Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1076

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Chapter 1076: Wanting to Be With You

During the divine era war, the humans, who once expelled the arrogant dragons from the continent and obtained the Earth Crown, had a very arrogant plan.

They were not satisfied with just being the kings of the land; they wanted to go further, overthrow the dragon race from their high pyramid and take over the crown of the ocean.

In order to accomplish this, humans formed the largest fleet ever, hoping to use the same strategy used to fight for the continental crown, and advance into the ocean.

However, ideals are beautiful, but the ending is tragic.

Even though humans were skilled in land battles and had established an enormous fleet they called "invincible," when faced with the powerful creatures of the ocean, the only thing that became evident was that...

Humans, by nature, are not suited for living in the ocean!

The invincible knights on land lost almost half of their fighting power from sea sickness alone.

The most cunning strategists among humans were unable to find a way for their armies to use their advantage on land in the vast and unforgiving sea, with no escape, no way up or down.

The result of that great sea battle remained a secret in human history for a long time.

It was not until a very long time ago that people discovered, during the end of the divine era war, humans had suffered such a devastating defeat.

The invincible fleet had only a few knights left, floating back to the mainland with wooden planks. The human camp had gathered a huge fleet of powerful people, but not even one ship survived.

Half of the enormous ships were destroyed in the storm called Great Whirlpool, caused by the collaboration of the sea creatures. Many knight heroes of the divine era drowned in the sea, without even a chance to fight back.

The remaining half was completely defeated by the united forces of the Mermaid clan and other ocean armies. The entire army was wiped out.

In the dark ocean night, the mermaids' songs lured countless sailors into the sea, never to return.

Thinking that swimming would save them was a big mistake. No matter how skilled you are in the water, you can't compare to the true sea creatures.

Moreover, the battle took place in the middle of the ocean, far from any land. The human army lost the chance to counterattack without the Invincible Fleet. Most soldiers drowned, and even the best swimmers couldn't save them.

After that, the plan for humans to attack the ocean was postponed indefinitely. By the end of the divine era, nobody mentioned it again.

The ocean's dominion was granted to the Leviathan Alliance, led by the mighty dragons. Humans couldn't breathe underwater, so they had no choice.

From then on, the continent belonged to humans, and the ocean belonged to the dragons. They recognized each other's territories, and peace was established in the post-divine era.

As the greatest heroes of the destruction of the Invincible Fleet, the Mermaid clan became favored by the dragons and became the brightest jewels on the ocean crown.

In the war that humans consider a dark history, it was not magic but the mermaids' songs that caused humans to be defeated.

The mermaids summoned enormous sea monsters with their songs, creating a storm and whirlpool that effortlessly destroyed a group of human knights, even feared by the dragons of hero rank, causing half of the Invincible Fleet to sink to the bottom of the sea.

The three Creator God's Weapons that were once possessed by humans became the spoils of war for the Mermaid clan.

The remaining half of the Invincible Fleet was mostly destroyed by the immense sea creature population.

Several knight orders that dared to challenge the Leviathan faction's elite forces on land had no chance to even charge forward, and one by one, they died helplessly in the water.

Many sailors, enticed by the mermaids' songs at night, willingly jumped into the sea, completely severing the vast Invincible Fleet.

This was a more terrifying achievement than the elite troll forces of the Leviathan faction. It can be said that with their own power, the mermaids completely shattered humans' delusions of conquering the ocean.

From then until modern times, nobody ever mentioned rebuilding a navy to conquer the sea again, not even the ambitious Leviathan Empire had any related plans.

The sea creatures have a huge advantage in the ocean.

The songs of mermaids also have another name - Sea Nymph's Voice.

Legend has it that even the bravest knights cannot resist it. Sailors stuff their ears with cotton, and some even pierce their own eardrums, but they can still hear the enchanting songs.

Now, Ain finally has the chance to listen to the songs of mermaids after the divine era, not as an enemy.

The legend is not exaggerated at all, and it may not even be enough to describe the bewitching songs of mermaids.

Starting from the first blue mermaid, every mermaid easily lasted ten minutes while singing during the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order assessment.

Their incredibly beautiful songs, combined with the immense energy flowing from the silver dragon eggs, seemed to create a resonance that filled the entire underground palace group with a captivating melody of love.

This melody reached its peak after the appearance of Princess Heidi from the Mermaid clan.

The song she sang was very, very captivating, but also very, very sorrowful.

The song tells a story of an impossible and morally wrong love affair.

"I really, really want to see you, but I can't catch a glimpse of you."

"My heart can't calm down, even more than the swaying flowers in the storm."

"Because we can't meet, this love becomes even stronger."

"Even if I have to give my all for this love, it is a decision I won't regret!"

"Although our meeting was ordinary, you captivate me more than anyone else!"

"I can't put into words how I feel now, maybe this is what people call destiny!"

"Let me turn the wheel of fate for you and sing for you alone."

"Just close my eyes, and it feels like you're right beside me, holding my hand, telling me you love me."

"I really wanted to see you, but I couldn't. Tonight, I can't control the strong emotions in my heart, so I want to see you. But I can't."

"Whenever I miss someone, a bitter feeling arises in my heart. My past thoughts keep crumbling one after another. In fact, contrary to my attitude, I have long been captivated by you."

"That invisible force keeps pulling my heart towards you. We gaze into each other's eyes and lean closer together."

"The heartbeat of that evening is unforgettable. In your eyes, there is only me. Your lips are near my ear."

"Why am I not your princess?"

"Why is it that even though I met you first, you are hugging her?"

"Tell me, my darling, whom do you love?"

It's a timeless and enchanting story in the underwater world of mermaids.

The mermaid princess who fell in love at first sight with the prince, drank a magic potion to gain the power to turn into a human, hoping to win the love of the prince.

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