Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: The Door in the Clouds

In the gloaming above the sea of clouds, the huge ship, White Lotus rode the wind and waves, flying towards the Sword Palace. The endless sea of clouds swept past White Lotus. This height was already beyond the limit any normal living being could reach. Even eagles couldn't fly to this height.

Only the sound of the air billowing was following White Lotus. During the flight, the ship didn't even have any small vibrations. It was more stable than any large ship on the sea.

A day had past and the feeling of freshness had begun to fade away. Many Sword Palace's disciples had gone back to their rooms, practicing by themselves and waiting for their coming lives in the Sword Palace. No matter whether they were formal disciples or just alternate disciples, everyone was struggling for their future.

Yun Xi, Xiao Cao, Hua Yue, and the other female swordsmaidens sneaked into the lotus-throne-like area on the bow, which no one was allowed to enter for safety reasons. They watched White Lotus flying in the sky, parting the air like a ship breaking the wind and waves on the sea.

Although the ship was about three kilometers long, but in the lotus-throne-like area at the bow, it was crowded with these female swordsmaidens. Xiao Cao's stealth ability was like a bug. With her help, this forbidden zone was completely opened up to the girls.

"That's too high!"

"Incredible! Is this White Lotus’s true speed?"

"Why is it so fast? How can it be so steady at this speed?"

The girls huddled together and looked around, clicking their tongues at the magical like power the White Lotus showed.

"The ship is about ten times faster than the speed of sound." According to the sun's position and the mountains under the ship, Hua Yue had figured out the ship's speed.

It was so fast, but the people on the ship didn't even feel a bit of wind or increase of gravity. It was all due to the magical spells engraved on the ship. The mortals in the sword handle area wouldn't even see such a miracle even once during their lifetimes, not to mention understand it.

"So, the ship has flown over three hundred thousand kilometers?" Yun Xi calculated the distance, then surprisedly found that he had travelled such a long distance from the sword handle area.

Most of the people who lived in the small town wouldn't go to a place a hundred kilometers away from their town. To them, their world was only within about a hundred mile radius. After all, only very few people had the luck to use the floating ship, White Lotus.

"That's not a long distance. If you take the star bridge, you can leap across dozens of light years in a day."

"Of course, the star bridges only link the mortal worlds. For security and political reasons, all the god's domains don't allow building a star bridge to their core areas."

"Inside each god's domain, only air units like the floating ship can be called 'the ultimate force'. Even in the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, White Lotus is the only top-class floating ship. Its weapon system can even suppress the entire sword domain. It's the safest mode of travel." Hua Yue explained the special meaning of White Lotus and placidly moved close to Yun Xi.

Her breasts' softness and resiliency made Yun Xi's face turn red.

Is this a special intimate activity between girls? What should he do?

Yun Xi knew nothing about this. He didn't know if he should accept it or refuse it.

The seed was growing!

Yun Xi could clearly feel that due to Hua Yue's intimate behavior, her seed were growing fast.

Why? As a perfect aristocratic miss, her actions were too resolute. Was this also a part of a lady's education?

"Look! The setting sun is so beautiful!"

"Oh! It looks like the sky is burning!"

"Wait! Look at that spot. Is something in the clouds?"

The girls' screams awakened Yun Xi. He raised his head, witnessing the fantastic scene together with all the female swordsmaidens.

At the farthest horizon, yellow, black, and green clouds formed a tremendous vortex, rotating at an incredible speed.

Red, blue, and purple lightning cheerfully jumped back and forth amongst the clouds. Their lights broke through the rain curtain, illuminating the whole sky as bright as day. The whole world was divided into two pieces by a rainbow-like light.

Half of the sky was covered with lightning and storms. The edge of the lightning was so bright and magnificent. It traversed the line between the sky and the sea, stretching away like a boundless wall. Even if the wall had an end, it must be at hundreds of miles away.

The other half of the sky still looked normal. As if there was a god controlling the lightning, they stopped in front of an invisible dividing line and none of them overstepped the boundary.

On the border line, a blue door was opening slowly.

"What's this? Is there such a thing that exists in the air line?!" The twin witches stood up together. Red Lotus drew out her sword and White Lotus started to divine.

"That door..." Yun Xi looked at the door in shock.

It was familiar. He was all too familiar with that door. He had seen this door countless times in his dream and imagined what was behind the door. Now, the door had suddenly emerged. Not in his dream, but in the real world. Then, where was the door guardian? Where was that girl who had always appeared in his dream and killed him countless times?

He had never forgotten her three strands of icy blue hair, the sword-shaped ribbon at her waist, and her blue sword which was always put in front of the closed door.




Earth-shaking knocking sounds came from behind the door, echoing between heaven and earth. As the lightning flashed and the thunder roared, visible distortions and oscillations appeared on the door, as if something was trying to break the door by force.


"I have figured out it! White Lotus, make a turn at full speed!" Red Lotus and White Lotus almost shouted at the same time.

Red Lotus's battle instinct was warning her, and White Lotus had figured out the danger by observing the chaotic environment. Unfortunately, it was too late. Before the ship, White Lotus turned, an invisible wave had leaked out from the crack in the door.

"Boom!" The huge White Lotus turned over in the air as if it was a leaf in furious billows.

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