Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Elf's Flower

If it wasn't Yun Xi but El'phyllis, Milei, or Ye Li, they would realize that the golden flower was a very rare magical medicine from the Elf's Forest: Golden Orchid.

Only elves could cultivate this flower. In the aristocratic society of Western God's Domain, it was ten times more expensive than gold, because it could cure sexual impotence by stimulating a human's desire and vitality. Even if it was a one-hundred-year old man, after consuming a small flake of the flower, he would become a “strong” man again. For this reason, many people were eager to acquire it. Once it appeared in the markets, countless people would scramble for it. However, the elf race was born from the fruit of the Elf's Tree. They didn't need males to produce descendants. As such, the golden flower was just a kind of rare wine-making material to them, and they rarely sold the flowers to the outside world.

At first, the dark elf carried this flower with her as an equivalent to gold. She didn't expect that she would draw support from the flower's special effect. As Yun Xi moved closer to the dark elf girl to hear her last words, the dark elf girl suddenly reached out her hands, forcibly holding Yun Xi's face as she gave him a kiss. The golden orchid easily entered Yun Xi's mouth with the dark elf girl's tongue. Immediately, a sweet and intoxicating feeling spread out and flowed across his entire body.

What?! What was that?!

Yun Xi was drunk. The golden orchid was one of the best top-class wine-making materials, but also a kind of natural, rare aphrodisiac. Yun Xi felt dizzy. The dark elf girl's body gradually became vague in his eyes.

Was it Hua Huo? No. She looked like El'phyllis or Milei, too. No! She was Hua Yue… No... Xiao Cao!

Yun Xi's blood was boiling. He could see every familiar girl's features emanating from that dark elf girl. In his eyes, the dark elf girl had become his favourite girl in the world now.

"Ha... cough..." After feeding the chewed golden orchid to Yun Xi, the dark elf girl had been totally exhausted. She couldn't even move a finger now.

Yun Xi was controlled by the sexual passion in his heart. He reached out his hands and forcibly grasped the elf girl's hands. In his eyes, she was the aggregation of every girl he liked. The amount of the golden orchid was enough to promote an elephant into its oestrus, naturally including Yun Xi.

It was already incredible enough that Yun Xi still hadn't totally lost his sanity yet.

"Ouch..." The dark elf girl looked like she was in pain. However, she didn't resist Yun Xi. After all, this was what she hoped for. After receiving such a serious injury, she had to heal herself by using such an extreme method.

Yun Xi moved his hands, feeling the smooth tactility of the girl's skin. The dark elf girl slightly pushed him away, but immediately stopped resisting. Yun Xi's breathing was becoming heavier by the moment. The girls' various figures gradually overlapped together, finally forming a perfect figure. It wasn't a girl that actually existed. It was just an aggregation of all the fantastic imaginations about girls in Yun Xi's mind.

"Am... I in the trial again?" The golden orchid had left Yun Xi's mind in a great state of confusion. He gazed at the perfect girl with a dumbfounded look. After that, he touched the girl's chest through her clothes. Her breasts changed their shapes in his hands and made him feel wonderful with each caress.

"Cough... no..." However, his behavior almost killed the dark elf girl. After all, the V-shaped wound on her chest wasn't just a joke.

"Sorry. Are you hurting?" Yun Xi was already unable to distinguish reality from his fantasy, but he still immediately stopped.

"Kiss... me..." The dark elf girl was too feeble now. She could only use her weak voice to guide Yun Xi.

Body fluid exchange. This was her purpose in feeding Yun Xi the golden orchid. As a dark elf, this was her special method to heal her body. However, even the strongest occult arts still needed to follow the rule of "equivalent exchange", therefore, she needed someone to help her. Just then, Yun Xi had appeared in front of her. He became her only choice.

"Kiss..." Yun Xi looked at the dreamy girl with his scorching eyes.

"En. Kiss..." The dark elf girl didn't have any other choice. If she couldn't gain vitality from someone else, she would die. She didn't want to die. Even it meant that she had to use some unscrupulous methods, she must refuel her magic power. After that, the dark elf girl raised her head and awkwardly put out her tongue like a dying person in the desert, waiting for Yun Xi's kiss.

"Eh... Ooo... Chou... Jiu... Eh... Ooo..." Yun Xi couldn't stop his desire to suck the dark elf girl's smooth tongue, searching for the remaining fragrance of the golden orchid by kissing her lips.

"Eh... Ooo... Chou... Jiu... Guru... Guru... Eh... Ooo..." The dark elf girl groaned. At the same time, her emaciated face started to return to normal. However, that wasn't enough. She needed more and more from the kiss to nourish her exhausted magic power.

Soon afterwards, she blushed and lowered her head.

"Ooo... Chou... Wu..." They kissed each other, emitting an embarrassing sound from their mouths.

Compared to Yun Xi's kissing skill, what he had learnt from Mei'er, El'phyllis, Milei and Ye Li, the dark elf girl knew nothing about this. Naturally, she was in a disadvantageous position. The dark elf girl's pupils started to dilate bit by bit. Like the spring breeze blowing across the frozen earth, her cold expression disappeared as her face blushed with shyness.

To the elf race, the golden orchid wouldn't put them in heat. However, it was one of the best top-class wine-making materials, in that case she was actually drunk now.

"Ha... I love you... Hua Huo... No, El'phyllis... Milei... Ye Li..." Yun Xi started talking rubbish.

In fact, he didn't know what he was saying. He only remembered to kiss and continue kissing. He he had become drunk much earlier than the dark elf girl.

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