Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1077

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Chapter 1077: Third Impact

That singing voice has a magical power that makes people unable to resist, even though they know they will die.

Similarly, the singing voice that leads people to hell can also take them to heaven.

When this kind of singing voice is not used for harm and death, but instead used for praise, admiration, and expressing one's inner emotions, its power surpasses the limitations of race and civilization.

When Ain heard the singing voice of the mermaid princess Heidi, he was convinced that no matter how hard he tried, he could never surpass this girl in singing. It was a natural gift that mermaids possessed, a miracle in Sia's world.

Heidi, the princess who possesses this singing voice, and the time entangled with the silver dragon egg, surpassed everyone, including Princess Ain herself.

Having the same divine era bloodline, coming from the same noble lineage, and understanding what the white light cluster contains, Heidi put immense pressure on Ain like never before.

Even the white halo that enveloped the silver dragon egg gave the strongest reaction so far.

Like constantly swirling mist, the immense dragon's spiritual energy spread out in ripples, causing the young girls who had just completed the first round of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order selection to blush.

Many people were directly stimulated by this sudden attack and couldn't help but make uncontrollable whimpering sounds, completely losing consciousness.

Those who were able to maintain consciousness in this sudden attack were all elites who lasted more than two minutes in the first round of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order selection.

They naturally gained the most benefits from this baptism.

However, the one who benefited the most was Princess Heidi herself, who triggered this second impact.

She stretched out her fish tail contentedly, continuing to sing a sad and bewitching ballad, immersing herself in the self-satisfaction of lost love.

Sixteen minutes, seventeen minutes, eighteen minutes!

With the mesmerizing power of the mermaid's song, she lasted five minutes longer than Princess Ain herself, finally letting out a trembling final note.

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

"Love... oh oh yeah yeah..."

The collapse of the nursery rhyme represented the Princess Heidi's loss of control over her emotions and posture. Her performance lasted for a full twenty minutes, exceeding the limit set by Ain for the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

"The mermaid's song... is actually so powerful..." Queen Ain, also known as the nuclear explosion, only now realizes that even in an era of weakened magic tide, true monsters can still emerge.

Or rather, due to the weakening of the magic tide, the difference between these monsters and ordinary people has not decreased, but has become even more obvious.

Her sister, Adley, is such a monster.

The mermaid princess, Heidi, is also such a monster.

"Ha... ha... ha..."

"It's... amazing..."

Princess Heidi, who was unable to finish singing the epic poem, felt the immense spiritual energy in the water, almost visible to the naked eye. Her facial expression resembled being in heaven.

No, for mermaids, this is heaven, the best world.

The water environment contains a lot of pure magical power.

The ecosystem here is simpler than the deepest part of the ocean.

And most importantly - dragons!

Mermaids like to be with dragons, it is the nature of all Leviathan faction members (except trolls) to submit to the kings who are born as Leviathan's children.

Unlike the hypocritical social structure of humans, the concept of "betrayal" is almost nonexistent in the Leviathan faction.

Throughout the history of the Leviathan clan's rule over the world, there was only one decisive war, the war between the giants and the dragon clan, which determined the dominance of the world.

On the other hand, human history is a encyclopedia of wars. The number of humans killed in wars among themselves far exceeds those killed by other races.

The followers of Leviathan cannot understand why humans would be so crazy as to kill each other, resulting in rivers of blood, not even for something as important as air or water sources that are vital for survival.

If our daughter is bullied, we will start a war!

You insulted my knight's honor, let's start a war!

The grape wine produced in your family's vineyard bordering mine is especially delicious, let's start a war.

As long as they want to start a war, humans will come up with as many reasons as they can, even disregarding the possibility of having blood ties with the enemy.

However, Heidi now believes that there is a reason worth fighting for if it's for this tower.

The followers of Leviathan, except for trolls, have an unwavering belief in the dragon clan.

If Ain has any disadvantage against the dragons, both the Lamia clan and the Mermaid clan have enough reasons to start another war against humans.

The peace treaty signed between the Leviathan clan and humans during the divine era war automatically became null and void after the dragon clan, who acted as the leader, disappeared from this world.

Now, with the Mermaid clan and the Lamia clan serving as interim leaders, they have the authority to declare war on humans and can even take the troll clan along.

Do not underestimate the war potential of the Leviathan clan just because their numbers have reached a dangerous level.

In that magical era war, the Leviathan's family only gave up the crown of the land, but the crown of the ocean always belonged to the Leviathan faction.

Nobody knows how many terrifying monsters are hidden in the ocean, and nobody knows how many people would die if the Leviathan faction went to war with humans again.

Just as Heidi and Meross exchanged glances, estimating the chances of stealing the dragon egg from this tower if they went to war with humans, the savior appeared.

"I want to join too... sis!" Adley raised his small hand, indicating that he hadn't participated in the selection for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order yet.

"Uh... you don't need to participate in the selection..." Ain looked speechlessly at his sister who volunteered. After all, she was already designated as the captain of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Everyone is working so hard... Adley, you must do your best too!" Recently, Adley had been enthusiastically studying three books from the magical era, and he knew almost everything about "The Correct Method for Hatching Dragon Eggs.

Heidi's appearance also made the little princess feel a certain sense of crisis. It was the first time she had seen her sister look so nervous.

It's okay, she didn't understand difficult things, but when it came to "hatching eggs," Adley was the most skillful!

So, Adley took off her princess dress and revealed her beautifully carved body, hopping and skipping towards the silver dragon egg covered in a white halo.

"Lord Silver Dragon... please help Adley..." She couldn't sing like a sea mermaid, but Adley's lovely voice was unbeatable.

The fairy butterflies flew around and sprinkled a lot of Fairy Dust around Adley.

The third attack began to erupt!

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