Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1086

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Chapter 1086: The Prince

So, which side will you choose for Sia's divine sword?

"Ain, do you know any clues about the Creator God's Weapon?" Yun Xi could only trust the sister in front of him in this world.

"The Creator God's Weapon, are you talking about those God Weapons from the divine era war used to defeat the dragons?" As the owner of the divine era tower, Ain was well-versed in these legends.

"Yes, I think I need their power." Yun Xi straightforwardly shared his goal with Ain.

"There are seven of them, with three of them taken by the Leviathan faction." Ain first stretched out all seven fingers on his hand, then closed three of them:

"The ones taken are the Virgin's Crown, the Lion's Light Gun, and the Libra's Golden Shield."

That is the darkest history of the divine era war that humans don't want to talk about, and it is also the main reason why humans gave up their sovereignty over the ocean.

The Leviathan faction had a huge advantage in naval battles.

With the power of the Creator God's Weapon, the knights who once repelled the dragon tribe suffered an unprecedented defeat at sea.

The owners of these God Weapons were all famous heroes, and the owner of the Lion Light Gun even completed the feat of slaying a dragon.

However, in that war, the owner of the Lion Light Gun couldn't unleash the power of the God Weapon and drowned in the sea, ending in great humiliation.

"After the divine era war, the Crystal Sword of Aries, the Armor of Taurus, the Mask of Gemini, and the Jug of Aquarius became sacred artifacts of the magic dynasty, but with the end of the divine era, these four Creator God's Weapons disappeared."

"As for the remaining five, they never appeared in official historical records, and nobody knows who their owners were."

"According to the hidden history that I know, it seems that the Scorpion's Poison Needle was once used by an assassin in the war."

"The other four, there is no existence of even a hidden historical record, and it's not even known if they were ever brought into the world."

"Now, all of the Creator God's Weapons have disappeared, and even the kingdom doesn't have any of them."

As the last glorious inheritor of the divine era, Ain only inherited this tower that can only be opened by those with the divine era warlock bloodline.

Creator God's Sword Sia, a legendary weapon that has supported human civilization since humans stepped onto the world stage.

Anyone who has possessed fragments of the Sia God Weapon is a hero in the history of the human race.

Even the mysterious owner of the Scorpio Poison Needle is known as the "Assassination King" in the secret history recorded by the historian.

Because of this, during the late divine era, the mad mages took most of these Creator God's Weapons into the Underground Cemetery, and these ancient God Weapons never appeared under the sunlight again.

Even now, in the mercenary guilds spread across the continent, the task of "finding Creator God's Weapons" remains the highest-paying and longest-standing legendary task.

Whether it's the kingdom, empire, or northern tribal alliance, astronomical amounts of rewards have been offered.

Unfortunately, to this day, no one has found any clues to any of the Creator God's Weapons.

It seems that after the end of the divine era, the God Weapons that symbolized Sia's world legends disappeared forever from this world.

"I see..." Yun Xi understood those people's thoughts very well.

Even in the developing Endless God's Domain, any unclaimed original God Weapon would cause countless people to fight over it, leading to bloody battles, not to mention the God Weapon formed by the fragments of Sia's divine sword, which was a Creator God's Sword.

Although Yun Xi had never heard of the name "Sia" for this divine sword, possessing the name "Creator God's Sword" and having killed Leviathan the Sky Beast, a body that could transform into a planet, undoubtedly made it an unparalleled divine sword.

Anyone who obtains such a God Weapon, even if they cannot use it themselves, will definitely not let go of it.

Despite this, Yun Xi decided to collect the fragments of these God Weapons.

The task for the Leviathan faction seemed very easy, but it actually concealed deadly dangers.

The Sia faction's task was more than ten times harder than the Leviathan faction, but much safer.

Judging from the difficulty and trend of the task, it was evident that this constellation world chosen by Yun Xi was tailor-made for him.

It looks like I have to stay in this world for a while.

This place is not like the dark forest and the dream trial world of the Primitive Dragon, but it is like the real world of the Water God's World.

In other words, the time here flows at the same speed as the Endless God's Domain.

"Ain... Can you believe me?" After tidying up her long silver hair behind her, Yun Xi looked at the queen in front of him with sincere eyes.

"Hmm... you are... my hope..."

"I have many things I want to tell you..."

"You are my... Lord Silver Dragon!"

Ain's heartbeat kept accelerating as he stared into those black eyes, as if he was being pulled in.

She couldn't resist this temptation. Maybe she had fallen since the moment she saw that sacred silver dragon descend from the sky with grace.

"Thank you, thank you for believing in me," Yun Xi held Ain's hand.

This hand belongs to a fourteen-year-old girl, as well as the hand of a queen of a country. It is small and very soft.

"Let's change the world together."

Yun Xi made a choice.

Since there is no way to escape, then the only option is to become stronger.

In order to survive the pursuit of his ex-girlfriends, Yun Xi had no choice but to give it his all.

This world is the starting point for his new journey.

"If it's you... you can definitely do it."

"I believe in you... What do you need me to do?"

For Yun Xi, Ain gave him complete trust, even belief.

Because in front of her was Lord Silver Dragon from the stars!

"First, become a prince," Yun Xi's mind gradually painted a picture of the future.


The selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order has ended, and all the underage girls chosen (sold) by the kingdom, empire, and Northern Alliance have passed this selection, leaving everyone astonished.

No one could have expected that the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, which was thought to be absolutely strict, would result in all members passing through such an unscientific event.

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However, even more surprising things happened afterwards.

The queen, known as Nuclear Blast Queen, announced a change in the succession order of Sia Kingdom's first heir.

Princess Adley, who originally held the first position in the succession order, was pushed back, and another member of the royal family took her place.

A prince who was never mentioned in the kingdom's records inherited the bloodline of the divine era knights and suddenly appeared on the stage of the continent.

His name is Ashe.