Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1120

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Chapter 1120: Tower of the Celestial

The fifth level Guardian, codenamed Qilin, was a highly self-disciplined weapon designed by the organization. Its soul code named the Lost Twin.

The talented girl group of the Capital City Knights, the next generation candidates for the Kingdom Knights.

The older sister was imprisoned in the great forest by the mad king and subjected to various cruel tortures until her death. Her dying wish was for her younger sister to be saved.

The younger sister died on the edge of the forest. Although she had already been rescued, she returned in order to save her older sister. However, she was killed by the guards before she could see her sister one last time.

The two of them were inseparable, so a special twin system was created for them.

The two people had very scary natural abilities that could control a large number of strange creatures. They were being tested to see if they could be the core of a "unicorn".

However, because they didn't have enough resources, their body, called "unicorn", was not able to be fully built. The unique driving system for twins was closed and they didn't participate in the war during the divine era.

The sixth level Guardian, apostle of the gods, had a soul with the eternal codename "witch". It was supposed to be the ultimate weapon that this world could accommodate. But, because there wasn't enough information, the weapon was not completed.

Information, unknown.

Background, unknown.

Experience, unknown.

When it was discovered, it was already a dead body and the cause of death was unknown.

Suspected visitors from another star, their body structure had obvious features that didn't belong to Sia's world.

The knowledge of the other world held by the king is believed to come from the witch. The body developed for him currently only exists in the design drawings and needs future developers to provide enough resources to complete it.

The seventh level Guardian, The King of Undead, with the soul code named The Lost Traveler.

Compared to the exceptionally detailed previous Guardians, the Guardians of the Underground Cemetery on the fifth and sixth levels only have approximate weapon codes because they are still in an unfinished stage.

Especially the Guardian of the sixth level, there is almost no information available. Even The King of Undead from the organization has not found any corresponding data.

"black iron giant."

"Emerald Sea Dragon Beast."

"Opera House Phantom."

"Rift Space Dragon."


"Apostle of God."

From the way they named it, it is evident that the previous The King of Undead was very fond of fantasy stories. The war weapons he created were filled with romantic colors.

Even the central cores, which were originally named as "Core 1" or "Core 2," as standard practice for weapons, had their names chosen based on their past memories.

"So, that's how it is... Well then... It's time to start working..." The newly appointed The King of Undead awakened the first and second layers of Guardians, and arrived at the deepest part of the Underground Cemetery to complete the succession ceremony. He put down the documents in his hands and sat on the ancient Frozen Throne, raising his head.

"Now is the time to bring this place back into the daylight."

"Activate, Tower to the Sky."

With a command from the new The King of Undead, the Underground Cemetery, which had been dormant for millions of years, began to shake violently.

Originally built by extraterrestrial visitors, the previous The King of Undead, it was not a burial ground but a "tower." According to the organization's design, as long as it had enough power, it could directly penetrate through the barriers between Sia's world and the sky, leading to the "tower" in the starry world.

Code-named Babylon project, it was a miraculous construction that connected heaven and earth, and humans and gods.

Unfortunately, even with the help of the golden ancient people throughout his life, he was unable to complete this plan. The progress permanently stayed at sixty-three percent after the end of the divine era war.

He wasn't lazy, it's just that his time wasn't advanced enough to complete the Babylon project.

The Sky Tower, which was supposed to connect the sky and the earth, ended up sinking underground and becoming the Underground Cemetery, burying itself and the golden humans.

It wasn't until today that the long-forgotten Babylon project started again.

"I will help you fulfill your wish..."

"This is also... a test for myself..." Countless complex rune data flowed through the new King of Undead's eyes.

Even though she didn't bring a single piece of paper from the outside world, she, who inherited the identity and power of the King of Undead, had an incredibly strong confidence.

Even though this era was in the period of magic tide decline in Sia's world, this tower with the code name Babylon would surely stand at the center of this world.

