Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: The Deed of Sale

Rin was naturally able to say such grand words.

Although Orlan …, Rin's nominal father, is basically unconcerned about Rin, he is very generous with money.

Rin's monthly pocket money is five hundred gold coins.

Five hundred gold coins are equal to 500,000 silver coins. Rin is a top-ranked noble young master.

Even in the entire academy, not too many people could be as rich as him.

Of course, except for Suyu, the true richest guy … you may not believe it.

The richest person was the silly elk who had been puffing out her cheeks and waving her fist since he said he would pay the money for Emilia.

The Kingdom of Gioral was not the strongest military power on the continent, but it was indeed the richest. This was because it possesed the key resource needed for weapons, equipment, magic devices, and even magic cards - the Origin Crystal Mine.

The money earned from the circulation of Origin Crystal was used to develop magic technology to defend the kingdom, that's how this small kingdom could be so prosperous.

Back to the topic, as the Queen's most beloved youngest daughter, and the only sister of the Princess, Elise's monthly pocket money was far more than Rin's.

The silly elk has lost the basic concept of money, she doesn't even know that the magic crystal card in her hand, is a privileged card that cost over 10,000 gold coins.

Well, it's the same thing as a bank card, and a magical device that can be used in all large-scale stores.

In the novel, Christo built a chamber of commerce for the protagonist, but the total value of the chamber of commerce may not be even more than that silly elk's dowry.

Damn, I still feel so envious when I think about it!

Rin held Elise's head, leaving her standing in place with her teeth and hands unable to touch him.

On one side, Emilia stood still, seemingly in thought. Surprisingly, she didn't refuse him but carefully looked at the goods.

Rin guessed that this unscrupulous waste Hero was already used to robbing his food and drink, so now she had degenerated so much.

Grabbing Elise's ahoge hair to immobilize her, Rin quickly pulled out a pen and paper with one hand and started writing.

When Emilia finished choosing, Rin took out a few gold coins to check out quickly, and when he left the store, his expression suddenly changed.

"Waste Hero, lend me your hands."

Emilia was looking backward with a dull gaze, her eyes seem to have crossed the magic card store to the back alley.

Feeling a warmth in her hand, she turned around and cocked her head slightly, her eyes resting on Rin's grip on her hand.

She wondered why her passive sensing talent had not taken effect, allowing Rin to touch her with ease.

Rin had already prepared the magic seal clay and quickly wiped her fingertips while she was unprepared and pressed them onto the paper.

Very well, the contract stands.

Rin snapped his fingers in triumph, "You see, how will you pay for it?"


"This is a receipt for a loan. I paid for the food you bought earlier, right? And I paid for the goods you chose just now. The total is five gold coins and three hundred and twenty silver coins, and the daily interest is ten percent, remember?"

Emilia still tilted her head, expressionless, "Hmm?"

"I almost forgot that your math is off. Anyway, you have to pay me five gold coins and eight hundred and fifty-two silver coins back tomorrow. If you don't pay me tomorrow, it will be six gold coins and four hundred and thirty-seven silver coins and twenty coppers the day after tomorrow. Sigh, even if I explain, I guess you can't remember. Anyway, if you don't pay my money back, you will have to listen to my orders."

Rin's finger flicked the debit note: "See, you have to do whatever I say, be my valet every day, at my beck and call! When I need you, you must come at the fastest speed, so you'd better never leave an inch from me. Do you understand? Look, here is your handprint."

Emilia's head was still calculating, but she only got a mess in her mind. As for what Rin said …

She then heard a few words, "at my beck and call", "I need you", and "never leave an inch from me".

Her heart felt like there were a dozen cats arching back and forth, scratching and scratching, but her emotion was suppressed by her passive talent, and she eventually just nodded with some disorientation.


Rin was a little surprised, thinking that this unscrupulous waste Hero actually agreed so simply. Hum, she really is a straight-F student, I'm afraid that she doesn't know how terrible this IOU is!

However, it was not only Miss Hero, who heard a few words and rearranged them, but also Her Royal Highness.

Elise now anxiously stopped in place, and even her ahoge hair was stiffened. She looked incomparably serious and raised her hands up.

"Little Rin! I want it too! I want it too!"

Rin was speechless, "Don't be stupid! Do you understand it?"

"Mmmmmm, that … me! I want to borrow a lot of money from Little Rin too, and not at a ten percent daily rate, but … at one hundred percent!"


Rin immediately knocked her head hard, "One hundred percent? You can't afford to pay it even if I sell you! Go away, go away, don't mess up at this time!"

Elise instantly lowered her head. Her hand clenched, and her body was trembling gently.

Rin quickly asked, "What's wrong, silly elk?"

"Mmnng- sniff."

Elise made a whimpering sound that she was trying desperately to hold back.

"No… no way, are you crying?"

Elise lifted her head. Her lake-colored eyes were filled with tears, her eyelashes were stained with wetness, and her face was abnormally red. She bit her lower lip and cried, looking aggrieved.

Rin felt a headache immediately, "Say something! Don't cry! This is a public place, you're embarrassing yourself!"

"Oooh, little Rin, I… I want it too, oooh."

Her Highness was even sadder, and her pitiful look was simply sticking sticks into Rin's heart.

He covered his forehead, gritting his teeth, "Okay, okay! Just do whatever you want to do! I really don't want to see you be so embarrassing, I don't agree with you because you're almost drowning in tears, you silly elk!"

Elise wiped away her tears and gave Rin a sweet, silky smile that matched her wet eyes. To be honest, that was a little too cute for Rin's heart.

She also pulled out a pen and paper, searched around, and finally propped herself up with Rin's back, wrote a few paragraphs, and then excitedly stamped her fingerprint on it.

Rin turned around and looked at it, and saw what she wrote, "Today, I borrowed a lot of money from ‘little Rin’ (crossed out) ‘Rin Fenix’, according to the daily interest rate of one hundred percent …".

The latter is the same as the "slave" clause he gave to Emilia.

Anyway, Rin was really too embarrassed to read this messy contract, and he has a very strong sense of unease that this thing would put him into trouble later.

If the Queen and the Eldest Princess knew about it, they would break his legs!

"Ding, congratulations! My dear master, you once again take the initiative to do very heartless things, showing your villainous style!"

Unlocked achievement: Force Good People to Be in Debt (small).

Receive 1,000 gold coins as an incentive.

Please my dear master continue to be scum!"

Rin simply ignored the system's reminder and the achievement he had just obtained, because he was now busy telling Elise not to say anything about it to anyone else.

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