The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: The Inconvenience of Black Magic

"What?" Doruman was shocked, "What land, conversion, construction..."

"Well, the villagers in Baibu Village are all farmers, and all the land is for agriculture. Now that you have built a factory on it, without the necessary procedures, it would be an illegal structure!" explained Yasui Genki politely.

"Oh, I see now..."

Doruman suddenly realized.

As one of the greatest magicians four hundred years ago, he was skilled in various dark magic and sorcery, but he was completely clueless in business and industry.

But it's not his fault, after all, there were no factories four hundred years ago!


Doruman remembered the money he gave to his agent, who assured him that all the paperwork had been taken care of, he was infuriated.

[I'll curse you with dark magic when I get back!]

Even if he cursed him to death, it wouldn't change the current situation.

"Mr. Kaiyama, please show your relevant documents." Yasui Genki was getting impatient.


Doruman was sad to find out that the dark magician couldn't even fake documents properly.

"Mr. Yasui!" he smiled and bent down, "We were indeed in a hurry back then… What should we do? This factory is very important to our Baibu Village!"

"But upholding the dignity of the law is also very important!"

Yasui Genki looked visibly troubled.

"Besides, if everyone acted like you, destroying farmland at will, how can Japan's agriculture thrive?"

Pointing to the villagers who were almost done digging a cave, he said seriously to Doruman, "Especially such violations must be rectified, unless…"

Unless what?

Before Doruman could ask, he saw the other person's gesture and understood the implication.

No wonder...

It's no wonder that a factory in such a remote village attracted government officials. They were actually there to make some extra money.

The issue was that he didn't have any money.

This factory had already spent all the savings of his body.

And dark magic - dark magic was such an inconvenient thing, it couldn't change into money.

Seeing Doruman remain silent, Yasui Genki stopped talking and took out his phone.

Before long, excavators and bulldozers drove into Baibu Village, and with the mechanical power, the deep pit was slowly filled at a visible speed.

"Please wait, sir, you, I..."

Doruman could tell if the other person's words were true or not. If the other party had come with the purpose of investigating babies, he would have overturned the table long ago, but that wasn't the case, which made him even more conflicted.

Now, turning against government officials could easily expose his intentions. However, having the hole he had dug for two months so laboriously being filled in like this truly pained him.

"Captain Yasui!" He held back his sadness, picked up the magic wand in his hands, and said. It's getting late, the mountain road is rough. Please take this walking stick and start your journey soon!

"What... Oh!"

Yasui Genki took the magic wand, took out a magnifying glass from his pocket, carefully examined the red gem embedded on it, and smiled with satisfaction.

"I won't disturb you any longer, but please make sure to complete the formalities as soon as possible!"

"Definitely, definitely."

Before leaving, Yasui Genki held Doruman's hand and bid a reluctant farewell.

"This time we are working together. Colleagues from the Tax Office and Legal Bureau should arrive soon. Please don't send us off anymore!"

"Take care!"

Watching Yasui Genki and his team disappear into the distance, Doruman finally came to his senses.

What did he just say?

Joint operation?


When the team that rescued the baby entered Baibu Village, they encountered no resistance at all.

Although the factory was barely hanging on, the horn used to spread terror was removed, and the deep pit was mostly filled in.

Doruman gave away even his hunting clothes and cloak, but still couldn’t pass all the inspections.

To pay the fines, as well as the money for the stolen baby formula, villagers worked during the day and went out stealing at night. Even Doruman himself was arrested while looking for work at the talent market.

Reborn as a great magician from four hundred years ago, he realized that the only thing he could rely on was his knowledge of English.

Yamauchi Shouko returned to his father’s side, with no horn troubling them, and the village chief's health improving day by day.

The world once again returned to peace.

"But, Mr President, it seems like you didn't make any money this time!"

Tomie Kawakami leaned on the desk, bent over, and embraced Uesugi Kiyoshi.

"Are you feeling sad? Do you want Tomie to comfort you?"

"What are you talking about?" Uesugi Kiyoshi broke free from her enticing bosom, shot her a look, "How can there be gains every time? Don't take it too seriously!"

And it's not like there was no gain at all, at least got yourself a cute girl with twin ponytails, right?!

"Miss Hoshimi Rie, welcome to the Special Event Research Institute!"

Hoshimi Rie looked at Uesugi Kiyoshi's mouth, nodded coldly.

Her parents were eaten by demons, to resist the sound of the whistle, she even deafened her own ears.

In the original story's ending, she helped Doruman and used her special powers to save her friends from the demon's attack. She is a wise and clever girl, just as her name suggests.

Now that the problem in Baibu Village has been solved, she, who had nothing left, didn't hesitate for long before gladly accepting Uesugi Kiyoshi's generous invitation.

This is the first member with special powers since the establishment of the Special Event Research Institute!

Thinking about this, Uesugi Kiyoshi felt excited.

"By the way, Miss Hoshimi, what abilities do you have?"

"I can sense and resist evil," Hoshimi Rie pointed at Tomie. "For example, there is an evil aura around her."

"What do you mean?" Tomie, looking like an upset kitten, jumped off the desk angrily. "Where am I evil? President, say something!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi avoided her gaze.

What could he say? In every aspect, you truly are evil!

Hoshimi Rie ignored Tomie and continued, "Miss Kawakami's evil aura seems to be cursed... Have you offended anyone recently?"

Tomie Kawakami looked up, thought for a while, and helplessly shook her head, "Too many, can't remember..."

"It's that strange child!" her bodyguard interrupted, "Argued with Miss Kawakami for half a day, and finally spat out nails from his mouth, luckily we managed to knock him down."

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