Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Protagonist, Don't You Dare Touch My Sister!

Unknowingly, the three walked into a somewhat dilapidated alley.

Here, there was no prosperous market and there were not many people.

This was an old street that had not been demolished and rebuilt. What they could see in front of them were either dilapidated stores that had no money to move away, or odd commodity stores that couldn't cope with the market.

For example, what Rin could see now was a handicraft shop around the corner.

The sculptures placed at the door were full of strange shapes, which seemed to be a typical representative of abstract art.

Rin didn't intend to go further, but Elise was curious and rushed in with great interest, and Rin had to follow her.


Elise suddenly stopped, pulled Rin's cuff and pointed to the handicraft shop, "Little Rin, it's your sister."

Rin subconsciously looked out and saw Yuki who was selecting goods through the glass window.

Elise happily entered the store and directly greeted Yuki, "Sister Yuki! What a coincidence!"

Yuki was holding two stone handicrafts. When she heard Elise's greeting, she turned around and was stunned to see Elise. Then she looked at Rin who followed behind Elise.

Subconsciously, she was a little shy and wanted to hide the things in her hand, but she was still calm on the surface.

Rin glanced at the objects in her hand. One was a small statue with a fish head and the other was a ball-shaped plush product full of tentacles.

In short, both of them looked very strange.

Rin recalled and found that Yuki didn't have such a weird hobby in the novel.

Incidentally, of all heroines, Yuki was also the poorest.

It was because she didn't take a penny from the Fenix family. Occasionally, she would use the reward from her adventures to help the children in the orphanage. Usually, she was not even willing to use advanced magical potions.

Her most valuable things were a small spatial ring and the sword on her waist, which was a reward from Her Majesty the Queen.

In short, she was a poor sword master who had rich experience in identifying medical plants, and always carried all kinds of medical plants with her, which was why she always had a faint smell of medical plants on her body.

Probably because she was one of the heroines, even the smell of medical plants on her body was fresh and pleasant.

Finally, Yuki put the two small objects aside and saluted Emilia and Elise, "Hello, Miss Hero and Her Royal Highness."

Then, she nodded indifferently to Rin.

Rin turned his head aside and said as usual, "It's a disappointment to meet my stupid sister. It's really disappointing!"

Elise asked with a smile, "Sister Yuki, you like crafts!"

Elise had a high initial liking for her future sister-in-law.

Yuki's ears turned a little red, and her face still looked serious. "I'm going to choose gifts."

"Wow!" The silly elk was a little happy, "I don't know if I can have one. Can I?"

"If your highness doesn't mind…"

Although Yuki had been very serious, she was still a little at a loss. She subconsciously stretched out her hand to grasp the sword around her waist, and the dots in her dark red eyes began to flow.

Of course, she wouldn't give strange crafts to the princess, so she had to choose a relatively normal craft from her spatial ring for Elise.

Then she handed Emilia a carving of a cat with wings and fish tail.

Rin looked and waited, finding that she wasn't going to give him a gift. He immediately widened his eyes and looked ferocious.

"Stupid Yuki, you don't know how to behave. You only know how to flatter the stupid Princess and waste Hero!"

Emilia tilted her head and looked at the strange cat in her hand. She didn't know how to evaluate it. Hearing the speech, she raised her head and looked at Rin.

"Tsundere, want it?"

"T, t, tsundere?! Don't get carried away and forget that I'm your creditor!"

Elise also smiled and said, "Little Rin, if you want a gift, just say it. It doesn't hurt to be frank once in a while."

"I don't want it at all!"

Yuki's body was straight, her palms were full of sweat, the roots of her ears were completely red, and her toes were curled up nervously.

Of course, she also wanted to give her brother a gift, but she was really embarrassed and afraid of being hated.

Now she found that her brother also wanted her gift very much. Suddenly, she was happy, nervous and shy.

Finally, she summoned up her courage and handed Rin the most normal item, with some expectation in her eyes.

Rin looked at the basketball-sized oval egg in front of him.

It looked like an egg. In fact, it was a very realistic handicraft with colorful stripes. To be honest, he thought that it looked like a Pokemon's egg.

Rin didn't like nor hate it, but because it was from Yuki, he was very happy.

On the surface, he stuck out his hand and poked the egg, "This thing, hum, looks cheap, with a smell of poverty."

A touch of loss flashed through Yuki's eyes.

"But for the sake of your empressement, I will take it reluctantly."

With a light touch on her hand, Yuki looked at Rin's face and saw him smiling and twitching the corners of his mouth, which directly hit Yuki's heart.

For a moment, she felt that her brother was indeed the cutest creature in the world.

Rin happily took the egg back, coughed, and slapped his face to show that he didn't feel happy.

Glancing at Yuki, he suddenly remembered that Yuki, as the team leader, actually accepted a task from the Fenix family.

Destroy a hidden Research Institute and obtain a valuable magic device inside.

Because the information was incomplete, Yuki would face a Level 53 Lancer there.

Although she won in the end, she was seriously injured.

She pretended to return with the students as if nothing had happened, but when she was trying to redress the herbs on her abdomen, it was accidentally seen by the protagonist.

What? Will Rayne peek at my sister's abdomen?

Rin suddenly flew into a rage and his face turned blue and white. The three girls looked at him in confusion.

Finally, Rin glanced at Yuki, "I won't take it for nothing like the two fools next to me. As a return… no, as a reward…"

He stuffed his treasured Advanced Healing Potion and Advanced Magic Recovery Potion into Yuki's hands.

Yuki quickly took them over, and then saw Rin put bottles of potions into her arms.

Finally, when Yuki put all the medicine into her spatial ring in a hurry, Rin handed her the most advanced topical ointment solemnly.

"And take this for me!"

He gnashed his teeth as he said, as if he were very reluctant.

But Yuki looked blankly at Rin's open palm. Even just from the appearance of the ointment, she could tell that it was very expensive.

An unprecedented, incomparably strong warmth stirred and lingered in her chest, and finally flowed to all parts and bones of her body, and even into her usual calm head.

My brother… my brother, he cares about me!

In fact, he is afraid of me getting hurt, so he cares about me in this way!

At this moment, Yuki suddenly shrank back. She hesitated for a long time and didn't reach out to take it.

She was afraid. This coveted care would hold her back from the cliff in the abyss, but she didn't know if it would soon be released and let her fall, until she was broken to pieces.

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