Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Yuki and Knee Occipital

Ding! "Congratulations, my dear master is cruel and very in line with the villain's code of conduct."

Villain Achievement Unlocked: First Blood.

Obtained achievement reward "Execution Skill" (Phoenix's special effect). Land a finishing blow on a weakened enemy. Regardless of what attack method and skill you're using, it will be attached with a unique and classy "Phoenix" effect.

"Even if you have to be a villain, you should be the coolest one."

After hammering him more than ten times, Rin threw the nail hammer aside and took a deep breath. It seemed that his anger had cooled down.

He then wiped the blood off his face with his sleeve; rather than looking at the bloody guy on the ground, Rin said to Elise behind him, "Silly elk use Purify."

"Oh… Oh!"

The soft light surrounded Rin, and the pure holy power immediately cleaned up the blood on Rin's body, and even calmed down his disorientated mood.

He didn't know if the result was the effect of the holy power, or if it was because he has the same blood as Lin Wuyue, which makes him different from ordinary people.

As for his bloodline, in fact, he also wondered why his parents, who were traveling to other countries for their wedding anniversary… could give birth to an evil god.

'No, no, I can't dwell too deep into it! I need to get back to the point!'

Rin didn't feel any resistance when he killed for the first time, he only felt a little disgust when he looked at the deceased body.

Elise proceeded to purify the nail hammer, before putting it back into her magic space.

The Kuudere hero waited for a while. Seeing that Rin didn't want to continue to "do" it, she resolutely took out her sword and finished the other one.

Rin suddenly reacted. A great opportunity to show the newly obtained "Phoenix" effect is gone!

The silly elk was calm and even took the opportunity to hold Rin's arm, "Little Rin, little Rin, did the villain mention Sister Yuki?"

Rin nodded, releasing his magic to destroy the corpses while still thinking.

Although he and Yuki are not related by blood and have no similarities in appearance, they give people a strong but indescribable sense of familiarity because of their hair color and aura.

Basically, everyone would think that they were siblings at first sight.

Obviously, the Evil Wizard had seen Yuki just now, and it was very likely that he just escaped from Yuki's pursuit, so he hated Yuki very much.

In that case, Yuki should have gone out to perform her special tasks.

"Little Rin really cares about Sister Yuki. It's the first time I've seen you so angry."

Rin was still thinking about Yuki. When he heard the speech, he nodded subconsciously, "That's right…"

Then he suddenly reacted jumping in place, and bared his teeth, "Not at all! The fake swordmaster is also a member of my Fenix family. It was to prevent someone from using her to discredit my family!"

He said waving his hand, then turned to leave, "That stupid woman gave me so much homework, sooner or later I will let her understand how horrible I am!"

Elise didn't take his words seriously. She listened carelessly and trotted to catch up with Rin.

Emilia was tired and yawned all the time. She looked back at a tree not too far away and staggered to keep up with them.

After they left, a figure appeared on the crown of a tall tree in the rear.

Yuki put one hand on the hilt of the sword and the other on her chest. Her dark red eyes had been following Rin's back, and a faint blush appeared on her rigid face.

That inexplicable, strong emotion had filled her heart and head, and there was no room for anything else.

Yuki tried to restore her composure, but her heart was pounding so fast that it was about to jump out, so she had to press it with her hand.

The star lights in her eyes became bright and the speed of circulation began to accelerate.

She took a few deep breaths and hammered her chest. She didn't take back her reluctant eyes until she couldn't see Rin's back at all.

Looking up at the dark sky, Yuki put her hand on her forehead.

"That's enough, isn't it?"

In response to the expectations in her heart, Yuki regained her composure, and her eyes became serious and indifferent again.

She temporarily accepted a task from the guild. There were many children missing in a village, and people suspected that it was related to the demon clan.

Such a dangerous task is not available to those students, so Yuki took it in person, searched, and thoroughly destroyed a sacrificial stronghold.

Missing two "small fishes", she tracked them down all the way here. She happened to see the fighting among the villains and her brother's team. She hid and was ready to go out to help her brother in case of an accident.

She never thought that an "accident" would actually happen, and it was such a beautiful accident that she would never forget it.

Although she wants to protect her brother secretly, but…

She still has her own tasks to complete, and as a sister, she should let her brother have his own room to grow.

With unprecedented hope, Yuki jumped down from the tree. Her dignified and graceful posture gradually disappeared into the forest.

When Rin finished setting up his tent, it was completely dark.

They slew a lot of magical beasts today, so they were tired.

The weather suddenly changed and it happened to rain. The three got into the tent together.

The silly elk reacted very quickly this time. She took the lead in getting into Rin's quilt. With two blushes on her face, she patted the mattress at Rin.

Rin rolled his eyes up, "Fool, go back to your sleeping bag!"

Emilia was about to say something, but Rin decisively interrupted her, "You too! I still have to do my homework today!"

"Hey, hey!?" Elise looked puzzled, "Little Rin is very tired! Why don't you sleep together with me?!"

"What… sleep together! Don't say those kinds of ambiguous words!" Rin raised his voice, "Learning without stopping is the basic responsibility of a student! Don't you understand?!"

With that, he sat on the mattress and took out his book, "You two fools sleep well for me. If you don't have a good rest, I will leave you behind tomorrow."

With limited conditions, he couldn't write today, but it didn't hinder him from continuing his study.

Emilia kept yawning and stared at Rin with her head tilted for a while. She probably felt that there was no chance for the time being, so she had to lie down and rest.

Her plan was to take a break and wait until Rin was ready to go to bed, just like yesterday.

It's a pity that Miss Hero overestimated her ability to stay awake. In less than ten minutes, she had even begun to lightly snore.

Elise's ahoge hair turned around as she suddenly had an idea. She laid on Rin's back and put her hands around his neck.

"Little Rin, I'll study with you!"

Rin felt the "impact" behind him, and suddenly his whole body grew stiff. His face turned hot and he had to move his ass away.

"Silly elk, don't stick so close… You… You're too heavy! It affects my study!"


Elise puffed up her cheeks. The ahoge hair above her head turned again, and then she suddenly released Rin, changed her posture, lay down on her side, put her head on Rin's legs, and smiled sweetly.

"That way it won't affect little Rin!"

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