me, because I'm really good at playing water ball! You can ask my sisters about it. Although I can’t join them because I'm too small, but they all call me 'once-in-1000-years genius'! They like listening to my analysis about tactics."

After learning Yun Xi's real identity, the young girl, Feya, became enthusiastic.

She was the boldest and most radical girl amongst all the Lamias that had arrived at Caelian. She was still young, so she hadn't become prejudiced to mankind. She was still full of curiosity for everything.

Of course, "have a baby" was one of the things she was curious about. As the youngest, she still remembered her surrogate mother, a "sailing jellyfish".

After sailing jellyfishes disappeared in the deep sea for no reason, she was the most upset.

According to the Lamia’s tradition, she shouldn't come onto the ground and appear in front of the public, because she was only a hundred years old. Compared to the long life she would have, she was still a baby who needed to be protected by sailing jellyfishes.

But, after the last sailing jellyfish disappeared, she had to return to the Lamia’s and be brought up by her sisters.

Because she had lost her great mother, the "sailing jellyfish", she was eager to "have a baby" to get rid of the feeling called "loneliness". She was only a hundred years old. She thought that if she had a baby, she would be able to play with her child.

The Lamia Race didn't have any children apart from her, therefore, no one played with her all those years. All of the Lamia Race was in a state of anxiety. After all, without the help from sailing jellyfishes, they couldn't produce any descendants.

In theory, they could produce offspring if they could find strong, willing sea demons and obtain their genes, but, the strong sea demons had also disappeared together with the sailing jellyfishes. No one had ever seen one of them in the last dozens of years.

"Err... Feya, right? You are still young. You don't need to consider such a thing so early." Yun Xi looked at Feya, who was so innocent that she displayed all her thinking on her face.

At any rate, I won't marry such a child!

Even Yun Que's insane expansion plan didn't calculate for a child!

A 100 year old human was old enough, but for the Lamia Race, a 100 year old Lamia was still a toddler, which could be proved by the fact that she wasn't allowed to join in the water ball game.

She can't be my bride!

"Ooo... I'm a hundred years old! I'm not too young! I can have my babies!" Feya threw out her chest in front of Yun Xi, as if she was trying to prove something.

"... No! You are too young!" Yun Xi refused her and moved his eyes away. It would become a crime if he married her!

Even though he needed as many fiances as he could get, but... Feya wasn't on his list.

However, if it was the Lamia Queen... Yun Xi didn't know if he could control himself.

"Whoooh! Everyone tells me! I'm not too young! I'm not too small! I will grow up very soon! I'm a genius! A real genius!" Feya cried.

I can't marry him because I'm only a hundred years old? No! Our race doesn't have any rule to prevent puppy love! This is so unreasonable!

"Calm down, calm down. Don't cry." Looking at little Feya's crying face, Yun Xi had no idea what to do with his hands and feet.

Sigh, at the least, I should give her some hope.

"How about this? I will marry you after you become a good woman. Don’t you think that's good?"

"Really?! Can I?!" Feya looked at Yun Xi in surprise.

"Yes, it's a promise," Yun Xi said and nodded. Anyway, the Lamia Race had a very long life. After she became a good woman, hundreds of years should have passed.

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