Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Innocent Paradise (2)

The hot spring Ling Ling found wasn't far away from their temporary campground. It was only about a mile away. However, it was on the other side of the mountain, so they couldn't see it from the platform.

The existence of a hot spring meant that the island wasn't formed by corals, but formed due to a volcanic eruption.

They didn't see steam rising from the volcanic vent, which meant that the volcano was dormant. Therefore, they didn't need to worry that the volcano would suddenly erupt. The ground, piled up by thick volcanic ashes, could be very good farmland. This also explained why there were so many tropical shrubs and little animals like squirrels. However, the most important thing to the girls was still the hot spring.

After a day of hard work, they could finally take a break. Nothing would be better than a hot spring for them. Under the scorching sun especially, their bodies felt squishy and their clothes were tattered. How could they endure such an environment at ease!

"Hurry up. It's here!" Ling Ling stood on a rock above the hot spring and waved her hands at them.

"Hot spring! Hot spring!"

"Thank god! Heaven will always leave a door open! If things went on like this, I will absolutely be driven crazy!"

"Mei, be quick! Let's go bathe together!"

To girls, it was one of the best methods to express their feelings with each other. All the girls were expecting a wonderful time and to enjoy the hot spring together with the mysterious black-haired maid.

No one noticed that Mei was trying to dodge their gazes and her face was as pale as a paper now. However, it was apparently impossible to run away without being noticed. No matter how quiet and unimpressive Yun Xi tried to be, his long black hair and the gorgeous maid's uniform had both exposed him.

Under the scorching sun, all the girls, including Hua Yue and Xiao Cao, were sweating profusely. However, Yun Xi was still not sweating at all. This was really unfair in the other girls’ eyes.

If they hadn't seen a few beads of sweat dripping from his forehead, they would even wonder if Yun Xi was a mysterious fairy.

Www... What can I do?

After realizing that everyone was looking at him and he wouldn't have any chance to run away, Yun Xi sweated profusely in his heart. To take a bath together with so many beautiful girls... That was far beyond his moral bottom line.

Why did he have to face such a situation? He only pretended to be his childhood sweetheart’s maid, hiding and training himself in the Sword Palace. Then he would finally find a way to get rid of that Apostle.

There must be something wrong. I shouldn't be surrounded by girls like now, having to bathe together with them! I must find a method to run away. I must! Yun Xi, remember that you are an upright gentleman!

Unfortunately, before Yun Xi could find a way out, the girls had reached the hot spring. The hot spring wasn't large, but it could accommodate forty or even fifty people. Thin mist floated on the water, it was really irresistible to the girls, especially in the hot tropical rainforest.

"Well... I suddenly remembered that there is something I must finish..."

"Mumu wants to take a bath!" Mumu's body was as clean as Yun Xi’s, but after she saw the hot spring, her eyes immediately brightened up. She cheered and quickly ran to the hot spring, taking off her socks from her snow-white legs.

In the hazy mist, Mumu's feet looked as white as a pair of white jades. She bit her lips and on her moon-like beautiful face, her big eyes were bursting with happiness. Her silver long hair covered her shoulders, emitting a unique, fantastic temperament. Her petite feet, round foot arches, from her toes to her insteps, were showing an attractive gloss. With her sweet groans when she jumped into the water, they were as fatal as poison to Yun Xi’s heart.

Her skin stained with sweat was reflecting a beautiful white color. Her petite body trembled due to the hot spring’s heat. Both of her shoulders shivered when she bent down, and that posture... Oh. Due to the heat of the water, her thin body started to ooze sweat. Her white skin was covered in pink. Her pink lips groaned, and her small breasts rose and fell with each breath, and her pink buds...

"Awwoo..." Mumu's voice sounded like a small fox. Yun Xi wondered if it was her natural talent, because he heard an allure in her voice.

Her skin shivered due to happiness and her temperament was becoming more charming with her breath and scent. That was a girl's scorching and innocent rhythm of love.

Her soft skin was so alluring that one wanted to bite it, as if one could suck out sweet milk from her skin.

"Don't be in a hurry, Mumu!" While Mumu jumped into the hot spring, Xiao Cao was taking off her clothes.

Unlike Mumu's snow-white skin, Xiao Cao's skin looked healthy and tight. Her long legs that naturally formed due to her regular training were her most prominent features. Even though Yun Xi had seen her body before, he was still attracted by her.

"Let's go, Mei. Let's go down there together!" For the first time, Hua Yue exposed her perfect body in front of Yun Xi.

Her skin, waist, legs were so perfect... She was just standing there, but it was sufficient to charm men all over the world. What a pornographic and fatal scene! Especially these girls' innocent smiles... they were the most terrible monsters in Yun Xi's heart now!

No! I'm finished! I'm not an upright gentleman anymore!

Yun Xi blushed as if his face was burning.

No, I can't keep on like this!

Even though his disguise was perfect... but "one part" of his body couldn't be changed! If he went bathing together with them, there wouldn't be any chance for him to hide his identity!

"I... I... My family has a special custom that no family members can go bathing together with anyone! I will come back here after you all finish bathing!" Yun Xi made a farfetched excuse, then awkwardly ran away without glancing back.

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