Kill Me More Times, I’ll Become Invincible – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Qiao Mu Comes to Life and Dies Again

The well in the inner courtyard of the Lord's Mansion is filled with flowing water.

This well not only connects to an underground river, but it is also one of the secret escape routes secretly built by City Lord Guo Yan in the mansion...

When Qiao Mu broke through the cracked edge of the well, he fell into the well along with the collapsing rubble.

At first, Qiao Mu didn't think much about it.

He just wanted to die a little further away.

Leaving one's body for the enemy is not a good thing, because in the future, he might leave behind many similar bodies.

Being reckless and taking unnecessary risks is not necessary.

So, after falling into the well and discovering an underground passage leading to an unknown area, he immediately started charging forward.

His internal strength had been completely depleted in the final collision, and he was left with only a fraction of physical strength. So, he exerted all his effort to swim along the water current.

Unknowingly, the water current gradually became turbulent, and he changed from swimming downstream to drifting with the flow, his consciousness also becoming blurry.

"Now I must be dead far away, right?"

Qiao Mu was content, his body floating along with the water current, while having a serene smile on his face.

Now he is 32 years old, at the mid-level of 8th rank. Based on his performance in the Lord's Mansion, it seems that he is no worse than when he charged alone towards thousands of bandits.

When he returns again, he will consider how to express his gratitude for the many years of skill given to him by City Lord Guo Yan.

Wait, Guo Yan!

As the saying goes, "Thirty arrives at the east of the river, thirty arrives at the west of the river, never underestimate the poor middle-aged!"

You bully me when I'm middle-aged and poor, just wait until I'm old and I'll come back to beat you up!


After a long time.

Among the mountains outside Yan City.

Wang Songhe led the bandits of Mount Dong to migrate, preparing to establish a new stronghold or village among these mountains.

While the bandit villagers were washing clothes by the river, they saw Qiao Mu's body, covered in blood and flesh, floating downstream...

Upon hearing the news, Wang Songhe quickly arrived. He initially thought it was a corpse floating in the river, but after carefully identifying the mutilated face of Qiao Mu, he furrowed his brows.

"Is this Qiao Lin?"

Wang Songhe had a strong impression of Qiao Lin, and even tried to recruit him before.

"Qiao Lin is a person who hates evil and is very brave, but he sometimes lacks consideration in his actions. He still needs a bit of polishing, but he is like a precious gem. I've seen people like him before, and they all died quickly."

Wang Songhe's gaze wandered for a moment, as if remembering the past years.

"I thought Qiao Lin would soon stumble, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. I wonder who he fell into the hands of this time?"

Saying that, Wang Songhe called out to the tall and strong man behind him.

"Zhang Kui, carry him back to the mountain stronghold and bring him to my clinic."

"Brother Songhe, are you planning to personally treat this person?" the tall and strong man asked in surprise.

"Otherwise, should I just let him die without saving him?" Wang Songhe smiled and said to the unconscious Qiao Mu, "Qiao Lin, you're lucky this time. We have a connection. Such a serious injury would have killed anyone else. Fortunately, you met me."

"Indeed, this kid is lucky," the big strong man chuckled.

"When Brother Songhe saves him, who knows how he'll repay you for such a great favor."

Wang Songhe walked back to the mountain stronghold with his hands behind his back, memories from the past swirling in his mind.

He walked along the mountain road, talking to the bandits next to him as he went.

"When I was young, I studied medicine and achieved something."

"But healing one person is easy, healing a whole nation is difficult. So I abandoned medicine and pursued literature."

"Later, I read books by sages and became an official in the court. I thought I could use what I had learned to make a difference, but after the inhuman war, I realized how useless my knowledge from the first half of my life was in front of inhumanity..."

"But I'm digressing... Let's just put this person down here for now. Tsk tsk, the injuries are quite severe."


This treatment took three days.

During this time, Wang Songhe gradually learned about the things happening in Yan City.

In fact, he didn't even need to ask specifically, it seemed like someone was deliberately spreading this news, even the bandits in the mountains had heard of it.

"I didn't expect Qiao Lin to fall into Guo Yan's hands... His actions truly deserve the title of a hero. I misjudged him."

Wang Songhe was also amazed.

After learning the whole story, he looked at Qiao Lin with admiration and put even more effort into treating him, trying to save his life.

The fourth day.

Qiao Lin, lying in bed, opened his eyes with confusion.

He saw an unfamiliar ceiling in front of him.

"Are you awake?" came a familiar voice from beside him, it was Wang Songhe.

Qiao Lin:?

His mind didn't quite grasp the situation for a moment. In theory, he should have been reborn in a deserted place, right?

Why were there so many unfamiliar people surrounding him now? This group of strangers looked at him with a mix of admiration and pity.

"Qiao Lin, I am Wang Songhe. Your body is still in danger, don't move recklessly." Wang Songhe spoke with a friendly expression.

"You and I have a connection. We saw you drifting to the riverbank, critically injured and near death, so we saved you."

Qiao Mu, who was covered in bandages on the hospital bed, widened his eyes, then struggled to sit up.

"There's no need to get up and thank me." Wang Songhe held Qiao Mu down.

"I have already heard about your daring adventure in the Lord's Mansion and how you eliminated Childe Guo for the good of the people. Compared to what you have done, my help is just a small gesture, no need for formalities."

Qiao Mu's eyes widened.

Wang Songhe, we have no grudges against each other, why did you save me?

At this moment, he was wrapped in bandages, with no strength in his limbs, unable to sense any internal strength. He could barely move his neck.

"N-no..." Qiao Mu struggled to open his mouth, making a hoarse and unclear sound.

"What do you want to say? I can't hear you," Wang Songhe comforted gently.

"Don't rush, there's no need to hurry to speak. You can say whatever you want when you've fully recovered."

He wanted to cure me? With such wicked intentions?

Qiao Mu's eyes widened in shock. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, almost passing out.

With the blood spit out, he felt a bit relieved and managed to say a complete sentence in one breath:

"Let go... give up, don't.... treat me like this, I beg you."

Just as Wang Songhe said this, his eyes turned to Qiao Mu with a hint of pity.

He grabbed Qiao Mu's wrist and earnestly said:

"Qiao Lin, I know you're in excruciating pain, feeling like life isn't worth living, but please don't give up!"

"As long as you're alive, there's hope, hold on!"

"I, Wang Songhe, will never let a hero die in front of me like this!"

Upon hearing this, Qiao Mu spat out three mouthfuls of blood and finally fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, Wang Songhe got busy again, starting to rescue him.


The time came to the fifth day.

Wang Songhe stood by Qiao Mu's hospital bed with a blank gaze, reaching out to check Qiao Mu's breath and realizing there was none left.

His expression couldn't hold up for a moment.

Oh no, made a mistake?

Indeed, the injuries were too severe. At most, he could only help sustain his life for a few more days, but there was no way to save him.

He had boasted so confidently before, but in the end, Qiao Mu still passed away due to his grave injuries... He suddenly felt a hot flush on his face.

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