Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Mei Lan's Jealousness

Other than Lu Lu, most of the twelve bride candidates were under Mei Lan’s leadership in the real world. This fact matched Yun Xi's impression of Mei Lan. She naturally knew how to unite everyone as one.

If it wasn't because Hua Yue's status was too high and she herself was the strongest female swordsman in the Starwing Knights, Mei Lan would stand a chance to challenge Hua Yue's leadership.

After all, she was able to be ranked third on the rating list of the Starwing Knights girls. And the person who fought for the third place with her wasn't anyone else but Ling Ling, who looked silly but had great sword skill talent.

To Mei Lan, even though Ling Ling was naive, innocent, and callow, she was also a girl who didn't play by the rules. Ling Ling was the most thorough rival in her eyes. Even though they had come to Water God's world and had lost their memories, this point hadn't been changed. As soon as she had first seen Yun Xi's bread, Mei Lan had had a feeling that it was something unique in this world.

Without any reason, or it was because of her instinct as a smart girl, she was the first person who figured out that "bread" was a kind of food.

Then, they became "incredible foods" in her heart.

And later, they became "incredible foods that can even change the world".

She was the only person who had realized how special Yun Xi's bread was before obtaining any actual information.

No matter whether it was the tempting smell, perfect golden color or artwork-like surfaces, Yun Xi's bread was just like a treasure in a fairy tale, full of fatal attraction to Mei Lan.

Her heart was touched.

Because she knew how amazing Yun Xi's bread was, so she was more eager for them than anyone. For the first time in her life, she had an impulsion of "I want it at any cost!".

However, her self-respect stopped her from surrendering to "such a simple food" so easily. It was wrong!

I must be calm! I should exactly figure out what food this is first, then inquire from this man about its price and calculate how much money I can pay. Mei Lan thought in her heart.

If I only want to have one "bread", I think I can even haggle with this man. Isn't it?

It won't cause any problem if I just take a look at this bread. Also, it won't be strange if I just ask this man his gifts' origin and use.

Other people were still wondering if these golden things were food, and Mei Lan had realized how fantastic this food was. Nobody could be smarter than her. She would undoubtedly be the first.

So, first, I should be cautious and placid...

Then, Ling Ling agreed to the man's proposal before she had had a chance to do anything. Ling Ling didn't hesitate and directly took a loaf in her hand. She didn't even get suspicious when she did that. She acted like a hungry little dog who had just found its master. She ran directly to the man and stole Mei Lan's treasure.

Hey, don't you know a lady should be restrained?! How could you do it without thinking? Aren't you a lady? Aren't you a noble... wait, why do I think that she is a noble girl?

No, this isn't important!

The most important thing is that she has stolen my treasure!

Besides, is it really so delicious? What is with your contented expression? And what is with your blushing face? It can't be a love potion!

Based on her understanding about Ling Ling, it must be very delicious, which corresponded to her previous judgement.

Delicious, yummy, nice, good to eat... Looking at Ling Ling's happy face, Mei Lan was sure about it.

How annoying! Why her? She’s just an idiot, why is her instinct so sharp?

I'm the one who found this magical food first! It was me! Ling Ling came to this place simply because she found out that I was here!

At first, I thought that you could be my friend, Ling Ling. Too bad, you have become my enemy now. You’re my enemy who has stolen my treasure!

Even if you are going to die, I won't go to save you! I've decided to break with you once and for all. I will remember today's humiliation forever!

Finally, Mei Lan couldn't stand it and walked to Yun Xi's table.

I still have an opportunity. The man who has this food hasn't left.

Even though Ling Ling had stolen all my treasures, but at least, there is still a hope.

Never give up until the last moment.

I, Mei Lan, won't surrender so easily!

"Eh... Mei Lan, you also want it?"

Compared to Ling Ling who was a natural socializer, Yun Xi didn't know too much about Mei Lan. She was a rare smart girl whose mind was far more mature than her age.

However, Mei Lan looked different today. Her eyes were red, as if she had just cried because her most important treasure was stolen. Her eyes looked desperate when she looked at Yun Xi, as if she had suffered a huge psychological blow.

"Yes, can you give me one, great Water God's Apostle? I think that you are the only person who can get this food. Am I right?"

Unlike Ling Ling, Mei Lan had known Yun Xi's identity from the beginning. After all, his silver mask was too special. Even though his clothes were simple and provincial, his temperament was still tempting to young girls. Even if he didn't put anything on his table, he would still be noticed by many girls.

When he arrived at this square, he had become the focus in the girls’ eyes. He just hadn't realized it.

"Ha ha, as expected, I can't hide from your eyes."

Yun Xi smiled in embarrassment. He didn't purposely hide his identity. It was simply because no one would expect that an Apostle would come to this ceremony.

In this world, Water God's Apostles were exalted. If he said it, he wouldn't need to join this ceremony and many nobles would scramble to marry off their daughters to him.

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