Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The Protagonist, Please Come Quickly!

"I told you to leave! But you're still here?, do you want me to do something to you?!"

[Oops, I will not be blasted into slag by the narrow-minded demon king, will I?]

Me? Narrow-minded?

Suyu felt pissed off inside, but feeling the hot air being blown onto her face, her body tingled a bit.

This shameless human was leaning too close.

Looking up at Rin, Suyu found that, if she looked closely, this guy was really good-looking.

He had short brown curly hair, his skin was whiter and fairer than most girls', and his mixed-race face was also quite handsome.

His black pupils looked clean and translucent, coupled with his warm breath, the demon king inexplicably had an impulse to paint him completely black.

Yes, this type of pure human being should be completely smeared black by the Demon King.

At this moment, Rin's calm eyes contained a trace of unease.

Suyu's face blushed. Her fingers gently pushed Rin away with a shy and timid look.

"Erm… y-you're too close."

The soft voice tickled in Rin's ears. He looked at her purple, watery eyes, which were emitting amazing charm, and felt a choke of his breath.

[Crap, worthy of being the demon king, whose charm can be compared to the goddess. It feels so tempting. Could she have the bloodline of the succubus?]

[No no, wake up, this is pretending! She is the bitchy demon king!]

Suyu quietly moved close to his heart, inclined her head, and put her fingers in front of her lips, pretending to be a shy beauty. But her heart was annoyed.

What do you mean by saying "bitchy"? Although she doesn't understand the meaning because of her lack of understanding of human words, her intuition told her that this was definitely a very bad word.

Rin sucked back a cold breath at her flirtatious charming gesture.

But he heard the sound of someone coming upstairs, so he had to continue acting with her.

So, recalling the behavior of a delinquent boy in a movie, Rin reached out and cupped her chin, mentally shouting at the system a million times.

"Quickly tell me, she will not kill me, right?!"

"In order to prevent my dear master from getting killed by the heroine in advance, this system will provide Instantaneous Movement to protect your life. Rest assured, you won't die before your destined death."

Hearing these words, Rin's heart finally settled down. He pinched Suyu's chin and gently lifted it up, looking at the pair of helpless deer-like eyes.

"Girl, you are not resisting. Was I right? Do you really want me to do something to you? Could it be that the last time was also intentional?"

"It's not like that. Please calm down first, okay?"

Despite the fact that the demon king at this time behaved very cooperatively, Rin still felt that his life was hanging precariously on the cliff.

Suyu was actually quite happy, listening to Rin's inner fear and panic, but his appearance was completely different from what he was thinking.

This was the first time that she saw such a person, whose behavior was totally different from what he was thinking.

Plus, she knew that he knew her identity, and his pure soul... Suyu suddenly had a desire to tease him.

She remembered when she was a child in the Demon King's City, she once raised a magical hamster, who liked to cover up its fear by lifting its claws and showing its teeth.

Rin hoped that the protagonist could notice what was going on, so he increased his voice, "But, girl, you are too cute, I can't calm down."

The Demon King suddenly froze, then hurriedly covered her nose with both hands.

Little hamster, you messed up! H-he called me cute?

Unfortunately, you are still calling me a bitch in your heart. If you continue, I really will get pissed off.

"Ding, congratulations, my dear master, you've successfully disgusted me with your greasy voice, and succeeded in making the heroine feel embarrassed and angry.

Unlocked Achievement: Stunning Creature (small).

Rewards: A small capacity image storage magic crystal. In this world, it should be called an Impression Magic Crystal, with the effect of capturing images, very precious. Please make reasonable use of it."

[What the heck, Stunning Creature? ¥%…&!]

This damn system must be cursing me, right? It must be cursing me!

But at this time, Rin couldn't care about anything else, because behind him came a righteous shout.

"Shameless! Let go of that girl!"

[The protagonist! You are finally here!]

[If you don't come, your heroine will be taken away, don't you know?]

Rin hurriedly let go of Suyu's chin, impatiently turned around, and as he expected, he saw the protagonist's angry face, as well as his best friend, Sherlock.

"It's you again! You damned trash, you ruined my good mood! How do you plan to apologize to me? Huh?!"

Suyu touched her cheek, hiding behind Rin, quietly looked at the protagonist. Because she was a little curious about those inexplicable words that Rin said in his heart.

Why does it sound as if I'm determined to have some special relationship with this man?

Suyu looked Rayne up and down, feeling some special atmosphere, but he didn't really deserve her attention. She thought for a while and cast her Mind Reading magic on him.

[This evil young man is bullying girls again!]

[Too lucky, why would beautiful girls like Her Highness the Queen, or the Hero approach him?! They must have been coerced, right? It must be like that!]

[This time, I will reveal your ugly face to them and keep them away from you scum!]

[This girl must be terrified, it's okay, when I drive this evil young man away, you will be safe, and we will become friends afterward.]

"This is the sacred library, Fenix! You actually dare do such things here. I request a duel from you, for those girls you bullied!"

Suyu blinked, and the mischief in her heart was getting higher and higher.

This guy suddenly appeared and disturbed her teasing of this interesting little guy. Actually, she was somewhat annoyed.

Not to mention that this little guy had expressed his intention of defection and loyalty to her — although it was in his heart.

So, Suyu held Rin's arm and looked at Rayne.

"Sorry, but you must be mistaken. He is not bullying me."


Rayne looked at Suyu, who looked so soft and helpless, and suddenly realized: "Don't worry, he doesn't have the capacity of hiding the truth from the masses. There are still justice and fairness in this school!"

Rayne thought that the girl said this because she didn't want to be threatened by Fenix later.

[What a poor girl, she must want to use this way to keep herself out of trouble. But, I will beat him up! I must let him taste the power of a shotgun, which is impossible to see in this other world!]

Hearing Rayne's heart words, Suyu narrowed her eyes slightly and finally knew where the other party's peculiar aura came from.

That is… the breath of transmigrators from other worlds.

As a demon king who had been living for more than one hundred years, she was naturally also clear about the story of transmigrators from other worlds.

In order to deal with the powerful demon king, the goddess often sent transmigrators to this world to help the Hero, or simply let them become the Hero. They all have a unique magical talent.

Is this the reason why this interesting little guy said those inexplicable words before?

But, what is the identity of this little guy again?

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