Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Dream or Reality?

"Ha... ha..."

They were just kissing. However, due to the golden orchid's side effect, the dark elf girl was exhausted like a prey that had been captured by a hunter. As for Yun Xi, he just couldn't stop.

"Eh... Chou... Wuwu... Coo... Eh..."

Again, again, again and again. Yun Xi sucked the dark elf girl's tongue with greed.

"Trace… oh... on..." The dark elf girl absorbed a few magical power from Yun Xi's kissing and slightly recovered her physical strength. She tried to launch a magical spell called "Deus Sex Machina", but her action was interrupted again and again by Yun Xi's hot kisses.

Yun Xi fully tasted the dark elf girl's tongue. Her tongue was small and cute, but also very soft and warm. Yun Xi uncontrollably sucked her tongue to break her resistant consciousness. Their tongues were tangled together like one. Now the dark elf girl was really at the end of her rope. She couldn't cast any spell in this position and had to let Yun Xi do whatever he liked. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, she found an opportunity to cast the spell.

Dozens of red lines spread from her fingertips to Yun Xi and temporarily controlled his body.

"Cough... Cough..." After that, the dark elf girl couldn't help but violently cough. The spell had almost drained out all the magic power she had just absorbed from kissing. Fortunately, the spell succeeded.

She poured her magic power into Yun Xi's body and temporarily secured control of his body. If Yun Xi wouldn't stop his kissing, she would die. That would be an undoubtedly stupid death.

"..." After the dark elf girl successfully controlled Yun Xi's body, she hesitated for a while, then finally made a decision. She must survive. This was the most important thing.

In order to complete the mission, she knew that she should use all kinds of methods and sacrifice everything she had. This was what she learned since her childhood. Therefore, no matter how shameful it was, she must do it because it was the only method to help her survive.

Although she had never learned anything about this. As a phantom archer, she was good at assassination but not spying. This time, Yun Xi's face had blushed like an apple due to the raising sexual passion in his heart. Unfortunately, he knew nothing about how to abreact it.

The dark elf girl shakily raised her hand and touched Yun Xi's "sensitive sword", helping him to abreact his desire in a very inept method.


Dawn was coming. A black figure stumbled as it came out of the valley and immediately blended into the shadows. The dark elf girl was running. She covered the corner of her mouth with her hand, which had a subtle white liquid leaking out of it.

"Wu.. Gu..." The dark elf girl showed a bitter and disgusted look on her face as if she was taking a deadly poison. However, she still swallowed all the white liquid, including the residue at the corner of her mouth. Everything she did was for her survival.

She didn't want to remember the thing that had happened in the valley again. That was just a nightmare. At least, when the girl disappeared in the darkness... she was holding this idea in her heart.


Yun Xi had a dream which made him feel that he was in paradise, but also that it was very real. In the dream, he met a cute girl who had all the good features in the world. She had Hua Huo's vigour, Hua Yue's full breasts, El'phyllis's slender legs, and Ye Li's sweet milky aroma.

He remembered her soft, tender, exquisite, and alluring body. He remembered her blushing face, attractive eyes, and slender legs. He remembered her snow-white body and all her slight moves. He remembered the feeling when he stroked her smooth and warm skin. When she moved her fingers to her legs and took off her socks, exposing her white, slender legs under the soft moonlight, Yun Xi felt that his heart was pounding like a drum.

Finally, when she stroked her foot, tantalizing him bit by bit, Yun Xi couldn't stand that anymore. It was so alluring to rub her chest, legs and foot. Compared to the lesson the big sister taught him that year's summer, this dream was more wild. Her feet were so sensitive in his hands, and a few soft touches were already enough to make her become excited. Her white legs, slender body, and groans...

Wait, that was strange. Why was my memory so disordered and paradoxical? What was her appearance? Big breasts or flat breasts? Slender and tall body or small and cute body? Was she older than Hua Yue and El'phyllis, or younger than Milei and Ye Li?

Yun Xi didn't remember. He only knew that it was the most fantastic dream he had had in his life. If he considered it as a dream, the experience was too real. The orchid's fragrance still remained in his mouth. Besides, he felt that his body was so weak, as if his vigour had been drained out due to some reason.

"Did we break the last line? Did I kiss her hands, foot, or mouth? Maybe... I had kissed her whole body? Strange... Why can't I remember it?" Yun Xi sat under the tree and tried remembering but found that his memory after 4 o'clock had all vanished.

He had come to the valley at the spur of a moment. However, he wasn't sure if the thing that happened next was a dream or reality.

Did he fall in love at first sight with an unknown girl?

In his memory, he had met a perfect girl who had all the good features in his imagination, then they had done some erotic things which he would never tell anyone. She had fed him a very palatable petal, then the world had suddenly become indescribably fantastic and charming. After he had woken up, only the orchid's fragrance remained on his teeth, and the empty feeling in his body... reminded him that it wasn't just a dream.

He had met a girl in the valley between 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock, then he had a sexual dream, oh, maybe it was not a dream. Yun Xi couldn't distinguish which part was reality and which part was simply his imagination.

"Blood..." Yun Xi suddenly saw scarlet drops of blood under his feet. His face changed. "Was... this her first experience?"

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