Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1119

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Chapter 1119: The Guardians

Sitting on the majestic Frozen Throne, the newly appointed King of Undead examined the assets and current state of the Underground Cemetery, which was left behind by the previous King of Undead in a written testament.

Wishlist - First wish: Please complete this unfinished tower and connect it to the pathway of Endless God's Domain in this world.

"Second wish: Take my human remains and the bodies of my friends to the sun for a burial ceremony, so that we may return to dust under the sun's radiant light."

"Third wish: There are weapons that I created during the war in the Underground Cemetery, using the organization's resources and technology. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to you, the successor. I hope you will treat them well."

"They were all poor children who died on the battlefield, holding onto different hopes and dreams. They fought hard to stay alive, but unfortunately, that era was too cruel for them."

"I hope you will take care of them and inherit my role. Some of them considered me as their father, while others saw me as the highest ruler. In truth, I am just an ordinary person who is weak without a plan. Without a plan, I am incapable of accomplishing anything. Many things end up in a mess."

"The construction plan for the Underground Cemetery is 63% complete. However, it cannot proceed further due to a lack of important materials and resources. We need this world to advance to a higher level of civilization in order to continue."

"The weakening of magic tide is not the end of the extraordinary powers of this world. It is a sign that the world is entering a new stage, giving birth to different civilizations from the era I am in."

"The resources that divine era lacks can perhaps be completed by this world itself."

The key is Sia and Leviathan's powers, which are beyond what I imagined.

"The reason for the initial plan's failure is now clear; the will of this world is interfering... I wait..."

"I don't have much time left..."

"Please... help me..."

It can be seen that when The King of Undead wrote his final letter, his consciousness started to become confused, unable to remain completely clear.

Putting his last remaining existence into the bonfire is the final thing this failed king can do.

At this moment, the blazing bonfire is a testament to his final will.

Next, we have the information about the layers in the Underground Cemetery, left by The King of Undead.

"The Guardian of the first layer is a black iron giant, carrying the soul code of the departed princess."

She is a pure and innocent princess of the kingdom, unaware of the hardships of the world. She grew up carefree and is the youngest and most innocent among all the Guardians.

In her kingdom, there is a king who became mad because of magic. He is also one of the most famous human heroes of the divine era.

In his pursuit of the strongest magic, the king committed numerous insane crimes, one of which was using his own daughter and subordinates as test subjects.

The departed princess is one of the sacrifices offered by her own father to the Netherworld, a perfect experiment for death magic.

As the ultimate user of death magic, The King of Undead received these souls, and the departed princess is the one who evokes the most sympathy.

Because she never believed that she would be sacrificed to the Netherworld, she even thought that behind the dark armor of the dead was her own father, who always loved her.

That innocent soul somehow perfectly matches with the final giant who died on the battlefield, without any rejection.

As one of the last secret giants among humans, he bravely died in a fierce battle against dragons, even using the secret technique of burning his soul.

In the final war of the divine era, the fallen princess became the new core of the last giant. Wearing a black iron armor, the immortal giant achieved remarkable victories, slaying double-digit numbers of dragons.

If it weren't for The King of Undead forbidding the recording of the existence of undead soldiers in history, she might have been one of the most legendary heroes among the human camp.

The second layer Guardian, the verdant sea dragon, equipped with a soul codenamed "War Dancer."

Like the Passed Princess, she belonged to the royal family. However, due to the exposure of the king's crimes of researching necromancy, which led to the rebellion of the citizens, the dancing princess, as one of the royal family members, was captured and executed by the royal fleet at that time.

The dancing princess herself was unaware of the king's necromancy research. She voluntarily went to visit the kingdom's navy, but ended up being captured by the rebellious navy and publicly executed.

The execution method was to throw her into the sea, and the audience who had applauded her shortly before threw debris at her, eventually drowning her.

Because she sank into the sea, she had an extraordinary obsession and longing for weapons that could freely move in water. Eventually, she perfectly merged with the experimental Sea Dragon Beast weapon. During the divine era war, she blockaded over seventy percent of the Leviathan faction's marine transportation lines, becoming an unknown hero of human victory.

She desired power more than anyone else and enjoyed acting alone.

The third Guardian of the opera house, known as the Phantom, with the soul code name Enchanting Songstress.

She was the greatest singer on the continent before she died. She was good friends with War Dancer, and their bond was even stronger than friendship.

After War Dancer was executed, the kingdom fell into a rebellious war. No one listened to the singer anymore, and the opera troupe they had formed together went bankrupt. The war engulfed the land.

The singer, who was born a commoner, hid in an abandoned tower in despair. She lost all meaning in life and her best friend. In the end, she starved to death in the tower.

Unique traits: incredibly contagious spirit, possessing the strongest voice in the Underground Cemetery. However, she must never fall into a state of madness, as her singing would indiscriminately attack everyone.

She longed to be loved by someone, but she lost the person she loved the most. Once, she believed the world was beautiful, but the world betrayed her.

She couldn't face such a world and would rather choose to self-destruct than stay in a world without the War Dancer.

If the singer and the dancer fought together, they could unleash unimaginable power. The singer alone could match the royal family of the Mermaid clan in strength.

The fourth Guardian, known as the Rift Space Dragon, with the soul code name Kingdom's Shield.

The leader of the Kingdom Knights, who protected the capital city during the rebellion, ended up being executed. He was once the strongest shield of the kingdom and the former top knight of the continent.

Even after death, he never gave up on his belief to protect the country. He possessed the strongest aura ability among all the Guardians and wielded a weapon prototype made from the body of the previous generation's dragon king.

Among all the Guardians, she had the most stable mentality, closest to that of a normal human. Her weapon, the Rift Space Dragon, was a rare air-combat dominator in this world.