The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: This Is the Objective Rule


With a faint sound, Aze Xima fell to the ground, unable to move. The last image in his memory was that familiar chainsaw.

Only ten minutes after being revived, without seeing anyone, he faced death once again. He was not surprised by this outcome.

Because of a three-meter wide red glowing arrow hanging right above him at the moment. The arrowhead was almost about to touch his head, and the arrow tail - he couldn't see the end at all, as if it extended to outer space.

Wherever he went, wherever he revived, this arrow followed him like a shadow, pointing at himself, even visible clearly from kilometers away.

What is the difference between this and using cheats?

Aze Xima was very upset.

After seven days of intense battles, he was completely exhausted. He had thought about hiding in the mountains to rest, but now it seemed impossible.

With this arrow on his back, there was no way to escape unless he ran to the moon!

Understanding his situation, Aze Xima decided to let go of his worries.

No matter how fast he was, it still took some time to reach his destination after being discovered, even if it was just ten minutes or one minute.

He knew that one day, he would respawn in the bustling city, and that was enough for him!

With this thought in mind, Aze Xima remained calm, ignoring the unfavorable respawn location, and simply sat there waiting to reroll.

Fortunately, after several reincarnations, when he opened his eyes again, he found himself at a crossroads in Tokyo's Shibuya district.

This is the biggest intersection in the world, with the highest number of people passing through. Right now, a large crowd is crossing the road from all directions, with at least tens of thousands of people in sight.

Aze Xima's body trembled with excitement as he looked at the crowd in front of him, some looking confused and others fearful. Without hesitation, he knelt down, showing his respect with a bow.

"I'm sorry, this time, it's all my fault!"

The person he bowed to suddenly stopped in their tracks, unable to leave. After a commotion, they all lowered their heads and placed their hands by their sides, like a wave of wheat swaying in the wind.

This was the first step in apologizing for the rude behavior.

Aze Xima was not surprised by this at all; being unprepared would have been strange.

However, he was still too naive!

Lying on the ground, he slightly smiled.

Battling with professionals on wheels was exhausting, yet greatly beneficial for him, improving his skills greatly. Moreover, if even politicians were not his match, how could these business people hold their ground for long?

In just one minute, you will melt completely, your brain and body turning into liquid!

Thinking about this, Aze Xima cried, looking very sad but also trying to comfort their sister.

"Qiantan, this time you will surely enjoy a feast, but remember to hurry up later!"

"What are you thinking, silly? Can you even lift your head?" Aze Qiantan replied irritably.

Aze Xima raised their head and was surprised to see that the crowd in front of them had returned to a normal stance, showing no signs of melting at all.

This was because everyone was wearing non-transparent glasses.

During the Shame Festival organized by the Uesugi Society, special glasses designed to prevent embarrassment had already been released on the market.

Compared to regular glasses, they had added two non-transparent lenses.

In daily life, these lenses were open and had no impact. But when meeting Aze Xima, a sudden downward tilt of the head with the help of neck muscles could cover the lenses and provide a shield effect.

This is not a refusal to apologize, just an accident. It's like when your hat falls off when you bow, it's a natural law that cannot be changed by human will and is not restricted by strange rules.

Of course, if the apology cannot be seen, how can it have any effect?

"This is definitely cheating!"

Aze Xima's hope was shattered, and in his helpless rage, he faced death once again.

Whether in a big city or a mountain village, everyone is wearing apology glasses. The destructive power of the apology demon can be completely ignored now.

The following days were filled with one-sided slaughter - discover, shoot, discover, shoot, repeating like this.

Aze Xima was alright, although kneeling down didn't work, he could still find happiness. Unable to find anyone else, he could make do with his sister.

But Aze Qiantan was already at his limit.

"I'm going to starve, brother." Once again resurrected in an unknown deep mountain, she complained weakly, "I haven't had any brain fluid to drink for a month at least!"

"It's been five days, Qiantan, just endure a bit longer. If you really can't, you can have my drink."

"You can't melt yourself again!"

While they were talking, rustling sounds came from the bushes ahead. A thin figure emerged from inside, collided with the Aze siblings, and then fled into the distance like a startled deer.

Though it was just a moment, the two saw clearly that he wasn't wearing the Anti-Apology Glasses!

"Quick, catch him!"

Without his sister asking, Aze Xima promptly followed.

As a high school boy who often apologized, his stamina was quite good. However, the other person, despite their awkward movements, had an unusual speed, and they kept alternating between walking and stopping, as if deliberately waiting for him.

Aze Xima didn't mind or fear, as the target stopped again, he lunged forward, grabbed their legs, and knelt before them.

"Very, very sorry!"

Answering him was a chilling, eerie laugh.

Aze Xima looked up and realized that the person he was chasing had a strange face, very rough and with sewing marks.

Also, the touch was strange, more like a doll than a human!

"Hehe, caught you!"

With the doll's creepy words, Aze Xima suddenly felt his feet freeze, and then countless dark shadows appeared from all directions, rushing towards him.

It's a trap...

But what's the use of a trap? As long as he can't move freely for more than a minute, he can start again!

Aze Xima remained calm, quietly waiting for that moment.

However, the restraint disappeared in just 30 seconds.

And those dark shadows - which were actually silver-gray metallic products - had already merged with him, completely covering his entire body from head to toe.

Aze Xima was not restricted. He could still move and kneel, but his movements were slower, as if he had put on a heavy cloak.

"Wow, it's a giant robot!" Aze exclaimed.

Then she too was captured and inserted into the giant robot.