Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: The Birth of the King

She felt as if she had returned to her childhood.

Only corpses were piled up on the inescapable battlefield.

There was no "justice" in this land. She had to struggle for survival and had no time to think about anything apart from this.

Beside her ears, she could still hear the evil god's roaring. It was extremely ruthless, mocking the whole downtrodden Dark Elf Race.

The chosen people of hell, fear, caves and traps will accompany you all your lives! The people in the soil, wake up and sign the contract with death!

Release the seal! Start singing and laughing! Offer your lives to me!

Come to the "Grand Banquet" I am holding. The evil god’s game was continuing. The despair was spreading.

Then, a red arrow flew to the evil god from the sky. It broke and shattered everything, it burned the earth and ignited the sky.

Ah, it's her! She is the justice I’ve been waiting for!

The flames from the heroine's arrow burned all the evils into ashes. She sacrificed herself and obtained the victory at last.

Black Obsidian hated herself, because she was too weak at that time. She could do nothing but watch the events unfold.

For that moment, she had understood, that for justice, power was necessary and for victory, one must pay a price!

The so-called heroes were the people who could sacrifice themselves for their justice.

Hence, she wanted to be such a hero. She wanted to protect her justice.

For this, she could be unscrupulous, as long as it was necessary.

She wanted to win. She wanted to obtain the victory more than anyone, because only the victor had a future.


"You~! You are really a bastard!" Black Obsidian said drunk. She shook the bottle in her hand and stared at Yun Xi with her bleary-eyed eyes.

"What's in your brains that would make you accept 107 brides?! It's so abnormal, and the world is abnormal too! Don't you feel strange?"

Yun Xi looked at the dark elf in embarrassment.

Indeed. It is abnormal, but... it is the will of the Great Stars! It seems that the Great Stars has a different understanding about "love" than me.

"You're drunk, Black Moon." Yun Xi stretched out his hand and touched the dark elf's hot forehead.

How many bottles of tequila had she drunk? A bottle of tequila could knock out a hulking hunk, and she had lined up a row of empty bottles in front of her.

"Not... not enough..." Black Obsidian stood up with a kind of stagger, then opened another bottle of tequila.

Her mind hadn't been completely messed up yet. She still knew what she was saying. If she couldn't make herself lose her sanity, it wouldn't be possible to accept this man's proposal.

"Goo!" As if she had given up on herself, Black Obsidian poured the liquid in the bottle into her mouth again.

"Ga!" As if the bottom line had finally been broken up, Black Obsidian felt dizzy, as if the world was twisting and rotating in her eyes.

She seemed pretty well lubricated. Yun Xi looked at the dark elf with a bitter smile.

"I want... to dance... I want to become the most beautiful, unique princess." Suddenly, Black Obsidian's eyes became soft and gentle. Throughout the chaos deep in her mind, she became a little girl again, without knowing anything about "slaughter" and "war".

Anyone could have such a dream. In this particular dream, the world was sunny and happy. As a bloody assassin living in the darkness, she had read a tale and had a fairytale dream. In the dream and her fairytale, the princess with glass slippers was dancing with the prince in a magnificent hall.

However, she refused to accept the absurd end of the fairytale, and only felt envious of the happy time the prince and the princess were dancing together. Even in the fairytale, and in her dream, she didn't have the extravagant hopes to have a happy end.

So, she only wanted to dance. Giving up everything and putting on the magical glass slippers and the gorgeous princess dress, she wanted to dance with her prince.

"Come here... come dance with me." Being immersed in her fantastic dream, Black Obsidian stretched out her hand to Yun Xi.

"As you wish, the most beautiful princess in the world." Yun Xi was also moved. Subconsciously, he held Black Moon’s hand.

There was no music, but there was a fantastic rhythm echoing between them.

"No... I'm not the princess. If I can, I prefer to become a prince to save the world." Black Obsidian confided.

Even in the dream, she had never hoped to be saved. She knew the ruthlessness of this reality, so she wouldn't rely on anyone.

Therefore, she wouldn't be in love, and wouldn't become anyone's plaything. She refused to become the best princess in the universe.

"Yeah. If it’s what you want, you can be the prince." Yun Xi could feel that the barrier between them was melting like ice.

She was shining at this moment and was very much brighter than anyone else. She was like a perfect gem that was born out of the darkness, dazzling and sparkling.

No matter how she thought about herself, a prince or a princess, her charm had made Yun Xi's heart beat faster.

Under the dim light, her lips looked sweet and irresistible, just like the scent Yun Xi remembered that night.

"Therefore, you play the princess! I won't accept to be proposed as a princess, but... if you are the princess and I'm the prince, it's okay." Being drunk in her dream, a "genius" idea suddenly popped out from Black Obsidian's mind.

Yes, the solution is right here. Oh, I'm really a genius! Since I don't want to be the princess, then I will become the prince!

"As you wish." Yun Xi looked at Black Moon gently. He didn't want to wake her up from her sweet fantasy.

"If you like, then, I, the princess, will propose to the great Prince Black Moon!"

"Yes, I'm not the princess. I want to be the king, to conquer all and dominate all, even if my crown will be stained with sin! All mankind, show your loyalty to your king!" Black Obsidian raised her right hand, then, a transparent sword appeared in her palm.

The sword was forged with her justice, her victory and her belief. It was a sword of justice and sin.

She named it "Black Moon". It was her lifetime of sin and her glorious crown.

It was either a sword or an archer. It was her special artifact.

"Yes, I present my loyalty to my king!" Yun Xi looked at Black Obsidian with his bleary-eyed eyes, then, he gently covered her mouth with his kiss.

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