The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: It's Time for the Civil Servants to Take the Stage

Four hundred years ago, a magician disguised as a Western missionary arrived in a village in Japan.

He used dark magic to summon three demons, causing chaos in the village and manipulating people with a bewitching voice.

The magician and the demons committed horrible acts such as murder, arson, and looting.

The distressed villagers sought help from the missionaries, who, with their power, defeated the magician, drove away two demons, and sealed the remaining one in the church's basement.

Four hundred years later, the memories of the magician awakened in a man who killed the priest guarding the seal, released the demon, allowing it to return to the world.

The reincarnated magician built a factory in the village, gained the support of the villagers, cursed the former village chief with black magic, and seized the chief's position.

The sound of the factory whistle echoed in the village, a magical sound that could control the villagers, causing them to grow wings and steal babies.

The babies' blood was used to summon the Demon God.

In the end, the male protagonist survived with the help of the female character, but the female protagonist died on the spot. The resurrected Demon God flew with its minions to various parts of the world, spreading terror and death among the living, leading the world into a dark age.

Uesugi Kiyoshi still vividly remembers the story, but the problem is, he not only forgot the names of the main characters, but also the name of the village.

Luckily, the surveillance cameras captured a clear image of the greedy demon.

Although facial recognition technology is not yet developed, finding the person's identity through a computer is not very realistic, but he can still use traditional methods like offering a reward through advertisements.

With the support of a vast network of connections, the demon's photo appeared in the streets of Japan the next day and was featured on television news reports.

"The person you are looking for is my neighbor, Grandma Matsupu Fukiko."

The young white-collar woman who came to visit was named Yamauchi Shouko, in her early twenties, tall and slender, although she seemed to have just cried, looking a bit tired, and her voice was a bit strained.

"I used to live in Baibu Village, Juusaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, just like her after graduating from college, but I stayed in Tokyo. What happened to Grandma Matsupu?"

She had never seen such a massive search for a person before, not even during the Kobe serial murder case a few years ago, which was not as sensational.

"Nothing serious, just some minor theft." Uesugi Kiyoshi casually brushed it off.

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

"By the way, Miss Yamanouchi, who is your father?"

"My father, Mr. Yamanouchi, is also the village chief of Baibu Village." Yamauchi Shouko wiped away a tear, forced a smile, and said. "He is seriously ill now, and I am planning to quit my job to go back and visit him!"

"Don't go!"

"Why not?"

Faced with the surprised girl, Uesugi Kiyoshi was at a loss for words.

Was he going to say that by going back, she would not only be unable to save her father but also risk being trapped in the terrifying factory whistle, turning into a demon, and eventually becoming food for the Demon God?

"I mean, just wait a little longer before going." Uesugi Kiyoshi changed his tone, "There is something I need your help with, it will only take a few days."

If we classify weird things based on their level of danger, the Head Balloon would be considered a national-level weird thing, the Headless Sculpture a school-level one, the demon that was unsealed is a village-level weird thing, and the villagers with wings would probably only be considered household-level weird things.

Other than being able to fly with their wings, they were not much different from regular people. The male and female leads easily bound the transformed mother to a pillar, and even when she spread her wings, she couldn't break free.

But that Demon God seems a bit tricky, he might bring disaster that could destroy the country...

Right now, the magician probably doesn't have all the materials they need, and the Demon God hasn't been summoned. If they are lucky, just one army could wipe them out.

But how can the safety of over three hundred captured babies be ensured?

After much thought, Uesugi Kiyoshi decided to go to the scene himself, but before leaving, he needed to make thorough preparations.

He calmed down homesick Yamauchi Shouko, then thought about calling the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry.

"Hello, I need your help with something..."


The former Kaiyama Masaki, now the magician Doruman, stood in the center of the factory, watching the villagers work hard contentedly.

He wanted to dig a huge hole in the factory yard, pour all the babies' fresh blood into it, and use a beautiful girl as a sacrifice to summon the great Demon God Clufos.

The work on the pit was nearing completion, the babies were ready, even the chosen beautiful girl for sacrifice was ready. In just two more days, his plan would be successful!

Thinking about this, his hand holding the magic staff was trembling slightly.

"Lord Doruman, Lord Doruman!"

Villagers who were watching at the village entrance hurried over, looking fearful and uneasy.

"There, there are strangers coming!"

"Is it the police or the army?" Doruman asked in a deep voice, his magic staff flickering.

Things were different now, soon after his rebirth he realized that.

Four hundred years ago, the rise and fall of a village and the lives of hundreds of babies were insignificant, but now with such advanced technology, it was only natural to be discovered if traces were found.

But with so many babies and villagers in his hands, he was quite confident that he could escape.

At least they would go down together!

The villager delivering the message shook his head and replied, "No, it's not that. The person who came had glasses on, was wearing a suit, and was carrying a briefcase, so he must be... um..."

"He must be a civil servant!" another villager added.

A civil servant?

What is someone like that doing in Baibu Village?

Doruman's mind relaxed slightly, but then he became puzzled again.

Regardless, he couldn't just leave the person outside, as it would raise unnecessary suspicions at a critical moment, which would not be good.

"Let them in!" he ordered.

Three thin men in suits walked into the factory and saw Doruman standing with a cane. They looked at each other and walked over without hesitation.

"Hello, I am Yasui Genki from the Policy Planning Department of Jukisaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture."

The middle-aged man in front politely introduced himself and asked, "Excuse me, are you Kaiyama Masaki, the factory manager of Baibu Factory?"

"Indeed!" Doruman replied proudly.

"Great, according to the Land Use Planning Law, we would like to verify the approval process for converting agricultural land to industrial land in your factory."

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