Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: Her Odour

Why? How could this man propose to 108 girls without hesitation?

He is just a bastard who luckily obtained the Water God's favour. Apart from this, he is just a lazy idiot. Even though his power could change the entire world, he still doesn't know to use it.

If I had his power, I would have already... Yun Que shook her head. She didn't want to waste her time on thinking about the things that wouldn't happen.

She was already an adult now. She had known the brutality of this existence. She knew the eternal rule in the universe of "no pain, no gain".

Not everyone had the good fortune to be loved by a god.

"Even the infinite love from millions of people, it wouldn’t be more than the love you have granted to him. You have the whole world, but you only love this boy. Even though the world would end in misfortune, you would only offer the boy honour and hope," Yun Que chanted. It was the dialogue from a famous opera in Western God's Domain, but it was also fit for their current situation. She knows just how wide the gap between "Yun Hai" and her really was.

Therefore, sacrifice is necessary.

No matter what shameful things she had done last night, she had achieved her final goal in the end. Even though she couldn't remember the whole event. She still washed her mouth and body immediately after she opened her eyes this morning.

What had she seen and what had she believed? What made her agree to this bastard's proposal?

Submersing in an undue sense of guiltiness, Yun Que blamed herself. Why would I agree to this man's prerequisite, and what had he done to me? She thought with a shudder.

Nothing in the world could make her feel more thrilled, unless it was the "thing" she had never seen before.

She felt nervous and anxious, because she found that there was an unknown “self” lurking in her body. That "self" must be a slutty girl who was always immersed in desire and happiness, otherwise, she didn't think that she would agree to that bastard's proposal due to "love".

"I’m Sorry, I was too rude to that girl last night," said Yun Xi. Unlike Yun Que, who had subconsciously forgotten the things that had happened last night, Yun Xi could remember all the details that was apart from the dreamy feeling.

To Yun Que, it was a painful and disturbing night, which was much worse than the experience in the valley. At the least, she had no choice in the valley. But this time, she was willing to let down her defenses and deceive herself and did the things she would never want to remember.

To Yun Xi, it was a fantastic, stimulating night.

The mysterious, beautiful Black Moon gave herself to him after getting drunk, exposing her innocent and supple side in front of him.

Her dream was different from all the girls he had seen. Even Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, didn't have such a dream.

This girl was strong and independent, because she did not and would not ever rely on anyone. Compared to being the princess to be saved, she preferred to be the prince to save the princess.

No matter where she was from or what race she was, since she had such a belief, she would undoubtedly have a life that was as free as the wind. The black artifact Yun Xi had seen last night was the crystallization of her belief and the assurance of her life.

"Black Moon... is a good girl." Yun Xi didn't feel any regret proposing to her, because she was really mysterious, beautiful, and charming.

Even compared to Hua Huo, Milei, Ye Li and El'phyllis, her mysterious charm was still unique.

"Thank you, Yun Que. Your information was right. She is entitled to be my Mist Soul Army’s commander. Can I see her again?" Yun Xi looked at Yun Que with expectation.

Waiting for Yun Que’s answer, Yun Xi couldn't stop his heart from beating faster.

"No, you won't ever see her again. Never!" Yun Que said decisively.

What a bad joke! I have paid so much, and you still want more... As expected, you are just a scumbag!

If it wasn't for the Water God's quest and this world's future, I would never stay beside such a man.

Why him? Why did you choose him? The great Water God, you must be mistaken or something!

"Oh... I see..." Yun Xi sighed. He had expected it.

The encounter with her was so abrupt, as if the threads of their fates just accidentally crossed together.

Before last night, he had never expected that he would meet her again, especially in the Water God's world, and signed the special contract with her.

"But, as long as we are still alive, someday we will meet again, isn't that right?" Yun Xi smiled. He had firmly remembered Black Moon's odour and appearance in his heart. If they encountered each other again, he wouldn't miss her.

"No, I don't think so. You'd just bring disaster to her," Yun Que retorted. She smashed Yun Xi's dream without mercy.

You won't meet "her" again!

After I accomplish the Water God’s quest, I will stay away from you as far away as East is from the West!

Every second I stay beside you is just a kind of torture.

You are my last choice for a mate in the universe to me!

"Hum? Did you wear perfume?" Yun Xi sniffed. He smelled a strange fragrance from Yun Que's body.

"It's not perfume! No!" Yun Que spluttered.

As expected, I hate this man! I hate him even more than Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword!

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