Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: The Big Big World

"Boom!" The big ship, “White Lotus”, ripped through one cloud after another, flying higher into the sky. Soon afterwards, “White Lotus” had flown into the sky and was over ten thousand meters away from the ground. The boys and girls on the ship were very excited because they were seeing the clouds under their feet for the first time in their lives.

Even hero ranked creatures weren’t likely to have the ability to fly to this height. Only the ship, "White Lotus", the "gem of wisdom" that was beyond mortals' limit, could leap over a distance, flying to this forbidden zone.

The floating ship, "White Lotus", looked like a huge white lotus inlaid on a floating ship. Every lotus petal was engraved with complicated patterns that made it form a single magical circle. When linked together, these single magical circles formed a colossal, compounded magical circle.

The three thousand lotus petals were enough to block any hero ranked creature's attack. The strongest attack unit in the whole White Lotus Sword Domain wasn't the master of the White Lotus God's Domain, but the floating ship. After spending over a hundred years to build the floating ship, the air line from the sword handle area to the sword tip area hadn't even had a single accident.

The Sword Palace's new disciples were lucky. Several hundred years ago, their predecessors had to walk across the long sword blade area to reach the legendary holy land, the Sword Palace. Even though their team leader was an experienced hero ranked teacher, they couldn't avoid all accidents. Once, one of the worst accidents had killed about half of the new disciples at that time. After that tragic accident, the Sword Palace paid a few decades of their financial budget to build the ship “White Lotus” along with the Heaven's Road Palace.

At the center of the lotus, was the core of the floating ship. The twin witches were staying there. Now, Red Lotus was talking about sword skills with Hua Huo. Usually, Hua Huo was very interested in discussing sword skills with Red Lotus. However, she looked a little distracted now. She often turned back and gazed at the girls on the deck.

"What's up? Why do you care about them so much? These girls are not bad, but they can't compare to you. You are the most special one." Red Lotus said. She realized that Hua Huo was absent minded, then also looked at the deck with a doubtful look.

"I have a foreboding." Hua Huo said. She stared at the several girls around Yun Xi - especially her elder female cousin, Hua Yue.

How can you occupy the closest place beside Yun Xi so easily? That should be my place! Even though you're my elder female cousin, I won't give Little Xi to you!

Hua Yue felt Hua Huo's scorching gaze. She raised her head, waving her hands at Hua Huo with a pleasant look.

"Look! Hua Huo is looking at us."

"Oh, Hua Huo must feel worried." Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief. He wasn't used to Hua Yue's passion.

Shouldn't an aristocratic miss be very reserved? Why was she so proactive? Did she find something wrong? My disguise should be flawless.

"Come here, Mei. I found a good place!" Taking the opportunity when Hua Yue was distracted by Hua Huo, Xiao Cao held Yun Xi's hand and left the crowd.

Xiao Cao's Mortal's Sword talent was a great help. She could always find an interesting place which ordinary people wouldn't discover. Now, they were at the forefront of the ship, where a lotus-shaped figurehead was placed.

It was said that the ships in the Western God's Domain often used mermaid-shaped figureheads, but the ships in Eastern God's Domain didn't have this specific requirement. Different sword domains in the Eastern God's Domain used different figureheads.

White Lotus's figurehead was a beautiful lotus throne. It was covered in warm white lights, which protected it from any potential storms and moisture.

"Isn't this a forbidden zone?" Yun Xi had noticed the lotus throne a while ago, but when he tried to come here, he had felt that an invisible force stopping him. The force was used to tell them that no one was allowed to enter this place.

"It doesn't matter. I have found a method to enter here." Xiao Cao said with a nonchalant expression.

She casually sat beside Yun Xi, then took off her shoes. Her feet were white and tender. The size of her soles was perfect and her toes were as round as pearls.

"When I was very small, I often imagined what the world outside town looked like. The uncles and aunts in the village told me that if I didn't leave the town, I would miss many good things. As they said, after I left the town, I met many people and learned many things I couldn't learn in the town. In the outside world, there are good people and bad people, there are people who are weaker than me and there are people who are stronger than me. If I didn't leave the town, I wouldn't have known that the world was so big. Look, Mei! This is the sky!" Xiao Cao held Yun Xi's hand and let him sit beside her.

"And we are flying! We are flying in the very, very, high sky!"

Xiao Cao started singing. Her voice was clear and melodious, and her song was naive, but contained guileless sincerity. When Yun Xi heard the song, he felt that there was an invisible hand stroking him, making his heart feel relaxed and peaceful. He quietly watched the blue sky, the clouds which constantly disappeared and appeared under his feet, and the big bright sun.

Everything was so refreshing and bracing. Unlike when he looked at the sky from the ground, when he really stood above the clouds, he really felt his insignificance and the boundlessness of the world. Under the blue sky, even the ship White Lotus, which was three kilometers long, also looked like a leaf in the boundless sea.

"Hey!" Xiao Cao was suddenly interested. She bared her feet and jumped around, looking at Yun Xi with a bright smile.

"Mei! Come see more beautiful scenes with me! It's a very, very wonderful feeling to be beside you!" Xiao Cao said. She opened her hands wide and shouted at the endless sky, "Xiao Cao and Mei will be best friends forever!"

Her hands were small, but in Yun Xi's eyes, she had hugged the entire sky in her arms. She basked in the golden sunshine, as glamorous as a golden fairy. Oh, Xiao Cao was so cute.

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