Today is the day when the former Underground Cemetery makes a sound to the outside world.


Underground Cemetery, level one.

"Oh, oh, oh, it moved, it moved! Our cemetery can actually rise up!" Princess Passed looked around at the continuously changing walls, more excited than anyone else.

"Truly... an incredible power..." War Dancer rarely agreed with the princess's viewpoint.

The earth is splitting apart.

The glorious Underground Cemetery, shining brightly, is moving towards the sky.

The Sky Tower, a ultimate fantasy that no one has ever accomplished before, even during the divine era, is now rising from the ground.

Using the original Underground Cemetery as its foundation, a "tower" with a streamlined structure, measuring over several kilometers, appears in the once deserted mountains.

Compared to this tower that seems to pierce the sky, any known large buildings in Sia's world are so tiny.

This tower is not built for people to live in, but it is a miraculous symbol resembling a myth.

The tall monument-looking shape of that thing makes it seem proud and distant from the world. The countless symbols carved on it, as well as the epic stories from the divine era in this world, are treasures for all humanity.

The entire shape of the tower is like a painting from a long epic story, reaching unprecedented levels of artistry and mystery in this world.

No need to ask, this is the masterpiece of The King of Undead, and only The King of Undead, who has had millions of years and has experienced the divine era, can depict such a poem.

He is telling future generations what happened during the divine era in this way.

The existence of war weapons, which have always been hidden in history books, is now fully displayed to the world for the first time.

This is because he believes that when the Underground Cemetery sees daylight again, these weapons will also have a brand new future.

There is nothing to fear anymore. You will have a better master, and you will fight for the Babylon project once again, surrounding this successor!

My children!



A huge current surged out from the ground, lighting up countless lights that didn't belong to the civilization system of this world, making the ancient tower, the Sky Tower, shine brightly enough to illuminate the entire sky at night.

Today is the day the Babylon project starts again, a day worth celebrating so grandly.

The tower that advances towards the sky is the obsession of The King of Undead for this land and this world.


In the central region of Sia Continent, where the legendary Underground Cemetery ruins are located, a huge tower is growing and getting taller, as if it wants to pierce through the sky.

The entire architecture of the Underground Cemetery is changing. The King of Undead has been preparing the Babylon project for millions of years and is now accelerating the resurrection of Su.

Although only 63% was completed in the end, the main part of the tower can be considered finished. What remains is the part related to the "starry sky."

At this moment, the tower that reaches thousands of meters is still rising. The radiance emitted from its body is still clearly visible even hundreds of kilometers away.

On that night, many people woke up in the middle of the night.

At first, most people thought it was an earthquake. But when they ran out of their houses and saw the towering beam of light in the center of the continent, they were left speechless.

"What, what is that!"

"Am I still dreaming?"

"That distance, it's the ruins of the divine era kingdom!"

"A, a tower!"

Even ordinary civilians who didn't know much about the divine era knew that the center of the continent was the most densely populated area with divine era ruins, and it was recognized as an unclaimed land.

Because of the unruly experiments conducted by the mages in the late divine era, the environment there was extremely eerie. There had been adventurers who were not afraid of death exploring inside, only to find themselves cut in half without even realizing what had happened.

The terrifying natural disasters caused by out-of-control magic, unknown bizarre creatures, and large-scale extinction of life possibly caused by "nuclear" experiments turned the once prosperous Central Mountains into a forbidden place that people avoided at all costs.

Even Ludwig XII, who aimed to conquer the world, never thought of including this place in his territory. We should be thankful that those monsters didn't come out.

Every year, just the military expenses to deal with these monsters are enough to bankrupt a small country.

Who could have imagined that one day, the power of the divine era would announce its return in this way?

When a towering tower, possibly over ten thousand meters high, appeared, Ludwig XII of the Leviathan Empire received a report.

