Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1137

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Chapter 1137: Enlightenment

In this world, there has probably never been a Soft Body strangling technique used for super weapons.

Whether it's the black iron giant or the titled machine developed by the Leviathan Empire, they are both typical examples of being direct and using absolute strength, speed, and explosiveness to crush opponents.

Even the "Yellow Sparrow," the most agile titled machine in the continent developed by the Leviathan Empire, is only smaller in size and focuses more on reconnaissance and stealth.

It is simply unimaginable for people in this world that a silver giant over forty meters tall can use strangling techniques or anything similar.

However, Yun Xi still used it.

He doesn't need to follow the common sense of this world, and the body of the faceless god is enough to support him in performing the unique skills of Soft Body.

Don't forget, this is not a puppet developed as a weapon, but a miracle woven as a "God's Vessel" on a higher level.

Compared to the black iron giant of Earth Child in this world, the container prepared by the Creator God Sia for the distant future of Su undoubtedly has a higher level.

Even though all the weapon systems originally built inside this container have disappeared, the blank body alone possesses the invulnerable characteristic.

The mere high temperature of a few thousand degrees is completely harmless to the faceless god, causing zero damage.

On the other hand, the ground shredding technique displayed by Yun Xi really troubled Passed Princess.

Even when merged with the black iron giant, her feelings were never this terrible, even when facing those arrogant dragons.

"Let me go!" More lava fires gathered on the large hand of the black iron giant, violently slamming onto the back of the silver giant, causing explosions of fire.

"Crack!" The faceless god controlled by Yun Xi expressionlessly snapped the left hand joint of the black iron giant. If the black iron giant still had sensation, this would make it scream in pain.

"Let me go!"

"Let me go, you idiot!"

Hmm, indeed I shouted loudly, but it wasn't because of pain. As a refined spirit core of a deceased princess, the Passed Princess no longer has that kind of sensation.

Dead people don't feel pain, that's what makes them qualified war weapons.

Moreover, even if its joints are twisted, the self-repair mechanism inside the black iron giant immediately activates, continuously absorbing the power of the earth to heal its own injuries.

It was precisely with this ability that the Passed Princess and the black iron giant, in a battle against three opponents, made the once arrogant dragon go crazy and ultimately defeated it.

In a ground battle, the black iron giant, as an Earth Child, has no elements of losing.

If you compare the states of both sides...

The silver giant of the faceless god, as God's Vessel, possesses a nearly invincible physical condition, with a health value that is impervious to any force below the legend-ranked.

On the other hand, the black iron giant has an affinity with the earth, being able to use the power of the earth to heal its own body, no matter how much damage it receives. This means it has a natural high life recovery ability, and unlimited endurance.

"Get lost!" After Yun Xi continuously twisted the joints of the black iron giant's hands, it opened its large mouth and bit the silver giant's neck.

The black stone wall destroyed by Yun Xi started to crumble and collapse, gathering back the power of the land that had been separated.

What a powerful force, Yun Xi realized he had underestimated the talent of this black iron giant.

Maybe its physical strength is still superior to him, who is currently at a beginner stage.

"Boom!" The black iron giant, biting Yun Xi's neck, unleashed its furious power and threw away the silver giant that had been wrapped around it.

That posture, like a crazy beast, released a terrifying sense of madness.

"I'll kill you!"

"I'll kill you!"

"I'll kill you!"

"Only by erasing your existence can I wash away the shame!"

"Even Daddy has never seen it... Never seen it..." Cried Princess as she pounded the floor, crying and shouting.

Um, that was not intentional just now, Yun Xi really wanted to explain, but there's no time for that.

The battle mode of the Pafu System in the faceless god can only last for five minutes. It's already been one minute since breaking through those black barriers.

If he can't defeat this black iron giant in the remaining four minutes, he probably won't be safe inside the silver giant, and the Sia Kingdom may be doomed.

So, for Ain, Adley, and the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order who trust him, winning this battle is a must.

You can do it, Yun Xi. Keep going.

The body of this silver giant is a gift prepared by the legendary puppet maker, who is much more skillful than you, for his dear friend, maybe even lover.

Even though it was fiercely bitten by the giant, it didn't suffer any harm, which is the best proof.

"Strong body..." Raised his fists again, then collided them against his chest. Yun Xi is also getting used to this incredibly powerful body.

The black iron giant with pure giant blood is probably in the middle stage, while the faceless god is probably in the ultimate stage. And not only the body, but the soft body may also be the final stage.

The puppet maker prepared a perfect divine vessel, an empty faceless god, for his friend (maybe lover).

What he lacks is only the method of unleashing the power of this faceless god.

In the brief confrontation just now, he already has an idea of how to unleash this power.

The God's Vessel naturally uses the power of the gods!

He has indeed encountered the same power before.

The legend-ranked is unreachable for any hero-ranked [Field], but for Yun Xi, who is a Starchild, he has already experienced it.

Yes, those who can control the God's Vessel will surely know how to use the power of the gods, just like instinct.

Let's recall the feeling during the closest encounter with the power of the gods in the trial of the stars, which is the legend-ranked [Field].

Let the barriers between heaven and earth, humans and gods disappear.

With the body of a human, surpass that boundary and go beyond all limits.

Even if the opponent is the gods of the slimes, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, who possesses the eternal immortal girl form, can still push them to the point of psychological collapse.

This was also Yun Xi's first time experiencing the power of the legend-ranked with his own body, surpassing the world's rules and entering a world that can only be entered by powerful beings at the pinnacle of the Endless God's Domain.

I understand now, Teacher Casina the Battle God!