Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Girls' Chat

"Titter!" The girls couldn't help but laugh out when they saw Yun Xi's awkward appearance.

"Well, I didn't expect that Mei is so shy."

"Isn't it a pleasurable thing to go bathe together?"

"Yes, her breasts are slightly smaller than average... but is it necessary to mind it so much? At any rate, she wouldn't be smaller than Mumu, right?"

"My breasts aren't small! They are very big!" Mumu quibbled with an angry tone.

However, after looking at her flat chest, she had to admit the fact while grinding her teeth that her breasts were indeed very small at this moment.

Well, almost all the girls of the female swordsmen group had thought the wrong way. They thought that Mei, too, cared about her flat chest and didn't want to let anyone realize this point, so she chose to run away. This little flaw didn't hurt Mei's impression in their hearts, but let them feel more intimate.

Haha, so Mei also had her weak point. She was too cute!

"By the way, Hua Yue, how can your breasts be so big? What's your method of absorbing nutrients?"

"Yes, yes! How did you maintain your skin? Your skin is as smooth as milk! I'm jealous!"

After someone opened the conversation, almost everyone had focused their minds on Hua Yue. They had to admit that after awakening her White Gold Rose Bloodline, Hua Yue's beauty and body shape were both the undoubtedly number one amongst all the girls. Especially her chest... Even three Xiao Caos were no match for her! The gap between them was as wide as a gorge.

"Well, firstly, you need to drink milk. I recommend you drink the milk from the Western God's Domain's plateau areas. They are not cheap but I can help you reserve them after we enter the Sword Palace." Hua Yue didn't try to hide her secret but shared it with everyone generously.

As long as they were still in puberty, the growth of their breasts wouldn't be irremediable. Not to mention that even after puberty, there would still be many ways that could make up for their lifetime regret.

At this time, the multi-headed dragon must be mentioned here. In the eyes of the girls whose breasts were pathetically flat, its blood was really a fantastic medicine, and no matter how many years had passed, its wanted lists were still hanging all over the universe because too many girls were eager for its blood... Well, how to describe it concretely? It was said that in order to hunt the multi-headed dragon who was really good at escaping, dozens of female groups had formed a huge organization called "The Alliance of Hunting Multi-headed Dragons". The members of this rare female organization were all over the god's domains. As long as they found any trace of the multi-headed dragon, they would chase after it by fair means or foul.

"What?! Does such a fantastic medicine really exist in the world?"

"I heard that its blood is even effective on legend ranked adult females! Oh gosh, I want its blood!"

"The multi-headed dragon must still be alive! There is still hope for me yet!"

Undoubtedly, to pursue a perfect body and chest were all the girls dreamt of. Even if they were already older than sixteen... they were still young girls! The legend ranked females who were still hunting for the multi-headed dragon diligently from one god's domain to another also thought so!

After discussing the multi-headed dragon's miserable fate with their great enthusiasm, the girls started to talk about their own fantastic changes.

"By the way, I find that my skin has become far better than before!" No one knew who said it, but soon afterwards, all the girls joined in the discussion.

"Gee? You too? I thought that it was my illusion! Great!"

"Look! I was always distressed at my scars. But they had suddenly disappeared one day!" Ling Ling raised her hand to prove her words.

Not only her. All the members of the small female swordsmaidens in the group had noticed that some inexplicable change had occurred to their bodies. Their skin had become much smoother, and their thinking had become clearer. When they practiced their sword skills, their growing speed had frightened even themselves.

At first, they thought that it was just an exception, but after this bathe, the secret wouldn't be a secret anymore. So, not only Hua Yue and Xiao Cao were becoming stronger and stronger. In the past few days, over ten girls had felt that the door to the 2nd ranked was opening up to them, and other girls had also touched the edge of the 2nd rank.

"So, everyone is the same!"

"Incredible! I was told that my talent was bad and no matter how hard I tried, I could only reach the 2nd rank in my life. However, I have the self-confidence to reach the 2nd rank... no, even a higher rank now!"

"Yes, me too! I don't know the reason, but I do have the confidence to follow Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, and everyone to reach a higher realm!"

"I even started to wonder why I was so foolish in the past. Why did I have to spend such a long time to practice the simplest sword skill at that time?"

Hua Yue and Xiao Cao looked at each other, wearing an expression of “could that be the reason” on their faces. Everything had been changed since that day. More specifically, since the moment they met that mysterious black-haired girl.

The mysterious black-haired maid perfectly conformed to the tale that only spread in the Sky Sword God's Domain. After obtaining a strand of her black hair, everything started to become fantastic for them.

Due to her black hair's blessing, Hua Yue awakened her family's old White Gold Rose Bloodline, and Xiao Cao obtained her perfect Mortal's Sword. Other girls hadn't obtained that many changes like Hua Yue and Xiao Cao yet, but their sword skills also started to contain inconceivable spiritualities.

The most important thing was that they came together because of this reason and link, and finally became intimate with each other.

Why had that happened? They should have separated and never had any links after the Sword Palace's entrance test. But now, they got along well with each other, having formed an inseparable small group.

"Haha, as I expected, Mei is different."

"Hua Huo is stronger, but Mei has a different charm. I always feel happy when I can stay with Mei."

"Yes, yes! I think that Mei's potential isn't inferior to Hua Huo’s!"

"Mei is the main reason that we can be together."

At this moment, the girls finally ensured that the smiling, warm, mysterious black-haired maid was the tie linking everyone together. No one knew when it started, but her and them had become so intimate now, as if an invisible thread named "fate" had linked them and their beloved Mei together.

In the female swordsmen group, Mei was special and unique. No one could replace her. Mei was the moon, and they were the stars around the moon, sparkling with a charming moonlight.

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