In reality, the Empire's capital was not far from the gathering place of the mages. Ludwig XII could see the pillar of light shooting up to the sky just by opening his window.

"First, the kingdom produced a pure divine era bloodline with inherited powers from previous generations, and now even buried relics have emerged?!"

"What on earth is happening in this world!" Ludwig XII, who was recently just one step away from ruling the continent, grabbed his hair and shouted in anger:

"Call Asmid and Poincaré, we need an emergency meeting tonight."


Similarly, the capital of Sia Kingdom, which is next to the empire, also saw the enormous beam of light.

"This... Is this the power of the ultimate magic of the divine era!" Ain, who has pure divine era warlock lineage, looked astonished at that location.

In the central area of the continent, there stands the largest mage relic, which used to be the most glorious proof of the divine era mages, surpassing dozens of mage towers.

However, weren't those ancient mage towers all collapsed due to the erosion of time? Besides the terrifying Underground Cemetery, I haven't heard of any other intact mage relics in that area.

"Sister, Adley is a bit scared."

"Let's go find our brother!" Adley grabbed Ain's hand, looking worried.

As the possibly most talented divine era warlock of this era, Adley seemed to sense something.

Similarly, Yun Xi also noticed.

"This... What is this..." Compared to Adley and Ain, who are confined to this world, Yun Xi's expression is truly dumbfounded.

Because, no matter how he looks up, looks down, looks left, looks right, this tower that almost shows the projection to the whole Sia’s world, its style is the divided form of Endless God’s Domain the seven towers.

Moreover, it is also one of the popular retro styles in Western God’s Domain, the genre of the God Tower.

Who exactly built such a thing in this secluded world?

It wasn't until Adley and Ain ran to Yun Xi's side that the answer began to unfold.

A towering figure sitting on the Frozen Throne in pitch-black armor, from the sky in the center of the continent, spoke to the entire Sia’s world.

"Good evening, everyone."

The voice was very hoarse, as if it hadn't been used in a long time, carrying a worn-out breath.

"This is the Underground Cemetery, and I represent the ancient will, making this declaration to everyone here."

"A world where the dead and the living coexist is about to come."

"By the name of The King of Undead, I will wake the dead of the past, gather the strength of the entire continent, and open the door to the starry sky."

"No matter which country or family you come from, Underground Cemetery welcomes you. I will open the gate and accept all forces willing to serve Underground Cemetery."

"For this, I will dispatch my subordinates to visit the rulers of all countries."

"A new era is about to come."

After proclaiming it to the entire Sia's world, The King of Undead's figure disappeared in the light, replaced by two other figures.

"Kingdom, I'm going to the kingdom!" The towering black iron giant raised its hand and let out a tinkling laughter, manipulating the giant to strike a pose with both hands raised towards the sky.

"Then, I'll go to the empire." War Dancer didn't argue with Passed Princess.

Anyway, no matter which outcome is chosen, it will be the same.

Even during the divine era war, the war weapons created by the supreme king were invincible, not to mention the current era where the average strength is constantly declining.

"It looks like we need to prepare to greet the guest."

"This guest doesn't seem friendly at all." Yun Xi sighed as he looked at the black iron giant, over fifty meters tall, moving towards the Sia Kingdom on the screen.

The mission to collect the Twelve God Weapons hasn't even started yet, and we already encountered such an opponent. It's impossible to complete the mission easily.

That person, the King of Undead, is a true ruler of the divine era. It is said that he has the golden bloodline passed down through generations, not someone like him in disguise.

The fact that he could build a tower surpassing the era proves his greatness.

Yun Xi even had a suspicion that he obtained knowledge from the Endless God's Domain.

According to normal architectural principles, building a tower over 10,000 meters high is an impossible task. It doesn't look like something from Sia's world at all.

"With Lord Silver Dragon here, we won't be afraid."

"Yes, Sister is the Queen of Nuclear Explosions. With one nuclear blast, we can send that big guy flying!"