The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Visiting and Learning

In a world, condemned prisoners could leave the prison alive, but in exchange, they had to wear a special powered armor, which became their new prison, unable to be removed.

Uesugi Kiyoshi was inspired by this concept, and the armor he designed was also a prison, trapping the opponent's body and abilities.

Seeing his sister stabbed in front of him, Aze Xima was first confused, then his expression changed.

He hesitantly knelt down, from polite to impolite, and finally prostrated himself, but whichever position he tried, Aze Qiantan remained firmly in front of him.

In other words, no matter whom Aze Xima wanted to worship, he was actually worshiping his own sister.

As a demon descendant, Aze Qiantan was not afraid of apologies or attacks.

It was like a fable with conflicting elements – the strongest spear could break anything, the strongest shield was indestructible. But if you welded the strongest shield to the tip of the strongest spear, it was just a hoe.

Aze Qiantan quickly understood their situation, shouting in panic, "We're doomed!"

No, there is still hope!

After witnessing countless deaths, Aze Xima became skilled in the art of suicide. He wanted to bite off his tongue, causing blood to choke his airway. Even if he couldn't suffocate to death, he would lose the ability to speak, thus allowing for a rebirth.

Before he could act, the arriving soldiers smashed his teeth with a hammer. The following medic removed the broken pieces and inserted a feeding tube into his nose.

Suddenly, a helmet dropped from above, fitting his head perfectly and seamlessly blending with his armor.

The helmet even had a thoughtful visor with a cleverly designed reflective lens, allowing Aze Xima to see clearly without hindrance, thus preventing any rebirth triggers.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Despite Aze Xima's dying struggles, nobody paid any more attention. Once the mission was accomplished, the soldiers quickly left the scene, and the construction team began their work.

They were building a structure here to confine the target's movements within a one-kilometer radius.

Luckily, Aze Xima was slow to move due to bringing along his family, giving them plenty of time.

"Remember, always keep about ten maintenance staff on hand at all times, don't let any accidents happen, make sure he doesn't escape!"

After instructing his subordinates to finish up, Uesugi Kiyoshi expressed his gratitude to Tsujii Souichi again.

"This time, I really appreciate your help, Souichi!"

The doll was Tsujii Souichi's specialty skill, he could give inanimate objects a temporary life, with no other drawbacks except for being prone to consuming its master.

Using a live person as bait could work, but it was highly likely to attract some apologetic attacks, leading to potential brain damage.

"I graciously accept your thanks, hmph, it was no trouble at all!"

Tsujii Souichi chuckled with glee, swaggering over to the back of the control room where thousands of bottles were placed, each containing a victim of Aze Xima.

Standing before them, Tsujii Souichi rarely fidgeted, wringing his hands in front of him.

"Yuri, are you there?"


"Look, I've helped a lot too, so can you give me a kiss?"


"Well then, goodbye!"

Tsujii Souichi waited with a smile on his face for a moment, seemingly getting what he wanted before leaving the command room happily.

Uesugi Kiyoshi watched all this and felt more reassured in his heart.

If even Tsujii Souichi's request could be met, it seemed like the victims' resentment had also dissipated.

However, it was only natural, as they had been staying in the command room of the research institute for some time, witnessing every death of the Aze siblings clearly.

This was much more ruthless than wiping out completely!

Uesugi Kiyoshi cleared his throat and asked the victim in the room.

"The outcome may not be the best, but it is the best I can do. What do you think?"

A gentle breeze stirred, causing the bottle to sway back and forth. A long sigh echoed in the room, filled with melancholy and sadness.

"In that case, please proceed to the Pure Land."

With Nakasone Kazuko's help, numerous faces spilled out from the bottle, gradually fading until they disappeared.

The disaster caused by the Aze siblings finally came to an end.


Aze Xima didn't know how long she had been trapped here, maybe a year, maybe just a day.

Every day here felt as difficult as a year.

All around were tall walls, with masked maintenance workers nearby, and my sister, I haven't heard her cry for "brain juice" in a long time.

Is he dead?

Why hasn't he died yet!

Just as he thought so, the distant gate suddenly opened, and a wave of people surged in.

Aze Xima was overjoyed and took heavy steps forward, welcoming them, as long as the newcomers had fresh faces.

But the faces of the newcomers were not only not fresh, but also extremely familiar.

It was his own face!

When Uesugi Kiyoshi discovered that Aze Xima could revive, but the previous body didn't disappear, he had a bold idea.

By wearing the head of any person, the Headless Sculpture could access their memories and use their voice. Therefore, it should be the same for Aze Xima's head.

Aze Xima, who has a human body, can make human brains melt and even melt entire people.

Will the Headless Sculpture wearing Aze Xima's head be able to melt the target, and what can it melt?

The answer made Uesugi Kiyoshi very surprised.

Gypsum sculptures can melt gypsum, stone sculptures can melt stone, and steel sculptures can melt steel...

Without having this ability, Uesugi Kiyoshi wouldn't need to ask Ode for instructions, gather enough materials, and finally seal him away.

"Today, we have arrived at the prototype machine shelter!" Head Balloon Religion Pope 911 shouted loudly through a megaphone, "Please study carefully, pay attention to details, don't miss anything, amen!"


The Headless Sculptures wearing Aze Xima's head listened to the Pope's instructions, observing the target's movements carefully.

They were all devout followers, just as passionate as other sculptures, but wearing early obtained heads slightly reduced their work efficiency, so they needed extra lessons.

Because Aze Xima was wearing a heavy armor suit, his movements were slow but precise, a perfect example of apologizing teaching.

"Everyone please learn and practice at the same time. Remember, pair up for sorting and don't aim at the prototype machines. If you melt the armor suits, you won't make it to heaven!"