The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Mysterious Maneuvers

Sometimes, Uesugi Kiyoshi feels like he is teaching a distracted student.

Although the other person is knowledgeable and very smart, they seem to be like a abacus bead that doesn't move unless you move it yourself.

He also wanted to replace Hiroshi Noda, but as soon as strange events were involved, the others were no better off.

"Alright!" Uesugi Kiyoshi sighed, "The next step should be done like this."

First, determine the safe amount of honey.

They can smell the aroma of honey because the honey molecules are constantly moving irregularly, these tiny particles move into the nose and mouth, bringing the scent of honey.

Since the honey particles entering the mouth don't pose a risk, it means that there is at least a safe amount to eat, the difference lies in concentrations of one hundredth, one thousandth, or one-ten-thousandth.

Secondly, determine what "eating" means.

Through the mouth, throat, sent from the esophagus to the stomach, it is undoubtedly considered eating, but what about evaporating honey, inhaling it, is that considered eating? And pouring it into a syringe, injecting it into the blood?

Maybe a simple honey form could be harmful for attackers to eat?

Lastly, if it's safe to eat honey without being noticed, Uesugi Kiyoshi wants to know how to be 'found out'.

"Ah, truly the utmost..."

"Alright, alright!"

Watching Hiroshi Noda write down some notes, Uesugi Kiyoshi quickly gestured for him to start working.

He called the leader of the action team and handed over the map found in the room.

"This honey-producing plant is in the forests of South America. Assemble your team and go there for a visit."

"And then?"

"Cut trees, build a factory, get on the production line, I want honey, lots of honey!"

With the help of the map, the team heading to the jungle in South America quickly sent back a video of their destination.

There stood a giant tree over a hundred meters tall, covered with branches swaying like television antennas in the wind.

What was even more strange was that occasionally a branch would disappear into thin air, only to reappear moments later.

"These branches are the culprits attacking the honey gatherers!" the leader reported to Uesugi Kiyoshi. "They seem to be able to enter a different dimension, attack targets even miles away, and then return in an instant."

Uesugi Kiyoshi, however, was concerned about a different issue.

"How is the progress at the factory?"

"The equipment has been set up, but due to the trees' self-defense measures, the machinery's damage rate is incredibly high!"

"I will immediately send you two hundred sculptures!" Uesugi Kiyoshi made a prompt decision and ordered, "Continuous support will be provided, and remember, honey collection must not stop until the last Headless Sculpture is destroyed!"

The laboratory had preliminary findings, confirming his suspicions.


In the morning, Yumura Hideyoshi woke up on his 20-meter wide bed, feeling sore all over.

But he was in a good mood.

Although the Head Balloon had left again and hadn't returned yet, there was still a high possibility of it coming back. His position in the company remained strong.

After selling some shares, his quality of life returned to normal.

As long as he didn't think about that person, life remained as beautiful as ever.

Sitting at the table, the servants moved around like butterflies and quickly served a delicious breakfast.

Picking up the tall glass on the table, Yumura Hideyoshi sipped the golden liquid and couldn't help but squint his eyes. After swallowing the juicy steak that overflowed with juice, he sincerely praised the chef rarely.

"In just a few days, your cooking skills have improved so quickly!"

"Where is the credit due to me!" The chef was very modest and refused to take credit for himself. "It's all thanks to the good ingredients. The meat came from Uesugi Food Company's secret recipe meat cutlet, and the drinks are their new products, said to be imported from South America..."

Yumura Hideyoshi, with a serious face, got up from his seat, about to put on his clothes, but then he felt a sudden soreness in his body.


He called for his masseur.

The masseur hurried over, but instead of blending essential oils as usual, had Yumura sit on a bench outside.

"What new trick are you up to now?"

Yumura Hideyoshi joked with his old partner who had been serving him for thirty years.

"Sir, you'll find out soon enough!"

The masseur brought a spray bottle and evenly sprayed it on Yumura Hideyoshi's back, then took out a small flame shooter.

"This is a new product from Uesugi Health Products Company, just evaporate it..."

A flash of flame passed by, Yumura Hideyoshi felt a warmth on his back, but then, a black shadow seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of him, with a "pat" sound, it quickly hit him.

"How do you feel, do you feel more comfortable?"

All the fatigue on his body vanished, as if his whole body had been massaged, but Yumura Hideyoshi still couldn't feel happy.

He dressed neatly, boarded a special vehicle, and went to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a large steel plant under the company.

Along the road, there were plaster statues wearing work clothes everywhere, trimming shrubs, delivering milk, cleaning...

The residents around looked indifferent, some even greeted briefly.

Yumura Hideyoshi pulled the car curtain, closed his eyes to rest, out of sight, out of mind.

What's wrong with this world?

What's wrong with the humans?

Why does Uesugi Kiyoshi have all the good things?

Is this fair?

He arrived at his destination in a daze.

After cutting the red flowers, the factory manager led him to visit the newly introduced equipment.

"Your workshop..."

Yumura Hideyoshi looked at the workshop where the equipment was placed and seemed quite surprised.

Although he had never worked in the steel industry and was a complete novice, shouldn't all types of workshops be sealed?

Even if not, they shouldn't install so many mirrors on the walls, right?

The light shining from outside was reflected back and forth on the mirror, focusing on the newly introduced equipment.

Is this imitating the effect of a magnifying glass to burn ants?

"Our newly introduced equipment needs to be operated this way before it can start working!"

In response to Yumura Hideyoshi's confusion, the factory manager smiled and ordered the workers to start operating.

Steel billets brought from the steelmaking workshop are sent here, then transported into the new equipment. In just a few breaths, they turn into colorful coated steel plates.

"Very good!" Yumura Hideyoshi recalled some knowledge he had crammed on the way and asked, "Is this considered cold rolling or hot rolling?"

It should be considered honey rolling, right...?

The factory manager stole a glance at him, hesitantly said. The main component in the new equipment is the honey circulation system. By transforming the form of honey, we can continuously generate power, saving... President? President?!

Yumura Hideyoshi fell to the ground and vaguely saw shadows moving back and forth. Blood couldn't help but spurt out.

He, who is well-versed in both Chinese and Western classics, sighed deeply.

Yumura was born first, why was Uesugi born later?

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