Kill Me More Times, I’ll Become Invincible – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Third Qiao Mu

In the mountains and forests.

Qiao Mu opened his eyes with a confused look on his face.

Looking at his healthy body and feeling the full internal strength within him, Qiao Mu burst into tears.

Finally died!

It's not easy, finally escaped from Wang Songhe's clutches.

In fact, whether Qiao Mu successfully sought death or luckily escaped and survived after breaking into the main mansion, he is a double winner.

Getting stronger after death, even if he stays alive, he can continue stacking buffs. No matter what, Qiao Mu is winning big.

This time, Qiao Mu wanted to die mainly because his body, at the age of 32, was severely damaged after breaking into the main mansion, and even if he could survive under Wang Songhe's poison, he would only be barely hanging on with extremely poor quality of life.

After one death, his body would refresh to a perfectly healthy state, which is even better.

After being reborn, Qiao Mu is on the outskirts of this bandit village, faintly hearing the villagers discussing inside.

"Alas, Qiao Lin ended up dying in the end, what a pity."

"Even though the person died, his life force was incredibly strong. It is said that his body's energy channels were completely destroyed, and he had no internal strength left... In other words, he went to the City Lord's residence with the intention of sacrificing himself by killing the City Lord's son."

"He was a brave soul, holding on to his last breath, stubbornly clinging to life for four or five days."

In my final moments, my only resentment was towards your leader, Wang Songhe... whispered Qiao Mu.

He stood amidst the mountains and forests, and after listening carefully, he gradually learned about what had happened after his death.

First, in the eyes of the City Lord's residence and the people of Yan City, the hero 'Qiao Lin' was already dead the moment he jumped into the well.

Secondly, 'Qiao Lin' was saved by Wang Songhe and managed to hold on to his life for a few more days.

From Qiao Mu's own point of view, Wang Songhe's attempts to save him were like a farce.

But from the perspective of these bandits, the heroic 'Qiao Lin' showed incredible strength in his life and a tragic death... This added a touch of legend and tragedy to the original story of 'Qiao Lin dying in the City Lord's residence.'

In that case, Wang Songhe's attempt to save himself, although it prolonged Qiao Mu's life for a few days, wasn't necessarily a bad thing-----according to the pattern Qiao Mu found, it could be seen as something that could improve the assessment of his death.

With a thought, Qiao Mu's mind sank into the depths of his heart.

Death Assessment this time: B+ (With the spirit of a chivalrous person, swift as the wind for a thousand miles)

Lifespan consumed by death: 10 years

Remaining resurrection chances this week: 0 out of 5

Current age: 42 years old

Skills: Long Life Fist (preliminary level), Ripple Stacking Wave Strength (beginner level), Martial Saint Spiritual Technique (novice level)

Military Spear Skill (mastered)

Iron Crotch Skill (mastered), Iron Cloth Shirt Skill (preliminary level)

Heavenly Demon Disintegration Method (preliminary level)

In the blink of an eye, ten years passed quickly.

During these ten years, Qiao Mu worked diligently every day, day and night, without rest.

Looking inward at his dantian, Qiao Mu discovered that his dantian's sea of qi had expanded by one circle, and a hidden internal strength had filled the center of the sea of qi, forming a dantian vortex.

This meant that after this death, he had jumped from the mid-8th rank to the peak of the 7th rank.

Compared to the growth in his martial arts cultivation, the biggest change after the B+ Death Assessment was the various martial arts techniques Qiao Mu had mastered.

The Long Life Fist had reached a basic level, and two other hard techniques had achieved proficiency.

Qiao Mu touched his own skin and felt that his previously fragile skin had become a bit thicker, as tough as cowhide.

With a little effort, his already strong skin could become even tougher, as hard as solid rock.

"In the future, I should try to learn more martial arts techniques. It will be of great help after high-quality deaths."

The most fascinating thing that caught Qiao Mu's attention was the mysterious and profound martial art technique called "Martial Saint Spiritual Technique," which he had just obtained from the lord's manor.

"They say it's extremely difficult to learn and requires a strong character, but I find it quite easy. While learning this technique, I have also managed to make significant progress in practicing multiple martial arts."

The "Martial Saint Spiritual Technique" is a method of refining the spirit, cultivating the mysterious intuition within, which is hard to describe or understand.

Without any actual combat experience, it's hard for Qiao Mu to say how much his intuition has improved. He only has a vague sense of something within him...

He furrowed his brow and looked toward the north of the forest, but all he could see were mountains and thick woods. There didn't seem to be anything unusual to the naked eye.

However, deep inside, he had a feeling that he should go north.

Does this mean there's a hidden quest in the north? Can I trigger the main storyline by going there?

Oh? So, I was already cheating? Well, that's alright then.

Acting on his intuition, Qiao Mu took a few steps toward the north when suddenly he heard the faint sound of footsteps from beside him.

"Who are you?"

A big strong man came out of the bushes, followed closely by several bandits with turbans on their heads.

The big strong man was surprised when he saw Qiao Mu. He stared with his big round eyes and the look of shock slowly faded away.

"I thought it was the ghost of Qiao Lin coming out so soon, but it turns out you just look like him... cough, cough."

"Who are you? Why are you spying on our hideout?"

Qiao Mu was 42 years old at the time, older than the "Qiao Lin" the bandits had seen by about ten years.

Thanks to his advanced Long Life Fist technique, Qiao Mu, despite being in his forties, didn't feel any decline in his energy and blood. In fact, he even looked younger than his actual age, appearing to be in his thirties.

However, compared to the deceased Qiao Lin, he still appeared noticeably older and more mature.

Qiao Mu coughed lightly.

He is now 42 years old, and since he is over 40, he can't act restless like a young person anymore, or else it would feel out of place.

"My name is Qiao Sen. I have come to find my son Qiao Lin," Qiao Mu said seriously.

"Did this strong man just mention my son Qiao Lin's name? Is he here?"

Upon hearing these words, the big and strong man's face immediately became a little embarrassed.


After a short while, inside the infirmary in the mountain village.

Qiao Mu looked at his own body lying on the sickbed, with a mix of sadness and anger on his face.

"The Qiao family's teachings are fulfilled in death. My son sacrificed himself and killed the mayor's son, which is fitting."

Wang Songhe stood to the side, with a strange and awkward expression on his face.

"Brother Qiao Sen, be comforted. The departed are gone, the living continue." He said slowly.

This Qiao Lin was not killed by him, he could only say that he couldn't save him.

But Qiao Lin had just died and his father came knocking at the door. This made him, as a healer, feel a bit ashamed and reluctant to face Qiao Lin's father.

"You're right, the departed are gone, the living continue." Qiao Mu said deeply.

"The matter of the departed is settled, but the affairs of the living still need to be pursued."

"That Yan City's Lord, Guo Yan killed my two children. I will go and kill him in a few days!"

Wang Songhe:....

Looking at Qiao Mu at this moment, Wang Songhe suddenly felt a strange sense of familiarity.

No wonder the Qiao brothers are so strong and fearless, they are stubborn to that extent.

So it was you, the person who is a dad, who taught this!

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