Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Congratulations on Being Pushed Another Step Ahead

Oh, so tangled.

He wanted to let Elise leave with disappointment so she wouldn't become sadder in the future. However, he also didn't want to become alone in this world from now on.

Rin suddenly felt that the title of "Scum of the Earth" was not wrong.

Forget it, just keep going and see what will happen, maybe the plot will suddenly become different.

He soon regained his optimism and was about to urge Elise to leave when he suddenly felt warmth and softness on his cheek.

Rin looked over and saw that it was Elise with her hands on his cheeks, frowning and staring at him for the first time with a serious look.

"What was on Rin's mind just now? Why did you keep frowning?"


Feeling the warmth on his cheek, Rin's heart inexplicably tingled and he took two steps back.

"Just thinking it's so late now, we have to go back to school, but my clothes are dirty, so I don't want to go back somehow."

Elise instantly smiled, "So that's it, huh, little Rin, it's time for you to see my awesome skills."

She imitated Rin's look, but no matter how hard she tried, Rin only felt that her pretentious look was too cute.

Elise silently closed her eyes and chanted in a low voice, a silvery-white magic circle gradually formed under their feet, a faint white halo enveloped her, her hair and skirt swinging without wind.


Rin only felt the warm, loving breath surround him, followed by a breeze, and his body was suddenly clean and new.

Rin enviously glanced at the smug silly elk, well, this skill is really convenient. With it, she not only doesn't need to go to the toilet, but also can use it as a washing machine.

Then he knocked Elise's head: "Okay, don't fool around. Let's go find a place to eat and then go back to school."

"Got it." Elise spat out her tongue, "Little Rin, compliment me, compliment me."

Back to the dormitory, Rin still habitually took a shower, changed into pajamas, and laid down on the bed.

Everything that happened today flashed back in his mind. He turned on the bed and took a few deep breaths to clear the cluttered thoughts out of his mind.

As an actor, it's useless to think that much.

Lying down for a while and restoring some spirit, Rin continued to sit at the table, taking out books to prep.

Studying has become a habit, and also allows him to find some meaning in this world.

After opening the book, Rin was once again immersed in the sea of study, until that familiar voice rang out again.

Rin just swept a glance and continued to focus on the book.

"Stupid cat, are you already used to breaking in through the window? Do you want to rob me in the future?"

He didn't get a response, but this was also normal. The kuudere young girl had long sat on his wide desk, but hugged only her knees, looking out the window.

He noticed that the current Emilia was somehow strange, so he put down the pen, "You usually are like a hungry ghost, as soon as you come, you would rob my food. But tonight… why do I feel that you are somehow…"

The kuudere girl didn't say anything.

"Somehow sentimental?"

Looking at Emilia, Rin shook his head. He also didn't know why he had this strange feeling.

Emilia turned her head to look at him, her lifeless eyes lit up, then she covered her stomach like she usually did.


"I knew it, it's an illusion."

Rin felt some toothache, and was about to take out some food and drive Emilia out, when suddenly there was a cold swish in his heart.


Am I already used to it? Why do I always put food in my space every time I eat dinner?

Damn it!

Rin was somehow annoyed. Thinking of the toy cat he bought before, suddenly he put on a bad smile.

"Tsk, let me show you something."

Taking the cat toy out, Rin deliberately picked it up and waved it in front of Emilia's eyes.

Then looking at Emilia's eyes, she was like a teased cat, her eyes followed his hands turning around.

"Look at it, is it cute?"

Emilia nodded her head.

"Is it nice?"

Emilia nodded her head.

"Unfortunately, it is not yours, hahahahaha!"

Rin grabbed the toy and shook it hard, and the toy cat cooperated by making helpless purring sounds.

Feeling that it was almost enough, Rin was about to throw the toy back so that she could only see it but couldn't touch it, he felt the pleasure of revenge.

However, Emilia's hand was faster. She instantly grabbed his right wrist that was holding the toy.

Rin originally wanted to throw the toy cat into his space ring, he tried and found that he couldn't break free from her hand, and he shouted annoyed: "What do you want again?!"

Emilia's eyes shifted from the toy cat to Rin's face, her eyes reflecting a somewhat soft light.

She suddenly realized that Rin could read the meaning of what she expressed during the day, which made her a little happy.

No, not a little… it's an almost irrepressible smile.

She tried so hard and didn't end up smiling.

Emilia knew that Rin was a tsundere. If she said it, he would become not frank at all and it would become more difficult to get the gift.

So, she chose the most straightforward method.

She reached out and grabbed Rin's collar and shook his head hard. Until Rin became dizzy and the toy fell from his hand, Emilia quickly reached out and caught it, then held it in her arms.

So that it is not a robbery, but just picking it up.

Rin, who regained consciousness, incredulously stretched out his finger and pointed at Emilia.

"You… you wretched hero! How dare you really rob me! That's a crime!"

"I picked it up." Emilia said with certainty.

Rin immediately felt… blood rush to his brain, and then could not resist pulling out the magic book.

He intends to smash the unscrupulous hero's dog head!

Just before throwing it, he suddenly heard a few words from Emilia's mouth and his rising blood pressure instantly dropped.

"My birthday."


Not only did his blood pressure drop, Rin even felt a chill all over his body.

Right, how could he forget!

Emilia's birthday is on the weekend of the first week of school.

In the novel, the protagonist went out for a walk in the evening and happened to meet Emilia, who was squatting beside the garden fountain pool and playing with stones.

After realizing that Emilia was using the stones to put out the pattern of a cake, the protagonist immediately guessed that today is Emilia's birthday.

Then he brought her a gift, also ate it together with her, and smoothly obtained her good feelings.

But now…

The damn Hero came to his room as usual and didn't give the protagonist any chance to meet her and obtain her good feelings. He almost forgot there was such a thing! The waste system didn't hint at him because this plot has nothing to do with him!

Rin cautiously waited for half a minute, did not hear the sound of the system's punishment, then he was relieved.

Right, I didn't do it on purpose. She ran to my room on her own, and grabbed the gift on her own, I didn't give it to her!

Rin looked at Emilia, who was holding the toy cat and playing with it, and he found that she actually hummed a familiar song without the rising and falling tones.

"Shut up, bandit, it's terrible to hear!"

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