Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1085

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Chapter 1085: Main Mission

Just like the past star trials, this time, traveling through the galaxy to this unfamiliar world of Sia, corresponding main missions have also appeared.

However, unlike the main missions Yun Xi had accepted in the past, this time there are two main missions, each corresponding to two different camps.

Sia's Light - Sword of the Creator God Sia fell into a long sleep, find a way to awaken this Creator God's weapon by finding a way to restore Su, the divine sword of Sia.

Core Side Mission - Collect the fragments of Sia's divine sword, a total of twelve pieces, named after the twelve constellations, distributed in the corners of this world.

Progress so far - 0 out of 12.

Resurrection of Leviathan - The powerful Sky Beast died at the hands of Sia's divine sword, but its bloodline still permeates the land and sky here. Find a way to resurrect this legendary giant beast.

Main task - gather the bloodline of Leviathan's descendants and find a way to awaken their ancient power.

Current progress - troll bloodline, Lamia bloodline, mermaid bloodline, all combined with Su. Overall success rate - twenty percent.

This is the main task that Yun Xi Su accepted after waking up from the trial of the stars, representing the two major factions in the world spoken by the Creator God.

Leviathan the Sky Beast and Creator God's Sword Sia represent the two ultimate powers in this world.

Leviathan symbolizes life.

Sia symbolizes wisdom.

Leviathan's faction has the strongest ultimate creature - dragons.

Sia's faction has the strongest God Weapon - a God Weapon forged from twelve pieces of Sia's shard.

In history, the two factions once fought a decisive battle for domination of the continent. In the end, with the help of Sia's divine sword shards, humans obtained the crown of the continent, while the Leviathan faction retreated to the oceans.

What Yun Xi had to do was choose one main mission and complete the corresponding side missions.

This was not an easy task, whether it was collecting twelve fragments of the Creator God's Sword, Sia, or harnessing the bloodline power of the Su Leviathan faction, it would have a huge impact on this world.

In the end, it might even involve the mythical legends of the two major factions.

Creator God’s Sword—Sia.

Sky Beast—Leviathan.

In the eyes of the people in this world, whether it was the shattered Creator God's Sword or the Leviathan giant beast whose remains had long turned into land and sea, they were just mythical legends that had disappeared long ago.

Humans were the subjects of Sia's divine sword, trolls, mermaids, and lamias were the followers of Leviathan, and it was natural for this world.

But Yun Xi knew that whether it was the fragmented Creator God's Sword, Sia, or the remains of the Leviathan, the Sky Beast that had turned into land and sea, they had not truly died.

One of the common knowledge about the legend-ranked that Casina the Battle God taught him was that the concept of the legend-ranked had evolved beyond the physical body and toward the direction of "divinity."

Even if the body turns into ashes, and not even a trace of ashes remains, as long as the related "legend" is still alive, the existence of the legend-ranked will not completely disappear.

Only when completely forgotten does it represent the fall of the legend-ranked.

Temporarily killing the physical form of the legend-ranked only temporarily defeats the entity of the legend-ranked, it doesn't truly eliminate it.

Perhaps it will take a long time, or perhaps many reincarnations, as long as there are still people spreading your name and believing in your existence, then the legend-ranked is not truly fallen.

Whether it's fear or respect, the "legend" represented by the legend-ranked embodies this concept.

It can be said that only by becoming the legend-ranked can one truly open the door to "eternity".

All legend-rankeds will leave their own legends in the river of time in their own way.

Before becoming legends, most of them were believed to be "heroes," "tyrants," "kings," advancing to the legend-ranked further elevates their status, ultimately becoming "gods," "saints," "demons."

Whether it's a good legend or a terrifying legend, whether believed in or feared by people, it all belongs to the realm of legends.

After going through the trials of Water God's World, Yun Xi gained a clear understanding of the concept of "gods" because he himself is one of the representatives of the Water God, the bride of Hydera the Water God.

In order to cultivate his own little world and complete the final step of becoming a god, Hydera, who was already one of the fantasy species dominators, spent thousands of years until the fruit was ripe.

When her colossal body rose from the deepest part of the sea, it symbolized that she had finally absorbed the power of an entire world and gained the strength of her own world.

Although Yun Xi didn't spend much time with Hydera, he was closer to the Water God's heart than anyone else and understood why "gods" were born.

Without a doubt, the "Creator God's Sword" Sia of this world has also completed that step.

Perhaps, the sword Sia, which fell into this world at first, was just an original God Weapon, but as time passed, the people of this world began to believe in the legend of Sia's divine sword creation, and this sword has achieved a higher status.

The current Sia is recognized as the "Creator God" of this world.

In contrast, Leviathan the Sky Beast, which originally dwelled in this world, has become a colossal creature opposing the gods.

In the battle between these two powers, this world has become what it is now.

The main task given by the Star Trials is to directly address the essence of this world.

No matter which main task you choose, you will probably have to face the final boss of the other main task.

"So... which main task should I choose?" Yun Xi looked at the opposing tasks labeled with different completion rates and fell into deep thought.

The task of the Sia faction is to collect twelve fragments of the Creator God's Sword, which are somewhere in the world.

The task of the Leviathan faction is to harness the entire bloodline power of Su, the leader of the Leviathan faction.

Judging from the completion rate, a fifth of the upper race bloodline power in the Leviathan faction has already started to activate Su, thanks to the establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order by Ain.

With the Dragon Egg formed by the flesh and blood of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel behind him, it seems like doing the task for the Leviathan faction would be more advantageous.

But, is it really so?

Yun Xi will not forget how dangerous the Dragon Egg behind the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel is. It is the mark of the Supreme Dragon God Asha and the ultimate weapon for hunting him down.

The legendary Leviathan the Sky Beast looks like it has some mysterious connection with the dragon race, maybe it's a special type of dragon.

It's definitely a death wish to awaken this giant dragon!