Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: I'm Just Playing Around With the Demon King

"I think you really misunderstood me, he and I, in fact, are in that kind of relationship …"

Suyu said. Although her expression was still incomparably shy, the meaning of the words was very bold.

Rin and Rayne were both flabbergasted.

The former knew it was supposed to be the Demon King's bad joke, while the latter had an incredulous plus envious and jealous expression.

But the play has to be continued!

Rin wrenched free of her hand, then coldly snorted, "I was just making fun of you, don't think that you can have any relationship with me."

And then, he narrowed his eyes at Rayne: "Last time, our duel was disturbed, this time, well, I want to break your legs."

Sherlock looked left and right and said helplessly, "But, this is the library..."

Rayne reached out to show him that he was okay with it, "Do you dare to fight with me in the grove?"

Rin blinked, "Your lover is next to you, please don't say such disgusting and ambiguous words to me, OK?"


Suyu couldn't help but cover her mouth and snicker, coming up to his ear, "Hmm, you're not as innocent as you look."

The hot breath in his ear was fragrant and soft. Rin hardly put on a serious look and pushed Suyu's head away.

Rayne was pissed off, "Don't you frame me! Senior sister, my sexual orientation is very normal!"

Suyu rolled her eyes. 'Why tell me? Does it have anything to do with me?'

"Oh, after everything you've done, you still don't dare admit it? In that case, I will help my classmate Sherlock teach you a lesson."

Unexpectedly, Sherlock didn't look angry but kept reminding Rayne to be careful, like a wife who was exhorting her husband.

Suyu looked left and right, following them out with interest.

She was a little worried about this little guy. After all, this guy had already accepted in his heart that he was going to be beaten up.

Sigh, you clearly know that you're going to be beaten up but you're still going to go. You really are like the hamster I raised!

Coming to the grove, Rayne told Sherlock to stay away, and Rin also intended to let Suyu stay away from him.

Suyu suddenly stepped forward, hugged Rin's waist, and whispered, "Boy, be careful."

Then she let go of her hand quickly and took a few steps back, turning her back on them. But her look of secretly covering her mouth and laughing made her look like a fox that had stolen a chick.

The three boys didn't notice that seemingly faint air fluctuations flashed in front of Rin.

The duel officially began.

Rayne habitually looked left and right, didn't see the Hero, and was relieved. He pulled the trigger and his gun went off.

Rin's chanting had not yet ended. Seeing the white smoke from the muzzle of the gun, he honestly would have liked to cover his head to prevent being hit in the face, but as a villain, he was not allowed to do so.

But a strange thing happened. Rin had closed his eyes and prepared to cry, but didn't feel any pain in his body. On the contrary, Rayne let out a shocked howl.

He curiously opened his eyes and found that Rayne had covered his cheeks, sitting on the ground, while Sherlock was very worried and supported him.

Even as Rayne covered his face, Rin could see a bruise beginning to bulge up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Sherlock angrily pointed at Rin, "Fenix, you cheated and used a spatial magic device!"


Rin was confused, "Are you trying to frame me? When did I use a spatial magic device? And that thing is so expensive, do you think that you’re worthy of me using it?"

"If you didn't use a spatial magic device, then why did the bullet that should have hit you land on Rayne's body!"

"You idiot, it must be because your alchemy failed and you synthesized a trash weapon that would hit its own user. Don't make false accusations."

"My alchemy won't fail!"

Seeing that Fenix was still talking nonsense, Rayne was provoked, lifted the gun once again, and shot.

And along with Suyu's fingers gently shaking, the barrel of the gun suddenly exploded. The scene was somewhat awkward.

Rin sighed helplessly.

Sigh. The protagonist isn't reliable. Although your alchemy will not fail, it doesn't mean that the quality is always good.

Wait, that’s not right! The situation before was indeed very strange.

But… this is not his fault, right?

Losing his face in front of a beauty, Rayne dropped the gun on the spot, covering his face and running away, Sherlock rushed to catch up.

Far away, Rin could still hear their conversation.

"There is no way my alchemy failed, it must have been Fenix's trick."

"Yes, I believe Rayne."

"Sherlock, you're too kind."

Rin felt a little uncomfortable as he listened, but even more uncomfortably, Suyu came up once again.

"Congratulations, you won."

[Wait, now I know why I felt something strange. I remember the Demon King can use space magic! It must be because of her. Huh? when did Rayne piss her off?]

Looking at Suyu, her expression was a bit dangerous with a murderous aura around her body.

She put her hands behind her back and approached Rin. Her previous soft expression disappeared at this time, but she put a weird smile on her face.

"Little guy, did you find out?"

[Crap… did I show too much suspicion, so now the demon king is going to erase me?]

[It must be. She's not even acting now!]

Rin waved his hand, pretending to be calm: "Find out what? That Rayne is a trash alchemist?"

"Little guy, you're not afraid, are you?"

"You're out of your mind! Do I have 'afraid' in my vocabulary?"

"Then, why are you backing up?"

At this time, because of the Demon King's pressure, he instinctively stepped back, until he leaned against the tree behind him.

Looking at Suyu who was approaching even closer, Rin's adam's apple rolled up and down.

"I just don't like calculating women and want to stay away from you."

Suyu again came to his ear, "Little guy, I remember you have a fiancee, right? If your fiancee were to know what you did before, will she be angry?"

Rin would love to regain his villain's majesty, but the pressure from Suyu at this time was too much, Rin could even see a vague pair of purple magic wings behind her back.

Suyu listened to his heart, in addition to fear, there were only a bunch of messes. She didn't pay attention to it, reached around his neck, and her body was also attached to his.

"Forget it, you are so cute and you also helped me. I don't mind it."

The Demon King immediately left him, because she also didn't have much contact with men.

Feeling a little bit of shame, Suyu subconsciously cast a small spell on Rin.

Then she turned away, walked a few steps, suddenly stopped, and once again reverted to her previous timid look. She put her hand on her chest with fear and anxiety on her face.

"No matter what you know, please … please don't say anything. No matter what you tell me to do, I … I will do everything."

After saying that, she threw a charming smile at him. She ruffled her long hair and just left.

Rin felt both amused and annoyed. The bitchy Demon King was too much to handle for him.

Fortunately, in the academy part of the novel, the Demon King had been acting behind the scene, and would not appear too often. Otherwise, Rin felt that his heart wouldn't stand it.

His so-called villainous aura was nothing compared to the Demon King's pressure.

Thinking of this, Rin intended to go to the restaurant to eat, and then found … his body could not move, as if there was something invisible to hold him in place.

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