Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: Black Obsidian's Choice

Yun Xi looked at the dark elf with curiosity.

Even now, after his first proposal failed, he still didn't understand what she was thinking.

The encounter with her, the visions of her, and the hot, dreamy night with her... they were all too vague and visional.

If Yun Xi hadn't met her again this night, he would think that that night was just a wonderful and fantastic illusion, and that he failed to distinguish the boundary between the real world and the dream.

Till now, then she appeared in front of him and summoned that memory again.

He and she had spent such a night. He could vividly remember the soft touch of her skin, and...

No, I shouldn't keep remembering this! I can't tell her the truth. She doesn't know that this silver-masked man in front of her is "him".

"Let's go. I think I know a place that can help us solve this problem." Black Obsidian showed him a firm look, as if she had decided to dive into boiling water and walk on fire.

"We... can we really be together?" Yun Xi looked at the dark elf’s slim body, wondering if he was still in a dream.

They were so close, yet so distant. He couldn't feel their hearts getting any closer.

She was so beautiful, and so lonely, like a fairy who had become accustomed to loneliness.

"This is necessary, because it’s the only solution." Black Obsidian held Yun Xi's hand and frowned.

She had never expected to get into that uncontrollable state again, but she didn’t have choice.

Her hand is small! Holding the dark elf's hand and feeling that touch, Yun Xi hoped that this moment would be eternal.

Yes, this is that touch. The things that happened that night wasn't a dream. It was a real memory!

The smooth, soft touch of her skin... it can't be wrong!

Walking on Caelian's misty street, Yun Xi had butterflies in his stomach.

Even though he had covered his true appearance with mist, he still felt that the people around them were looking at him and the dark elf with curiosity, as if they were some rare creatures.

Indeed, Black Obsidian had special black skin. To the Water God's world, she was undoubtedly a very rare creature.

"What is her race?!"

"She is too tanned. No... people can't have that skin by getting a tan!"

"Her skin is charming and beautiful!"

"Is she a girl taking part in the Apostle's Marriage Ceremony?"

The people on the street were scattered, but they all looked at Yun Xi and Black Obsidian, and put most attentions to the dark elf girl.

"Here it is." Black Obsidian ignored the people around them and arrived at the place with Yun Xi, a place that "good kids can't go to".

"A tavern?" Deep in the night, the tavern was still open. Maybe it was already about closing time. There was only the shopkeeper, an old man, sitting in the tavern.

"I will book the whole tavern. Take out the best wines and you can leave." Black Obsidian's voice sounded irresistible.

"Ok, you two customers, enjoy yourselves." The old shopkeeper looked at the beautiful dark elf, then looked at Yun Xi's nervous face, showing an explicit smile on his face.

"Pa!" With a snap, Black Obsidian had opened the bottle cap. It was a bottle of tequila that the shopkeeper purposely chose for them. Then, she firmly stared at the "fiery" tequila.

She didn't carry a Golden Orchid with her, she had to hypnotize herself through quantity.

As an elite assassin, she had never been drunk, so she didn't know how much she could drink.

As a qualified assassin, she wouldn't drink any alcohol and would put all her heart into the mission during the period.

In the past, she had once teamed up with a drunkard. As a matter of course, the drunkard caused a delay in the mission because he had drunk too much, and died under siege.

After that, Black Obsidian was always on guard against alcohol. Even though she always carried the best wine-making material, Golden Orchid with her, she had never tried to drink any alcohol.

She had indeed used the Golden Orchid when she was grievously wounded, but it was just a forced choice.

She had no Golden Orchid now, so, she had to drink to hypnotize herself. She was a person who liked everything to go according to plan and she hated to meet any accidents. So now, she had to commit a crime on herself.

Under normal circumstances, she couldn't force herself to accept "Yun Hai"'s proposal.

Therefore, for victory and for hope, she had to be "abnormal".

"Goo... this..." Yun Xi looked around the room uncomfortably.

Deep in the night, in a closed room, a man and a woman and wine... Whatever Yun Xi thought, he was in a very "dangerous" situation.

"For... justice!" Black Obsidian ground her teeth. She picked up the bottle and poured the liquid into her mouth.

"Wait, that’s tequila!" Yun Xi was flabbergasted after realizing the words on the bottle.

Tequila wine was a fiery spirit made by the juice of tequila. It looked transparent but had a high alcohol content. Ordinary people would be drunk after a few sips, naturally, no one wouldn't drink it in this way except newbies.

"What... are you... saying?" Black Obsidian's eyes looked vacant. She wasn’t completely drunk, but her dewy eyes had made Yun Xi's heart beat faster.

"Let me drink with you," Yun Xi sighed. For the first time after arriving at the Water God's world, he had such a fantastic feeling.

As a baker, he wouldn't choose strong spirits like tequila. Instead, he picked up a bottle of red wine and sipped it.

In the dim tavern, Black Obsidian had drunk three bottles of tequila. Her eyes had half closed.

"Hiccup... Why? Why is this world so unfair?!" The situation was going the way Black Obsidian had expected. Normally, she wouldn't say these words, but now, she was showing her deepest feelings to Yun Xi.

Her shy and cute appearance combined to make a fatal attraction to Yun Xi.

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