Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: The Second Fallen One

No one had expected that a great Water God's Apostle would come to this remote village and participate in the ceremony. However, Mei Lan had guessed right. She knew who this man was clearly, and only people like him could take out such fantastic food without hesitation.

At first glance, Mei Lan had had a strong urge to eat this golden food. She wanted to prove her instinct and judgment. Mei Lan had had thousands of ideas about this fantastic food which could even change the world. She had never felt so good.

But now, they had all gone! Ling Ling messed up all her plans and longings.

She is a humanoid demon. She is simply a shameless idiot! Her head is empty and the nutrition she had absorbed was all gathered in her beasts.

What a nasty creature! She didn't know the baseline of being human!

I will never forgive you. Never!

You have just stolen and eaten my treasure! I will remember this. I will never forget today's humiliation and gaffe.

"Give you, Mei Lan. Let's eat together." When Mei Lan was going to express her anger, a snow-white small hand suddenly appeared in front of her eyes holding a golden loaf of bread.

"You..." Mei Lan inanely gazed at Ling Ling, who was eating her bread with a bright smile.

It was such a precious food... how could she want to share it with me? What is she thinking?

"Cough... Sorry, I misunderstood you, Ling Ling. You are indeed a human. Be confident in yourself."

Mei Lan looked at Ling Ling in a different light.

"What do you think I am? I always think that I'm a human and have never lost confidence in myself!"

Ling Ling looked at Mei Lan with a "What are you talking about" expression on her face.

"Well, in fact, I still have a lot of bread." Yun Xi immediately took out some bread from his store.

"Gee? You still have bread?" Ling Ling's eyes brightened up.

"You still have bread?" Mei Lan was shocked. He still had a lot of this kind of amazing food?

It's impossible!

Mei Lan didn't know how this food was made, but she could feel the special qualities it contained. This was why she thought that this food could change the world. It must be expensive. According to Mei Lan's calculation, she thought even all the wealth in the twelve villages couldn't buy the ten loaves at all.

This was why she lost her cool after Ling Ling took away all the bread on Yun Xi's table. She didn't think that this food could be made easily. (If Yun Que was here, she would agree with Mei Lan's idea without prior consultation)

However, it was actually very easy to make this food. What a hero-ranked baker could do was far beyond a mortal's imagination. As long as Yun Xi had made a sample, he could continuously make the same bread without raw materials. Moreover, he could even store them in his storage and make them become more delicious and effective as time went by.

To Yun Xi, nothing would become a problem when he was making bread. He had reached the hero rank, which meant that he could already control the energy between heaven and earth.

Magic, divine spell, taoist spell, battle qi... hero-ranked combat careers were incredibly strong. However, hero-ranked non-combat careers were strong too, just in a different form. Impress, mediate, create object from nothing, exclusive storage... nothing was impossible.

Mei Lan wouldn't be able to figure out Yun Xi's special abilities if she only based her guessing on common sense. So, when Yun Xi took out more bread and put them on the table, Mei Lan was stunned.

Unlike other village girls, Mei Lan clearly knew how special these golden loaves of bread were. They were ten times more expensive than all the other things in this ceremony!

"Do you want to eat this?" Yun Xi casually took up a loaf and handed over it to Mei Lan.

Mei Lan hesitated. At this moment, many thoughts were hovering in her head.

What was the change this golden food would bring to this world?

How would her life be changed if she accepted it?

If she accepted the Apostle's gift, would she become happy?

Smart people always think too much. Yun Xi waited for a while but Mei Lan hadn't accepted the bread. He even thought that his proposal had failed.

"Take it!" Finally, Ling Ling helped Mei Lan make the decision.

She took the bread from Yun Xi's hand and put it in Mei Lan's hand.

"It's yummy! You will regret if you miss this opportunity, Mei Lan."

Mei Lan saw the light suddenly after hearing Ling Ling's words.

It was true. She couldn't miss this. It was about her fate. Unlike all her choices in her past life, this time, she was standing at the crossroads of her fate.

If she accepted the bread, it meant that she had accepted the Apostle's proposal and touched the string that could change the world.

If she gave up and declined the bread, it meant that she had given up a chance to change the world and her endless possibilities.

So, she had to make a choice. Mei Lan looked at the man who wore a silver mask.

She had imagined what Water God's Apostle looked like in her past life many times, but this time, it was her first opportunity to observe an Apostle so closely.

Why? Isn't this our first meeting? Why do I feel wistful?

Perhaps this was her fate.

She had made her choice subconsciously, hadn't she?

"I'm Mei Lan. Please take care of me from now on, great Apostle."

She was the smartest girl in the Starwing Knights. When she accepted his proposal, her shy expression made Yun Xi's heart palpitate with excitement.

He had his third fiancee!

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