Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Upgrading!

"Gee? This is..."

Yun Xi's every movement looked holy and mysterious in Lu Lu's eyes. When he reached out his fingers (which were covered with mist) and started to do something to the flour, she firmly remembered every step in her heart. However, she couldn't understand what Yun Xi was doing.

Of course she couldn't understand. Yun Xi's skill was the most consummate skill that was summarized by countless bakers across thousands of years. It was the crystal of wisdom inherited by bakers from one generation to another. People who hadn't reached this rank could never understand it.

A third-ranked baker could already be regarded as a master in the mortal world. Even though a third-ranked baker wouldn't be as strong as a third-ranked swordsman, their skill would still far surpass ordinary people's imagination. In fact, a third-ranked baker was rarer than a third-ranked swordsman, because ordinary people wouldn't continue pouring their energy, time and enthusiasm simply for becoming a third-ranked baker.

As a third-ranked swordsman, you would have endless glory, wealth and power. However, if you were a third-ranked baker... not only that, including painter, musician and pharmacist, in ordinary people's eyes, you were just a "human" who had perfect technique.

As long as you were talented in battle, even if you could only reach the first or the second rank, your status would be higher than that of a person who had achieved a third-ranked non-combat career.

Only the people who had poured their hearts into their careers would have the chance to reach the third rank in their careers. Yun Xi was the only third-ranked baker in the small town’s history where he was born. After he completed the baker’s third-ranked professional certification, countless nobles and rich men had sent out invitations to him, trying to recruit him to be their chef.

Even if it were in the outside world, a third-ranked baker was pretty rare, not to mention in Water God's world. Water God's world wasn't as peaceful as it seemed. Pharmacists were popular due to the danger in this world. As for the people who were good at making food... they were very rare.

In other words, Yun Xi was the only third-ranked baker in this world. He could even call himself "the best cook" in this world.


I understand! So that is what it is!

Controlling the mist, Yun Xi could feel that he was in excellent condition. Everything originates from water. Water is the subtlest part in food that can influence people's taste buds, and bread wasn’t an exception.

Now, with the power of his Water God's Mask, Yun Xi could even control the water molecules in the dough. He was like a person who was using a cheat and could remove all flaws from the raw materials perfectly.

It should be more water molecules here.

There are impurities. Reject them.

Ok, the proportion is perfect. I shouldn't change it.

For the first time, Yun Xi used the power of his Water God's Mask to make bread.

He was brainstorming. Countless ideas were emerging in his heart like a fountain. He suddenly understood the parts he felt confused about when he made bread in the past.

The essence of cooking was to use water, fire, and raw materials in a proper way. The best chef could make a perfect dish with the simplest seasonings and freshest food ingredients. It was a general rule to all cooking-class careers. If you could release the food's natural delicate flavour, you could make the mortal world’s best food.

As a third-ranked baker, Yun Xi had touched this realm a long time ago. The butter bread he made even contained a special effect that could restore a person's physical strength strikingly when eaten. He had reached a mortal’s limits. However, something had been changed now. With the power of Water God's Mask, he was surpassing a mortal’s limits.

"Water molecules, accelerate!"

Yun Xi knew how to handle raw materials well with ease. However, he didn't put the semi-finished dough into the oven but started heating the dough in an incredible way.

A large number of water molecules moved fast and vibrated at a high frequency on Yun Xi's hands, toasting the dough perfectly and evenly. As Lu Lu gazed at him in surprise, the white dough gradually became golden, spreading a tempting scent in the air.

Is this Water God's divine power? Why did the dough suddenly become big in the Apostle's hands and emanate a pleasant scent? What is happening?

"I can actually do it in this way..." Yun Xi also felt shocked after seeing his idea come true. No, it wasn't a skill that could be learned by mortals. Whether it was the preparation method of the raw materials or the way to accelerate water molecules, the two techniques far surpassed a mortal's limit.

"Bang!" At the moment the first loaf of bread formed, countless information suddenly appeared in Yun Xi's mind. They were his perception to the world's nature and his understanding about super powers. The world had changed in his eyes.

It was the so-called "transcendence". From now on, he wasn't a mortal anymore.

In an instant, he understood it.

His rank was upgraded!

Not as a swordsman or as a greatsword maid, but as a baker. He was a fourth-ranked Baker now!

The upgrading process of common careers wasn't as complicated as the upgrading process of battle careers. It was a natural process after one finished a piece of work that surpassed a mortal’s limits.

A painter's upgrading process was to draw a painting that would expose your inner world and shock people's hearts.

A musician's upgrading process was to write a music piece that could strike a chord in the audiences' hearts.

A pharmacist's upgrading process was to create medicine that could even heal hero-ranked beings.

In a word, the upgrading standard for all non-combat careers was the same: to create a masterpiece that surpassed a mortal's limit.


On Yun Xi's fingertip, the first fourth-ranked food he had made, the golden butter bread, suddenly became three times bigger as its tempting smell spread throughout the whole village.

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