Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: You Two Don't Bother Me to Get Beaten Up

The sound stopped abruptly. Emilia looked at him for a long time and opened her mouth again.


"… It's noisy! Don't play cute! Even if you're playing cute, you're still a stupid, dumb, and shameless bandit cat!"

Rin reached out and pointed out the window, "Go play outside! I need to read the book now."


"Just starve to death! There's no food for you here!"

Emilia didn't have much of an obsession with food today, and quickly climbed out the window. She sat down in her usual spot, playing with the toy cat in her hand.

She loved cats, but she won't buy them.

First, the school doesn't allow one to keep a cat; second, cats like to eat fish, and she hates fish the most; third, she is not sure she can really take care of a real cat.

So a fake cat like this one would satisfy her heart's desire.

She had no friends, and the moment she became the Hero, she "lost" her family and never spent a birthday with anyone else.

She was unable to express her emotions and was considered difficult to communicate with, and no one listened to her thoughts.

Every time she went to Rin, looking at his angry and helpless face, she felt a little happy.

That tsundere's tone was unkind, but he would let her do whatever she wants every time. This should be the so-called friendship she was longing for.

Today is her birthday, so she wanted to prepare a gift for herself, and just happened to meet Rin. She didn’t know the reason why, but thinking about other people's friends giving them birthday gifts, she suddenly had a longing.

Just, she still couldn't express it, but she tried to and finally made that sound. It was really shameful, but the good thing is that that tsundere seems to like that sound.

She didn't expect that Rin had actually sensed her feelings and bought it specifically for her.

I'm really happy… I no longer want to be alone.


Emilia thought of what she saw today, it seems that Elise was with him again? No matter what time she sees him, that girl always seems to be there?

She felt inexplicably… unhappy.

Emilia still looked expressionless, but she grabbed the toy cat harder.

"Well… Emilia-sama, in the future, you will go to crush all kinds of enemies, so you should study hard."


"Emilia-sama, your grades are not good, right?"


Elise was troubled, looking at the kuudere Hero who was following behind Rin without saying a word.

It's been a few days. At first, she just wandered around from time to time. Now she was directly following behind Rin all days.

It is not at all a coincidence!

However, the kuudere girl simply refuses to talk, which makes Elise feel helpless.

And Emilia, just with her pair of lifeless eyes, stared at Elise silently.

Rin suddenly stopped and came back from his thoughts. Seeing the two girls follow behind him, he was slightly stunned, and then waved his hand in disgust.

"Get away, get away, don't follow me, I have important things to do."

Elise also withdrew her gaze from staring at Emilia and asked curiously, "Little Rin, what are you going to do?"

"Stupid Elise, why do you care so much!"

Rin rolled his eyes, and then said to Emilia, "I'm not going to eat now, why are you following me?!"

Seeing the two girls didn't move, Rin grabbed Elise's ahoge hair and knocked hard on Emilia's head.

"Get away you two!"

Finally driving the two girls away, Rin touched his chin, thinking that girls' friendship is really inexplicable. They were still not very familiar with each other a few days ago, and now they were together everyday.

But he does have something important to do now, the villainous plot belonging to him is coming again.

And this time, the plot is more critical. The protagonist and the former demon king will have their first meeting, and at the same time, he and the demon king, who will be his future boss, will also meet each other today.

Oh, although he is just a tool in the demon king's eyes.

According to the specific plot, the villainous evil young man would hang out in the secluded grove behind the library and then saw the demon king, who was reading in the corner.

And the role the demon king played was… a second-year student, whose class is low-level Magic Scholar.

In addition, the role she played was also a weak, helpless illegitimate daughter who was often bullied by other students.

As cannon fodders, the evil young master's henchmen would surround the demon king, and the evil young master would also join the bullying after the "weak girl" resisted them.

At this time, the protagonist and his good friend happened to pass by, chased away the evil young master's henchmen, and hung the evil young master on a tree overnight.

This made the demon king feel interested and notice the protagonist, of course, until the middle of the novel, the demon king was just using the protagonist's kindness to achieve her own goals.

Now, he would go to get himself beaten up.

However, Elise and Emilia always follow him, which made his henchmen have no opportunity to get close to him.

A villain without henchmen… so embarrassing.

Rin sadly looked around, and saw Christo Hunter who happened to pass by with his head lowered.

Rin was about to call him to stop and ask him to call his henchmen over, but he didn't expect that Christo would immediately run away when he saw him.

Rin hadn't even uttered a threatening word yet, and could only grind his teeth and put his revenge down.

Forget it, anyway, it's to get beaten up. It doesn't matter if I go with two henchmen or go alone.

So, Rin walked to the grove behind the library. Out of his expectation, he didn't see anyone there.

"What the hell? I'm early? It shouldn't be, the system said it was after class."

Rin waited for a long time, but still, no one came here. It's about dinner time.

"System, what do I do?"

"… Maybe the heroine ran away again. I don't know where she went."

The system's voice sounded tired. Such a situation has happened many times.

After all, they are living beings, not NPCs. It's also normal that they would act on their own.

"But, this is the plot of my debut." Rin smashed his mouth.

"Maybe there is a change in the timeline, I can't say for sure."

Rin shrugged helplessly and had to prepare to go back. It was not his problem anyway, whatever.

When Rin passed by the library, he suddenly remembered that he hadn't returned the books he borrowed last time, so he walked in.

After returning the books, he went straight up the stairs, intending to check out the second floor.

He heard that the books on the second floor are advanced theoretical books, but students basically can't read them and they are usually open to teachers.

At this time, the second floor is empty. With a glance around, it seems that no one is here.

Just when Rin passed several rows of bookshelves, he suddenly heard some girls' voices coming from the innermost.

He followed the sound and saw three girls blocking a dark-haired girl in the corner. A girl grabbed the black-haired girl's hair and the two other girls scolded her with disdain.

What's this? School bullying?

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