Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: The Water Mist Field Is Expanding!

"You bastard, go on out and deceive the other innocent girls of this world!" Yun Que said in anger. As Yun Xi looked at him in confusion, he kicked open the wooden door and ran away.

"That bastard! I have washed myself three times and I can still smell his odour on my body. Disgusting!" Yun Que decided to wash herself ten more times today to wash off his damn odour.

She would never forget this disgrace!

"Why was he so angry? He was the person who introduced Black Moon to me!" Yun Xi wondered. Looking in the direction where Yun Que disappeared, he realized that Yun Que was really upset at seeing him today.

Maybe Yun Que is too upright and honest. Yun Xi thought. Since Yun Que didn't know of my strange Side Quest Four, "To love, Starchild!", it's excusable for Yun Que to think that "Yun Hai" was a scumbag.

In fact, Yun Xi also thought that he shouldn't propose to so many girls. It really sucks. But... there was no way that the Stars would let him stop!

This was the only way the Stars had pointed out for him to save this world!

Browsing the Star System in his mind, Yun Xi sighed again.

There were two main quests. One was to help the Water God and the other was to help the Sky Sword. Because he had been chosen to be the Water God's Apostle, the quest of "becoming the Sky Sword's subordinate" had turned grey.

"Optional Side Quest One: Girl Fights Evil Dragon. A brave girl is looking for an evil dragon! You can choose this side mission after you join human camp."

Because Yun Xi had joined the Water God's camp, this side quest had become non-selectable. However, Yun Xi knew that it hinted that Hua Huo and the twin witches were fighting against an evil dragon somewhere.

"Optional Side Quest Two: The Apostle's Call. A great Apostle has reached this world. Swear your loyalty to her and become a Dragon God's subordinate! You can choose this side quest after you join Water God's camp."

This side quest was still vague, because Yun Xi hadn't known who the Apostle was.

"Optional Side Quest Three: The Truth of the Mist. The people on the island are living in a world that is surrounded by endless mist. Go find the secret and expose the truth!"

The current situation of this side quest is: You have finished the first phase of the Side Quest Three and have obtained the White Emperor Mask's power. Go inside the mist and find the strongest monster: Mist Demon!

To Yun Xi, the Side Quest Three was most likely to be achieved in a very short time.

"Optional Side Quest Four: To Love, Starchild! Life is too short, just enjoy it! Propose to as many girls as possible! After obtaining their marriage contracts, you can have the girls' power. You are never alone!"

It seemed to be a quest that was impossible to be achieved, but Yun Xi had made great progress on this. Because it didn't limit the number of Yun Xi's brides, so Yun Que could help Yun Xi make the "Expansion Plan of A Million Brides" work.

"Secret Quest: ???, This will be available after you have finished three side quests."

It seemed that this quest was lacking information, but... if Yun Xi had had a guess. It was very likely that this quest was about Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword.

"Reading the quests again, I suddenly find that they are really difficult!" Yun Xi had a feeling that he had just taken the first step in a long march, and the first step was accomplished completely due to his 108 brides.

"Let me test how strong I am now." Yun Xi took a deep breath as the Water Mist spread around him.

Black Moon was the first hero ranked bride in his Mist Soul Army, and the power from her had surpassed all the other 107 brides combined. Naturally, she was the most important one as the core of his Mist Soul Army.

For the first time, Yun Xi obtained tremendous power from a hero ranked person. His powers were bolstered.

The first was his visual field. In the past, he could vaguely see the things within the range of ten kilometres with the help of his Water Mist Field. And now, he just stood on the roof and could see the bricks ten kilometres aways with his naked eyes.

"Is this the so-called 'Clairvoyance'?" Looking around, Yun Xi's pupils contracted. Instantly, he had firmly remembered the city’s terrain in his brain.

He had a photographic memory now, it wasn't his talent, but a natural ability he had obtained after his mind had been strengthened countless times. It was an ability that was close to the limit of mortals, the ability only the best archers could have.

Not only that, but his breathing and heartbeat had been adjusted spontaneously also.

It wasn't a secret breathing method like what he had learned from Hua Huo, but a talent learned from countless battles, which had become a natural state of his body.

"Fog up!" Yun Xi raised his right hand. Under his control, the water mist sublimated and arose from the fountains and streams and covered the whole city.

Instantly, Caelian has become a City of Mist. Some girls of the aquatic races had risen up and bathed in the fountains and streams. Now they cheered with happiness.

Yun Xi's Water Mist Field contained a trace of the Water God's power, which was very good for these, the Water God's people's bodies. No wonder that they had an extremely happy look on their faces.

Ten kilometres, twenty kilometres... finally, Yun Xi's Water Mist Field had covered the area in the range of fifty kilometres, covering half of the city inside it.

"Five times larger than before?" Yun Xi mumbled. No wonder Yun Que recommended Black Moon to him. She was surely the strongest one amongst all the girls in his Mist Soul Army.

Yun Xi thought, and in that very moment, Black Moon's Mist Soul had appeared beside him.

She was confident and strong, mysterious and beautiful. After condensing from the mist, she held the black sword in her hand, standing beside Yun Xi like a prince.

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