Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: Yun Xi's Gifts

"Engagement gifts and betrothal gifts?"

Yun Xi leaned on the white tiger's soft belly. He kneaded the green slime gem and was lost in thought.

Lu Lu was so pure that she didn't even ask for any gift from him. She was just a rare exception. This world had its own traditional love system and courtship ritual. Since he had decided to finish Side Quest Four "To Love, Starchild!", he should be preparing gifts for the girls he would propose to.

However, there was the problem. Apart from a few weapons, materials, and the green gem, he was literally as poor as a church mouse. If he hadn't become Water God's Apostle, he couldn't even freeload off this village.

"Even though this isn't a real world, there must be a reason for their proposal ceremony. At least, the gifts must be something I have chosen with my true heart. Otherwise, they will lose their memories in this world, and it will be too sad to them at that time."

Yun Xi kneaded the green slime gem and made a decision. At any rate, he should present the best gifts he had for them as engagement gifts. He would send them to his fiance’s, the of Starwing Knights girls.

The engagements would be fake, the fiance’s would be fake, and the world itself was just a fantastic dream, like a bubble under a summer sky. However, at least the gifts he would present to them would be real. Perhaps this was the only thing he could do in Water God's world for them.

"The best gift I can offer them is... not something from the people in this world, but something made by myself." Yun Xi gradually figured it out as he basked in the sun.

Yes, a gift which could only be made by him in this world, a gift which had never appeared in this world, the thing that was most popular amongst the Starwing Knights girls. They even held rated battles for it!

"There are honey, cream... no butter, but I can make it myself. Got the enriched flour, but I have to make an oven and baking tools myself." Yun Xi nodded after listing all the materials and tools he needed.

He could do it! This world didn't have "bread", and the villagers were used to eating pancakes that were made of wheat flour. However, it was simply because they hadn't learned suitable fermenting technology.

Water God had no connection with any other worlds, just like the period before star bridges were built amongst different god's domains. It wasn't surprising to learn that there was no "bread" in this world.

"I think that 'bread' can be a decent gift in this world. With my mask's power, I can make bread that will retain its freshness for as long as possible. Oh, right, I can also control mist during the working process."

Yun Xi suddenly saw the light. He knew how to use his hero-ranked power now. To bakers, it was very important to blend water and flour when making bread. When one was "bringing yeast into play" and "kneading dough", "water" was a necessary factor. In fact, the bread's taste and quality had been decided even before it was put into the oven.

"Baking" was just the last step. Laymen thought that it was the most important process, but in fact, it was the simplest step in the eyes of experts. Yun Xi had a feeling that with his Water God's Mask, he could make unprecedented, perfect bread.

"I've decided! Even though the world is fake, the bread I will make will be real! Apart from that, I don't have anything else that can be presented to them. Let me start!"

Yun Xi got excited after realizing what he could do and what extent he could reach.

"Lu Lu, can you go to the smithy to order these things for me? The faster the better. Oh, and I also need fine flours and creams."

"Little Mu, you are their Mountain Lord, can you look for these things for me? Yes, mushroom, vanilla, and honey. I have seen them in the forest."

Soon afterwards, Yun Xi had collected all the materials and tools he needed. Benefiting from his identity as Water God's Apostle and Little Mu's dominance in the forest, all the materials and tools were the best.

"Master, what are you going to do?" Lu Lu asked with curiosity.

"It's just an idea. Lu Lu, I will give you a foretaste in a short while." Yun Xi felt satisfied looking at the familiar materials and tools.

Compared to being Water God's Apostle, he preferred to be an ordinary baker. It was time to give his first fiance a gift. The first bread in this world would be born in his hands.

"Therefore, I will make butter bread. Everyone likes it and it's the bread I know best!" Yun Xi was itching for a try.

Why? Even when he fought with the green hippo in the dark forest, he didn't feel so excited.

Why? It was the simplest food he had made countless times for his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo. However, when he made it again in this strange world, he couldn't stop his heart from pounding.

Had something just changed?

Maybe it was because it was a gift he would present to his fiancee, so that is why he felt so excited.

"Foretaste?" Looking at the flour, cream, and honey in the front of Yun Xi, Lu Lu couldn't imagine how to mix them and eat them.

Well... even if they taste bad, I will eat them all! It will be the food made by the Apostle personally. As his wife, I can never say "It tastes bad!".

"Huff!" Yun Xi took a deep breath. There was mist between his fingers.

"..." The soft, slippery, green gem lay on Yun Xi's shoulder and gazed at him curiously.

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