Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: The Saint and Sledgehammers Are Better Matched

After scolding those two fools, Rin snorted with contempt and swaggered to the front.

"Well let's go now, I'm tired."

Elise smiled following right behind, Emilia followed too with an expressionless face.

The trees in the dense forest gradually became sparse. It seemed that they were about to pass through the dense forest to a wider place.

"We should be able to find a camping site soon."

After Rin made the announcement he was about to continue to move forward when, suddenly, he was held back by two small hands and had to stop.


"A very evil smell."

The two girls spoke at the same time. Rin turned his head and saw that Emilia's dull eyes suddenly had become more dignified, and the silly elk looked more serious.

He and the two girls hurried into a large area with thick bushes.

Holding his breath, Rin looked through the shadowy trees and tried to find something that could make the silly elk sense danger.

Unexpectedly, he could vaguely see an outline which was not a demon. Instead, there were two people who were talking.

The sounds could not clearly be heard through the dense forest. Nevertheless, the direction of their footsteps was heading toward their positions, getting closer and closer.

Emilia wrote with her fingers on Rin's back.

"A Level 15 Evil Wizard and a Level 14 Crazy Warrior."

Elise also quietly wrote the word "Extremely evil" in the palm of his hand.

Rin knew that Elise normally wouldn't use this word to describe others even if it was a real demon like Sha Ye.

It could only show that the two people must be extremely evil and exuded an ominous aura. Only then did Elise evaluate them like this.

"Evil Wizard" is a mutated class of heretics who practice sacrifice and witchcraft, whose will has been taken over by evil.

The level of the other party was not particularly high. With Miss Hero in the team, Rin was not afraid of them.

"Who's there?!"

A hoarse and low male voice suddenly sounded, simultaneously looking in the direction of Rin's party.

Rin could swore that his team had never made any movement. Maybe the other party has some means to detect presences in the surroundings.

Then they should attack now.

Rin swaggered out of the bushes alone, patted the leaves and dust on the robe with disgust on his face, and approached them slightly obliquely to keep his distance.

"I thought it was some kind of demon, so I hid here. It turns out to be two humans."

Rin raised his head arrogantly and glanced contemptuously at them.

The Evil Wizard was dressed in a dark linen cloak as expected, and the Crazy Warrior on the other side was tall and strong.

The former's face was full of pustules, which looked particularly like a toad, while the latter looked violent and cruel.

Both of them cautiously looked at Rin. After finding that he was just a young noble boy, they looked at each other in amazement.

Rin put one hand behind his back and made a sword-shaped gesture. This is the gesture they prepared to hunt magical beasts before. It means to kill the enemy directly.

"What are you looking at?" Rin glanced at them with a disdainful look, "The guy over there, get out of here quickly. You're too ugly, your face hurts my eyes!"

The evil wizard was a little angry, and smiled strangely, "Oh, it turned out to be a young boy whose hair hasn't grown. Look at this thin skin and tender meat. It must be very nice to cut it into pieces as material."

"Even if you want to cut it, let me caress it first, I'd like it." Beside him, the Crazy Warrior's eyes became eager, and he even began to drool uncontrollably.

Rin glanced at him with a disgusted look, as if he was looking at garbage, and pointed to his family Emblem, "I've seen a three-legged toad, but I have never seen a headless blind man before I met you. Don't you even know my family Emblem?"

"Good." Out of the corner of Rin's eye, he saw a handful of ahoge hair on the other side, so he sneered, "I'll let you two amphibious garbage experience the society on land."

With that, he had begun to chant quickly. At the same time, a large light ball suddenly appeared above the two men's heads and burst open, emitting dazzling lights.

"Holy Light." Elise's chanting sounded at the same time.

"Flame, flame, draw on the earth as a prison to bind demons. Flame Cage!"

Along with Rin's chanting, the Crazy Warrior who was just blinded by the Holy Light was surrounded by a flame cage. The fierce and burning flames entrapped him inside.

Emilia held a refined steel sword in both hands, and rushed forward, directly hitting the body of the Evil Wizard.

It was not the three's first ambush together. At this point, they cooperated with each other tacitly.

Plus with Miss Hero's super strong skills, if the enemies were not ten levels stronger than her, it was impossible to defeat her.

Soon the Evil Wizard had no time to dodge, and had an arm cut off by Emilia. Consequently, a black fog hovered on the fallen arm still holding a ritual dagger.

Emilia proceeded to stab his legs and then turned to fight with the Crazy Warrior.

The Crazy Warrior's skin was tough and his flesh was thick. It took Emilia a lot of time to take him down. Even so, the battle ended ten minutes later.

Both men were bleeding and had lost their fighting ability. The Evil Wizard was faced with the tip of Emilia's sword, while the Crazy Warrior was unconscious.

Elise came over holding a short wand, with a serious expression and a strand of solemn ahoge hair.

"Goddess of light, grant me the power of judgment."

She held the wand in both hands, bowed her head, and nodded devoutly as if she were praying. An extremely sacred soft Holy Light immediately surrounded it.

Rin even vaguely saw a faint halo above her ahoge hair.

Then, the next second, the soft and compassionate look changed. Elise recalled the wand back into her magic space and took out a spiked nail hammer.

"The Holy Light said, you committed the sin of killing innocent people and committed atrocities on children! It's a terrible crime, the judgement is execution!"

Rin gasped and glanced at the solemn and sacred Elise in disbelief.

Elise turned her head and looked at Rin with a questioning look in her eyes, "Little Rin, they bear a lot of evil karma of murdering innocent people. Can they be executed?"

Emilia wiped the blood off the sword, and her voice was still flat without emotion, "Hurry up, I'm hungry."


Rin's scalp was a little numb. The two girls were talking about killing people as easily as ordering takeaway. While I the villain, am actually the most soft-hearted?

Ling Wuyue, can you write more details in your novel? This sudden scenario is so scary!

Emilia might have killed robbers, but… Elise, what's the matter with you?!

Of course, Rin didn't have the mind to verify if they really had committed these actions. Their classes have explained and identified the problem. He absolutely trusts Elise and Emilia.

Rin snorted coldly. He was about to act tough, however, he heard the dying Evil Wizard suddenly laugh strangely.

"Little thing, your appearance reminds me of the female swordmaster who destroyed our stronghold. Ahh how, I really want to cut open her smooth and beautiful skin little by little and stab…"

Rin's pupil shrank, and his originally unwilling look suddenly became ferocious. He suddenly grabbed the spiked hammer in Elise's hand, raised it, and hit the Evil Wizard's head.

"Fu*<em>k you! Who are you talking about? You ugly thing, your mother must regret giving birth to you. How dare you mention my sister? Do you deserve it? Fu*</em>k you! Do you deserve it?!"

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