Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1138

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Chapter 1138: Divine Technique

"Earth's Pulse!" After gathering all the black stone barriers, Passed Princess poured the power of these barriers into her own black iron heavy armor.

The armor called "Earth's Battle Garment" is a weapon specially granted by The King of Undead, the ruler of the Underground Cemetery, for the Last Giant.

During battle, they can freely switch between attack mode and defense mode.

The defense mode can create a huge strategic defense layer, like a wall made of black stones. The attack mode can instantly increase the weight of the black iron giant several times over.

"Gravity domination!" The black iron giant doesn't need to follow scientific laws like human titled machines. It is not a product of science, but a mysterious creation.

The giant is a natural Earth Child, with one of the most powerful abilities in the Leviathan bloodline, second only to the dragon clan.

"Super liberation!" The Passed Princess's eyes turned red. Even in the war against the dragons, she had never suffered such a humiliating disgrace.

Exposed to others, and then rudely pushed down and trampled upon.

Revenge! Revenge! Overthrow this monster that came out of nowhere.

This thing is not a giant, it doesn't have any traces of giant bloodline. The Passed Princess, who fused with the black iron giant, is completely certain of this.

From the body of this silver giant, you can't feel any signs of intelligence, but there is also no scent of death.

It's like the silver giant is just a simple puppet.

No matter what it is, she wants to tear it apart!

The right hand of the black iron giant started to swell unnaturally, followed by the left hand, left foot, right foot, and finally the entire body began to distort.

The height didn't increase much, but the overall size almost doubled horizontally. This transformation occurred as the giant's flesh absorbed the tremendous power of the earth's veins.

The current black iron giant weighs several times more than before and its strength has increased by over 500%. Originally, using this furious state, it tore apart a dragon with its bare hands and rescued Princess Passed.

In contrast, Yun Xi entered a state of peaceful breathing.

Free from all distractions, Yun Xi wholeheartedly recalled the state when Teacher Casina the Battle God took over his body.

At that time, as the Water God's bride, he gained the support of the entire Water God's World. With the help of the Wind Sail Robe, the White Emperor Mask, and the Water God's Crown, he embraced the power of Hydera the Water God and became the spokesperson of the world.

Yes, that is also a form of "God's Vessel," but different from the faceless god. It is a living container, with the authority obtained as the Water God's bride.

It was because he had the qualification of "God's Vessel" at that time that Casina the Battle God could bestow his will upon him and defeat Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword who attempted to invade the Water God's World.

The only one who can fight against gods is another god.

The power that corresponds to the legend-ranked can only be the power of the legend-ranked.

Using hero-ranked moves, God's Vessel cannot show its true power.

The faceless god corresponds to the essence of the god's field. Using simple rigid or soft body moves to control it would be a waste of its godly body.

Gods against gods!

Give it a try, there's not much time left.

Facing the enraged black iron giant, Yun Xi felt immense pressure. It's not just about winning or losing, but it's a time-limited ultimate challenge.

He has used that move twice.

The first time was when he was possessed by Teacher Casina the Battle God and his opponent was Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword.

The second time, it was in the future shown at the White Lotus Secret Treasure exhibition, where he faced the challenge of Casina the Battle God. After immersing in the gravel of the River of Time for a thousand years, he broke through and danced in the sky with Casina the Battle God.

The third kind of divine technique he mastered.

The passage of time seemed to slow down at this moment.

Yun Xi lifted his left hand, like a graceful bird spreading its wings, while his right hand descended.

One hand corresponds to "heaven".

One hand corresponds to "earth".

The black iron giant is naturally the embodiment of the power of "earth". It can endlessly use the power of the earth when stepping on the ground.

The realm that Yun Xi is about to enter is a higher level called the [Field].

Heaven and earth, yin and yang, strength and gentleness, this is the undefeated champion of the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament, the Sky Sword Casina the Battle God created this divine technique after reaching the legend-ranked, it is a legend within the Battle God genre.

"Fearless charge!" The black iron giant, with its body flowing with hot magma, deserved to be called the lava giant.

"No matter what's in front of us, smash it!" This was the mandatory order given by Princess Passed.

No need to consider who the opponent is, just need to know where they are, then charge up and defeat them!

Fearless and invincible, even the ancient weapons like the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast and Rift Space Dragon would not want to face this move on the ground. It was the black iron giant's ultimate technique!

The entire black iron giant resembled a suddenly moving volcano, carrying the aura of destruction, charging towards the silver giant that suddenly stood still.

Behind it, there was a blazing trail of fire, looking as if Hell had opened its mouth.

Seeing this...Yun Xi stretched out his own white palm and synchronized his consciousness with the Pafu System.

The Pafu System, which could originally support about four minutes, began to sound an alarm due to the rapid heating. The slime separated from Yun Xi's wrist and chest started to heat up, and the other sub-bodies scattered within the body of the faceless god also shouted, "Pafu, Pafu."

Just by starting, the load capacity of the Pafu System approached its limit value. This was the cost of wanting to use divine techniques.

If Pafu's body characteristics weren't special, and if it hadn't absorbed some of Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel's flesh and blood, this move would probably be impossible to complete.

The physical vessel of the faceless god.

Yun Xi's own memories about this move.

Pafu System, which serves as the connection point between the two sides and possesses the flesh and blood of Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel.

Only when all three conditions are met can Yun Xi unleash this divine technique, known as the Magnificence of Sky Dance from the Casina the Battle God lineage.

The Passed Princess, transformed into a gigantic lava giant, approached Yun Xi, who was making a strange starting gesture, and suddenly felt a lightness throughout her body.

A silvery radiance flashed as Yun Xi raised his wrist and gently pressed it against the lava giant's skin, which could exceed ten thousand degrees, lifting the lava giant that possibly weighed over ten thousand tons in an incredibly gentle manner.

Yes, this was a strike that disregarded the laws of physics, a strike that stepped into the realm of the divine.

The first stage of the Magnificence of Sky Dance - Initiate!